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posted by Alchemistlover
This is based off of episode 22 a sort of "What was going through there minds" type thing with Ed and Winry. I'm not going سے طرف کی the script here so don't kill me for that ( even though some lines are) Disclaimer: i own nothing.

I wiped tears from my eyes as i awoke from a dream about mom and dad. Why is it that i can't think about them without crying? Sighing i walked around the hotel room until i though: Where are ed and Al? they haven't been here for hours now and then i remembered how suspicious they acted yesterday. ed wanted me to stay around because he "might need an automail fix?"...
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posted by Dearheart
This مضمون was NOT written سے طرف کی me. It was written سے طرف کی flower-in-the-light, a friend of mine on deviantART. link The reason why I'm posting this as an مضمون instead of a link is because I think it'll get مزید attention this way, lol. It's a very well thought-out article, and a wonderful rebuttal against the "Winry-is-abusive" and "EdWin-is-unhealthy" claims out there. Feel free to تبصرہ with your own thoughts about it!


~ Allegations of Abuse In FMA ~

Very recently, a number of fanfictions have come about claiming that Winry Rockbell is abusive, mainly toward Edward Elric. The reason is...
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When he commits the greatest sin, she will forgive him.

When he suffers the consequences and loses everything he holds dear, she will give all she has to offer.

When he can't stand on his own, she will teach him how to walk again.

When he burns down the past in the name of making a future, she will salvage the memories worth keeping.

When he has no ہوم and no light to pierce the darkness, she will provide hers.

When he leaves, she will wait for his return.

When he wavers, she will hold him steady.

When he struggles with demons, she will fight with him.

When he won't listen to reason, she will knock some sense into him.

When he breaks, she will fix it and forge it stronger.

When he refuses to cry, she will wash his pain in her own tears.

When he cannot love himself, she will.

And when he finally conquers the odds, she will be there to say:

"Idiot. Welcome back."
 And when he offers her half his life, she will give him ALL of hers. Because true love can't be bound سے طرف کی the laws of Equivalent Exchange. <3 God, I love this couple...
And when he offers her half his life, she will give him ALL of hers. Because true love can't be bound by the laws of Equivalent Exchange. <3 God, I love this couple...
posted by Dearheart
Edward yawned as he set his empty water glass on the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ counter and glanced at the clock: 2:36 AM. He winced.

Why did he even bother staying up so late with his dusty alchemy کتابیں anymore? No matter how much he studied یا how he longed to feel the exhilarating surge of energy flowing through his fingers again, it wouldn't return that part of him.

Not that he really cared. The sacrifice had been small compared to the joy of getting his brother back, and he'd gladly give it up for Al again...and more, if he had to. A hundred times over.

The 24-year-old reached up and pulled out his pony-tail,...
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posted by Dearheart
for Morning is made
of mysteries and uncertainties
the hopes of beginnings
the risks of unknowns
the potential for greatness
or failure

~ -:- ~

The sunlight of a newborn دن peeps through the window behind her and coaxes its way past the curtains, falling across a میز, جدول covered in sprawling wires and metal parts to touch golden strands of hair. A girl just shy of 18 years stands bent over her work with lips pursed, oblivious to everything but the stubborn bolt she's attempting to wrestle into its socket.

The phone rings from a few feet away, and she automatically reaches for it and tucks it under...
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The train rumbled along, on its way to Rush Valley. Winry and Alphonse sat in silence as Ed snored away. Winry glanced over at him. He’s so cute when he’s asleep, she thought. Just seeing the young alchemist made her smile.
    Winry stretched and yawned. Watching Ed sleep was making her tired, too. She sat back in the train نشست and dozed off. As she slept, her head moved onto Ed’s shoulder. She put one arm across him, and Ed unknowingly hugged her closer.
    Al watched this all through his white soul eyes. If he had been able to دکھائیں expressions on his metal face, he would have been smiling.
    “We’re here,” Al کہا sometime later. Winry and Ed’s eyes opened. They noticed each other’s positions and jumped away quickly, both blushing hotly. Al chuckled. “Let’s go, lovebirds.”
    “Shut up!” Ed and Winry کہا simultaneously. But, if only for a second, their hands were intertwined as the trio moved off the train and into the station.
posted by Dearheart
How many times do I have to knock
Some sense into you?
How long are آپ going to bear
A load too heavy for you?
'Cause every ship needs a harbor
And even heroes need saving
And you're no exception

I'm here to wipe away the tears
You won't let others see
I'm here to listen to your fears
Secret though they be
When آپ need to, please, come share your pain
It's okay to let it out and let it go
And if nothing else
I just want to let آپ know
That I'm here to be your strength

I'll let آپ cast out demons
If you'll let me chase away
All these ghosts that haunt your eyes
I'll let آپ battle the darkness
If you'll...
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posted by Dearheart
Ours is not made
Of roses and candles
Or daydreams dipped
In sunset's gold.
Ours is not spun of fairytale's flax
Or starry gazes to fix and hold.

For candlelight flickers and roses wither
And dreams, however sweet,
Will yield to dawn.


Ours is the unromantic romance.

Sprawling, stubborn, untidy,
Covered in bruises and گھاس stains.

A soft and subtle warmth creeps in,
To temper the rough edges.

We نگلنا back fear to taste the change;
And with clouts and embraces applied when necessary,
We steer our friendship into deeper waters

For ours is the journey
Comprised of pain and promises,
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posted by Dearheart
"Do آپ have it all memorized now?" Trisha gazed expectantly into a pair of solemn blue eyes. The little girl nodded.

"Uh-huh. And I won't forget it,
ever," she promised, swinging her legs as she perched on the edge of the bed.

"Good girl," کہا Trisha, a weary but proud smile on her lips. "I knew I could count on you. And remember," she added, leaning آگے and raising her eybrows mysteriously, "you can't tell
anyone about this, not even Ed and Al. It's our special secret, alright? Can آپ keep it محفوظ for me?"

"Of course I can!" The words were hot and stubborn, filled with childish passion....
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posted by ElricLove----x
Your face in the mirror
it's like cold nostalgia
as cold as your eyes with a head full of sun

I never wanted this
but what can i do?
this nostalgia is making me fall for you.

I'm on the train
to our hometown
I'm not so sure
but does everything seem darker now?


Our reunion
like a wrench to my head
I'm pretty sure
That maybe it's a concussion to my heart?

I know despite all the anger
and twisting with bolts
i shutup, in your gaze
you look as if you
want to hold me.
does my vision deceive me?

There's a little hint of sadness
in those sky blue eyes
i look up, in your glare
you look as if you
want to cry.
does my pain...
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