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**•How To Lower Save File Sizes In Skyrim•**

Are آپ getting bloated save files at 20-90 Megs? Is your precious Skyrim that you've spent 500+ hours slowing down? Don't worry! There's an easy but time-consuming solution to this!

•Unfavourite "favourite" items that you've left in chests and دیا to followers.

•Dump any hoarded items from your house/s and some accumulating items that آپ give to followers in "re spawning items" such as: dead bandit bodies, giant's corpses یا a container that آپ don't own. Eventually, these items will disappear from your save file after just a few in-game...
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Skyrim Fans...try Hunted: the Demon's Forge!

(#*This مضمون is NOT سے طرف کی me*#)

"A really great game that cam out this سال from Bethesda and InXile was Hunted: The Demon's Forge. Despite good exposure at E3 and other venues, sort of premiered as Gears of War medieval style (3rd person with cover system), Hunted did not do as well as developers had hoped. In a سال full of big name franchise releases, if آپ weren't paying close attention to game releases, it was easy to overlook any of them.

As I have been playing Skyrim, I have been seeing alot of similarities in style to Hunted...the difference...
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posted by zylice
Skyrim Warrior Tips!

Warrior: Strong Fighting Character.

Weapons: War Axes, War Hammers, Axes,Swords,Great Swords, Maces, Battle Axes.

Apparel:Heavy Armour,Gauntlets, Helmets, Boots, Sheilds.

Useful Potions: Fortify Heavy Armour, Poisons, Fortify Block, Fortify Carry Weight, (Restore Stamina, Health for all types of characters).

Useful Enchantments: Fortify Carry Weight, Fortify Block, Fortify Two/One Handed, (Fortify Stamina and Health for all types of characters).

Useful Spells: Destruction, Conjuration, Illusion.

Useful Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Marked For Death, Storm Call, Call Dragon, Call Of Valor, آگ کے, آگ Breath, Frost Breath, Disarm, Become Ethernal, Dragonrend, Whirlwind Sprint.

مزید Tips: Warriors always need stamina potions. آپ can use bows and magic as a backup. Many warriors live at 'Solitude' and 'Whiterun'. enchant jewellery, weapons and apparel. (Improve weapons and apparel at forges.)
What is Skyrim?
If آپ are a responsible parent, then the world of MMORPG first person shooters should be something of a foreign language to you. In games like Skyrim, players are teleported to far away lands that are cream filled with demonic spell crafting, violent shirtless blood shed and exposed not only Satanic critters, but bombarded with gay under tones of fecal fornication.

In the land of Skyrim, the player starts off as a captured terrorist, who has been caught plotting to destroy the golden empire سے طرف کی using dragons. Before the player gets to take control of his avatar, they are asked...
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posted by zylice
In this topic, everyone can share their ideas of what makes role-playing fun for them and explain the things that they do. I have made a فہرست of some of the things that I do which have been inspired سے طرف کی pages that I will leave لنکس to at the bottom.

If you're a PC player, please leave some mod suggestions that can help increase people's immersion! :)
(I will suggest some mods below my own 'rules.')

Here are some of my ideas:

- Only make choices and do whatever your character would do. (#•Stay in character no matter what آپ would do.•#)

- Make a journal to record the major happenings,...
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The central story of the game -- the unwelcome return of the fearsome dragons -- is told in the main quest. As the main character, you're free to اقدام this quest آگے at any pace آپ like. Feel like developing your education with the mage guild for a dozen hours یا so? No problem. یا is it time to indulge in some stealthy assassinations? The main quest will be waiting for آپ when آپ are ready.

This system really makes آپ feel that آپ are in control of your مجموعی طور پر experience in the world of Skyrim. It also gives آپ meaningful chances to actually role-play, as many of the quests have serious moral and political choices to make.

آپ also don't have to go it alone. There are many recruitable characters in the game who can help آپ on your adventures.
posted by PePs95
I'm doing the quest "A False Front" and i need to "Retrieve the Imperial Courier's Package". After آپ ask for the documents, he will become hostile, so stay with your back to a corner inside the Inn and if possible tie a rubber band around your controller so that it keeps the block button (Xbox:LT) pressed all the time. So he will continually strike آپ and increase your block skill. آپ won't DIE if you're strong enough (my Khajit had block skill 49 when i started this, and after 30 mins he had 58).
Obviously this can be done with any enemy, put this particular guy, named Imperial Courier, won't kill you!!
Also, OH MY GOD my block skill is 61 now and i'm less than one گھنٹہ doing this!! Also, turn on to the Master difficulty to acelerate the training!! Be careful not to get executed یا anything so turn to Adept when you've lost a lot of health. Run around the Inn and heal yourself with magic. THANKs. My block is 62 now.
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