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posted by yaya415
i just got this cd yesterday. i am so impressed. his voice is infectious. i love this cd. my fiance and i are already thinking of changing our wedding song to one of his ballads (leaning مزید towards "One Word"). any one that loves موسیقی should get this cd. it has something for everyone. all generations can appreciate this album. talent is talent and Elliot Yamin has got it. i'm actually listening to his cd while i'm typing this. i've emailed bunch of دوستوں to شامل میں this fanclub and get this cd. it is so HOT! if this cd doesn't go platinum, i will be shocked; it's that good. (did i mention it's HOT?!) when i bought this cd i also bought Amy Winehouse's Back to Black and Mary J. Blige's Growing Pains. i must admit, Elliot Yamin's cd is the only one i have listened to several times and goes from the house to the car and back home.
Get your first listen to the single and عنوان track off his upcoming new album "Fight For Love" in stores on May 5th!:
Listen to the song here for free: link

Elliott Yamin (American Idol, season 5) is back with his sophomore album, Fight For Love, due out May 5th on Sony/ATV موسیقی Publishing’s Hickory Records. The album follows Yamin’s 2007 سونا debut Elliott Yamin, which is the highest independent debut سے طرف کی a new artist in the history of the Billboard chart. The new album spotlights a number of co-writes سے طرف کی Yamin, as well as writing and production سے طرف کی Johnta Austin, Stargate, Jermaine Dupri,...
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