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Random Kid: *Grabs a doll from Young Lucy* Ha-ha!

Young Lucy: *Trying not to cry*

Nick: Hey! Give Lucy her doll back!

Random Kid: *Drops it and runs off*

Nick: *Hands it back to Lucy* Here آپ go.

Young Lucy: Thank you...why did آپ help me?

Nick: Because آپ were upset.

Young Lucy: Nick...thank you...your the closest I ever had to a father...

*The اگلے day*

Young Lucy: *Sick in bed*

Adult 1: It's so...eerie...

Adult 2: It's to bad I have to watch her...I wanted to spend time with normal people.

Nick: Aren't آپ two supposed to be taking care of Lucy?

Adult 1: She's creepy!

Nick: Fine....
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