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Blow سے طرف کی Ke$ha
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 Here, the stupid Goldie eats دلیہ, پورچ
Here, the stupid Goldie eats porridge
Ever After High is full of my پسندیدہ characters (Raven is my favourite) Blondie is among them. I love Blondie Locks, but I can't say the same for her mother. Let me explain to آپ why I dislike Blondie Locks' mother, Goldie Locks. Let's review the tale first:

"One day, a golden-haired girl got lost in the woods. She searched for her house and could not find it. She wandered in the woods for a long time and finally found a hut. The door of the hut was open."

Now that I'm starting to dislike Goldie, she's going to break into the house.

"Goldie went into the hut in the woods. It was actually three...
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Behind These Hazel Eyes سے طرف کی Kelly Clarkson
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Source: Mattel, True Hearts دن Part 2
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