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Parent: The Fairy Godmother
Parent's Story: Cinderella
Roommate: Meeshell Mermaid
Secret Heart's Desire: Though I love being a fairy godmother, I'd love to go to a ball and dance until midnight once in a while.
My "Magic" Touch: With my wand, some fairy glitter and the right spell, I can make anything look ready for royalty!
Storybook Romance Status: Right now I’m hocus focused on my fairy studies, so I’m not really thinking about a relationship.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: My magic only lasts until the clock strikes 12, so keep your eyes on the time!
پسندیدہ Subject: Fashion Design. From glass slippers to party dresses, I love making art that people love to wear!
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Cooking Class. I accidentally turn کدو, لوکی pies into fancy carriages.
Best دوستوں Forever After: Ashlynn Ella is royally down to earth. Also Cedar Wood’s art gives me great fashion inspiration.
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Looking for my Ever After,
Don't wanna see my dreams get shattered,
Everybody says I have to, got to, wait around just to be rescued,

Not gonna sit alone in a tower,
I'll دکھائیں the world my princess power,
Standing up and I am stronger,
Listen to my دل 'cause it's getting louder,

This feeling inside,
It's coming alive,
No مزید waiting now,

See the آگ کے, آگ in our eyes,
It's burning brighter,
Let go of the fear and fly,
Higher and higher,

Rise up - the sky's the now,
At Ever After High,
Oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh,
Power princess shining bright.

You know we'll play the game,
But we'll do it our own way,
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