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Our hair accessories are attached to hair combs, hairbands یا clips. These can easily be secured on your hair یا incorporated into your hairstyle. Comfort and a secure hold are essential. All of our models are extensively tested prior to production.
Once آپ have selected your desired accessory, we recommend آپ meet with your hair stylist یا a friend to find the perfect combination with the right bridal hairstyle.

Hairbands easily slide onto your hair and look great with long hair, but also with updos. Perfect as well for fine hair.

Hair comb
link may be attached to hair combs: from tulle...
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Hello, Pretty Brides! It’s Devon from Devon Rachel, back here on Style Me Pretty to talk about one of my پسندیدہ parts of the big دن and the link. Speaking of big day, mine is less than 3 WEEKS away! I’ve been so busy finalizing each detail, making sure everything is ready to go. I’ve found my something old, new, borrowed and blue. I’m finishing up wedding dress fittings. This is happening, people! I could not be happier.
One piece of the bridal puzzle I had most fun tackling was choosing my jewels. Although a fun task, I can totally understand how difficult the decision of accessories...
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