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Courtney’s POV

“What?” I say, turning around at the word Princess.

Oh, great. Again.

“It’s been six months since TDI, will آپ people ever quite calling me that?” It was annoying when Duncan called me princess, and I hate being constantly reminded.

I recall the first ماہ after Total Drama Island. Anytime I went out of house there was always someone somewhere that would recognize me as ‘that island girl’. And of course there was always some moron that called me سے طرف کی that dreaded nickname.

“Hey, isn’t that the Total Drama Island chick? The one that liked the delinquent?”

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I slowly drew the چھری out of the wall.I had overreacted,but why would Courtney say that?
I didn't want to leave,but I had to provide for Courtney somehow!
I walked over to our bedroom door.
"Courtney let me in."
I کہا angrily.
"I think آپ need a minute!"
Courtney hormones were obviously going crazy because she was crying.
You could hear the angry tension in my voice.
"No آپ aren't!I'm upset that آپ jknouiuhgiiii!!
And آپ eeeeee.....rajhfljhbeeee!"
She shreiked and cried so hard that her words became gibberish.
"Look,I'm sorry."
I hissed.
"If آپ come in here you'll hurt me and the...
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 Shawn & Natile
Shawn & Natile
ارے everyone it's Shawn and Natile here, well we're in a tight spot here. OUR MOM just got finished chewing us out! And we got grounded. But that's not stopping us, 'right sis? NO it is not Shawn, in fact were sneaking out to go to our friend Jake's awsome party! Knaow what Natile i don't get this. What Bubba? Well, ok dad is A CRIMINAL, but mom is a Gooie-two-shoes how did they get together without like breaking up like 50 times?!?!?!?!?!? IDK?But it does boggle my mind. Ok Bubba witch car will we take? Yours یا mine? Well, my car is fasterso we'll take my car. K?(SSSSCCCCRRRREEEEAAAACCCCHHHH)whoo-hoo!

*20 منٹ LATER* Well, we're here.AUNT BROOKE?!?! oh, ارے J.R. I thought آپ and Natile where grounded.(both Kids) WE ARE!

Well, see آپ later!

(all 3 peoples)- REMEMBER STAY JUVINILE!
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مزید storytime!

Courtney's POV

We went to the میز, جدول in our class and waited for the other team. Then suddenly the plane started to shake and turn. "We're going to died!" Owen panicked. "Calm down bud," I کہا with my hand on his back. "It's probably just Chris," I added.

Just then, the intercom came on again. "Attention passenagers. we will be landing soon at Area 52. Your breakfast is on the table" he کہا as he hanged up. All of us looked to see a small bowl of, some what, old fruit. "This is breakfast?! How do we live on this?!" Owen cried, but...
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AN: SO sorry for the delay and hopefully the chapter is longer.

"What! Courtney's mom is dead!" Duncan demanded and Mary shrugged.

"Sadly ye, her mother's death really effected her life, may not دکھائیں it now but when her daddy tells her how se died...well...you'll understand then." Mary explained and Duncan raised an eye bow

"What about now?"

"Now we watch Courtney's childhood, آپ see her daddy was a very busy business man and had to work a lot although he spoke to her every day, no matter what. Which سے طرف کی the way is really sweet" Mary replied smiling and Duncan rolled his eyes.

"So she lived with...
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Oh, sorry i forgot to say this in the prologue, but TDI, TDA and TDWT never happend!

Courtney's POV

I arrived at the airport, and my driver parked my white BMW, and i got into the big airport, and payed for my ticket to England.

"Excuse me Miss, but do آپ have a passpot?" the lady who checked if the people who was taking the plane to London, had their passpots and tickets.

"Yes, right here!" i said, and gave her my ticket and passpot.

"That looks fine, آپ can go onboard now!"

I got into the plane and found a seat.

It as a very long plane ride, so i had payed for 1. class.
“Courtney!” Duncan cried as he rapped an arm around me and pulled at my arm to see my stomach.

“TRENT STOP!” yelled Bridgette as she banged on the back of the truck. He hit the breaks and I flew آگے a little and Duncan rapped his arm around me tighter, pulling me in closer. Gwen and Trent hopped out of the front and rain to us.

“Courtney, honey what’s wrong?” Duncan asked, panic setting in.

“I---UGHHHHH----I don’t know” I said, panting…..tears starting to roll down my cheeks.

“I’m calling 911” کہا Gwen as she pulled out her phone and started hitting buttons....
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Team Victory, Team Amazon, and Team CRRRRH, are waiting for Chris to say what their challenge is. "Okay, first آپ all will race to the north where آپ should come a small riverbed, first one there gets a head start at the سیکنڈ part of the challenge."

"Excuse me, we have to race in this heat with only a stick while they have a اونٹ and they have a goat! How is that fair! We won the pyramid thing!"

"Yeah, but آپ guys have an extra member and that's ahead of the rest of the guys, so that's an advantage." Chris says. Tema Victory groans.

"Perfect, we have the advantage. With this camle, we'll...
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Courtney's POV: I woke up the اگلے morning and looked around. Duncan was nowhere in sight. I stood up and walked around the apartment looking for him. I walked toward his room and saw that the door was cracked. I pushed the door farther open to where I could see without fully opening the door. The blinds on the windows were closed so no ذریعہ of light could get it. I saw Duncan stomach down on his messy bed. His mouth was slightly open and his right arm was dangling to the floor. His eyes slowly opened. "If آپ didn't want me around you, آپ could've just کہا something." I کہا and shut the...
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Duncan arives at the hospital and ask the nurse where Courtney is the nurse says shes on the 10th floor Duncan goes to the elavator but its out of order so he takes the stairs when he finally reaches the floor he stops and catches his breath he hears courtneys dad yelling at justin Justin-hey dude im sorry im not the one who threw it c.d-ok im sorry maybe i over reacted even though your still handsome im still calling your parents justin- fine... C.d-so wheres your phone Justin-I thought آپ had one Docter-theres a phone سے طرف کی the x-ray scanner on the other side of the floor C.D and Justin-great...
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Oh Mah Godness!!! I'm so sorry i have'nt updated for so long! Sorry i've keeping آپ guys waiting so long for the story! It's 2 weeks since last! Soooorryyyyy!!



"CRAP! Crap crap crap CRAP!" i shouted as i walked trough the rooms in my house, just to end up in the اگلے one. What if she was pregnat? What would i do then!? Oh no, this was'nt good at all!

For just a ماہ ago, we were enemys, we hated eachother, we denyied our love, and now. . . Now, yeah, now we were friends. No, مزید than friend! I was her boyfriend, she was my girl. She...
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wow,ive been so busy with other articles,ive been putting this off!ok,so it goes back WAY before the series started.Some of آپ may remember,so آپ dont have to read it.to REALLY understand the whole thing,read all of this:

DXC Xmas special 1:link

DXC Xmas special 2:link

duncan and courtney ch. 1:link

duncan and courtney ch. 2:link

duncan and courtney ch. 3:link

duncan and courtney ch. 4:link

duncan and courtney ch. 5:link

duncan and courtney ch.6:link

(sorry for any mistakes in those articles.)

just to understand this part,just read duncan and courtney ch 6.

and,enjoy!(form now on,one series at a time)...
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"Duncan what are آپ doing here?"Bridgette asked again coldly.

Duncan smirks impressed at the blonde surfer girl."Ok ya got me I came to tell Court was sorry about everything,but she ain't home.You know where she is Malibu?"Duncan کہا in a fake apologetic tone.

"Yes but I'll never tell you're the last thing Courtney wants to see.Ever since آپ cheated on her,she's kept her distance from everyone even me!"Bridgette exclaimed walking up to him.

"Hey don't blame anything on me!I never made her run off to that fancy law school,she did that herself."DUncan کہا sternly trying to intimidate Bridgette....
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Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote..... Im just gonna rap up this story and اقدام on to the اگلے part. If آپ have forgotten what is happening, please just scan over TDILOVESTORY10C.




Its been about 3 months since the hole kidnapping thing and Solomon was sent to the nut house for a very long time. He has just gone crazy because he wanted a ہار that he bought for a friend of ours in 5th grade. She died that summer and her parents gave me the ہار because she wore it all the time and they کہا she would...
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50 things to remember about Courtney

By Duncan

There are some things آپ need to know about Courtney

1. Courtney is the one with brown hair, nice mocha skin, long sexy legs, dark onyx eyes........ and a hot ass

a) Touch her پچھواڑے, گدا and آپ will die

2. Nicknames for her include

a) The A-type

b) Bossy boots

c) Miss know it all

d) CIT

e) Brat

f) Teacher’s pet

g) Stuck up princess

h) Bitch

3. Nicknames only I may call her

a) princess

b) babe

c) honey

d) sweetheart

e) darling

f) hot stuff

4. She is a CIT and will take every god damn moment to tell us that

5. Courtney is vicious when it comes to winning (and I believe she...
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I was babysitting the nest-door neighbor. He was 10, and a pretty good kid. But his brother was the one who needed babysat. His name is Duncan. He's 16, and an immature delinquent. No, I'm serious. He got out of juvenile 3 weeks ago, and could probably go back in any minute.

He's such an ogre. A green Mohawk, a lot of piercings, a punk! آپ know, if I was مزید like him, I'd find it sexy. But I don't.

“7:30, dinner,” I mumbled as I read the list. I pulled out my cell phone for emergency uses ONLY, and looked at the time. 7:29. Just on time.

I pulled the پیزا from the fridge, and set it on...
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