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posted by germany123
Casting choices for Eat Pray Love scheduled to be released in 2011.What do آپ think?

Elizabeth Gilbert: Julia Roberts

Do آپ think she is a good choice? I think we've seen her face so much it's difficult to see her as Liz but I am looking آگے to her take on this character.*shrug* I like Julia.

David: James Franco

After seeing pictures of David I think he is a pretty good fit look wise. I don't know him as an actor so lets see if he and Julia have the chemistry to pull off the "desperate" relationship.

Steven(Michael): Billy Cudrup

Liz ex-husband doesn't play a very large role...
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posted by markusvk
What does Elizabeth Gilbert's ex-husband think of all this? Did Liz end up marrying Felipe? Your non-existential questions, answered.

It’s no Inception, but if you’re among the bajillions of people who’ve taken in Eat Pray Love in the last couple of weeks, آپ might have a few questions. آپ don’t have to travel the “three I’s” (Italy, India, Indonesia) to find the جوابات – that’s what the fourth “I” is for (internet).

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