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Stranger: The drunkard wants another drink of wine. The politician wants your vote. Me I don't want much of nuthin' at all, but........
You: Hey!
You: But what?!?!?!?!?!?!!
Stranger: I will take another toke! Come on Stranger, Charlie Daniels!
Stranger: Damn skippy.
You: I like pie!
Stranger: Me too.
You: آپ better.
Stranger: I like the way آپ type.
Stranger: Will آپ marry me?
You: I like the way آپ type...
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posted by duncanxgwen4evr
. :START :.
1. Name: Jessi
2. Birthday: March 23, 1999
3. Birthplace: Somewhere.
4. Current Location: ******, California
5. Eye Color: Dark Brown
6. Height: I think 5 something.
7. Right یا Left Handed: I am a righty. 8D
8. The Shoes آپ Wore Today: My purple converse.
9. Your most Overused Phrase: Hmm.. I don't know.. o_0
10. Thoughts First Waking Up: Will I read, go downstairs, یا go back to sleep?
11. Your Best Physical Feature: My... hair? 0__________o I don't know?!
12. Your Bedtime: 9:00
13. Your Most Missed Memory: I guess I really miss 2 years ago.
14. Your Fears: Losing people I care for.
15. Your...
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