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This مضمون is to point out the differences between the Book Eragon and the Film Eragon, which was a great disappointment to many fans, including me. So here we go, my information is from the InheriWiki.

Book- Eragon had brown hair and brown eyes.
Film- Eragon had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Book- Eragon was fifteen at the start of the story.
Film- Eragon was seventeen at the start of the story.

Book- The gedwëy ignasia mark is a دائرے, حلقہ and glows silver if the Dragon Rider uses a spell یا reaches for magic.
Film- The gedwëy ignasia is in the shape of an 'e'.

Book- Zar'roc has a سونا pommel with...
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This is a TEASER trailer!
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Here are some name meanings I came up with>

Eragon: Vast Adventure
Arya: pure
Murtagh: foggy day
oromis: exalted one
Galbatorix: calm, mysterious rebel/ maker of trouble
Nasuada: dares to persuade
Islanzadi: prosperous island
orik: happy light
roran: fierce, swift
brom: ?
ajihad: peace
glaedr: glad one

-based on combinations of names in naming books

And here are the important event in the first book>

1. the shade
2. brom tells about the riders p.31
3. saphira hatches p.36
4. Garrow dies p.90
5. eragon's sword p.101
6. snowfire p.117
7. a feat of magic p.133
8. fighting p.160
9. flying p.161- 162
10. angela & jeod p. 179
11. Fortune told p.203
12. Murtagh p.267
13. mind searching p. 339
14. Ajihad explains p.402
15. elva's creation p. 428
16. Arya vs. Eragon p. 459
17. Battle p. 479
18. end p. 497
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