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This Ed Westwick شبیہ might contain وکٹ.

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Some of Ed's words about موسیقی in his life;

-''I've always connected with music. Life is not always what u see , it's what is going on in your head. Musicis what comes out from your subconcious.''

-''Music is my release''

-''I am a showman....I wouldn't say I'm a rockstar.....all right, in my dream world I am ''

-''My brother and I had a band (Fangs of Fury)for about five minutes(when he was 6),I just sat and watchedhim . So we were a two-man-band with one man doing something.''

-''I am a louge guy. I love playng in the pool.I love finding someplace where it's quiet enough that u can control the jukebox and get on with your life.''

-''Music get inside u,music capture u. موسیقی becomes your heartbeat .It's a drug and makes u feel whatever is the موسیقی about.''

*Add fact: he has a tattoo 'Heartbreak Hotel' an Elvis Presley hit in his chest
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