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posted by rosiepo123
Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat from the movie Alice in Wonderland.Kitty likes playing tricks and causing trouble in Ever after high.She escapes from Raven queens mum the Evil queens curse over Wonderland with Lizzie Hearts and Maddie Hatter.
They told آپ everything was waiting for you,
They told آپ everything was set in stone,
But now you're feeling like a different ending,
Sometimes آپ gotta find it on your own.

It's an open book,
A road in reverse,
A brand new hook,
Forget that curse!
It's a Rebel cause,
With a Royal heart,
Rewrite, ignite, restart!

Cause it's your life,
It's your time,
Go آگے یا rewind!

Cause you're a Royal,
You're a Rebel,
You're مزید than one together,
However آپ go Ever in Ever After High,
Royal and Rebel,
You're مزید than one together,
However آپ go Ever in Ever After High.

Ever After High,
Pick the lock!...
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posted by SilentForce
Parent: Daughter of the Narrators
Parent's Story: They are part of every story that starts with Once Upon a Time...
Roommate: I live inside the Mirror Network.
Secret Heart's Desire: Just because I'm destined to be the narrator doesn't mean I don't want to have my own story.
My "Magic" Touch: I can go unnoticed as I follow every story unfolding.
Storybook Romance Status: I'm so busy following everyone else's storybook romances, I haven't even thought about my own.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I know I'm not supposed to interfere with the storyline... but sometimes I can't help myself.
پسندیدہ Subject: Creative Storytelling. I love learning about new ways to share stories throughout the Mirror Network.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: The History of Tall Tales is so boring. I was born a narrator, so I already know every word in every page of these stories.
Best دوستوں Forever After: All fairytales are my friends!
Bunny Blanc
Here are my 5 پسندیدہ characters from Ever After High! I hope آپ will enjoy reading this, and please no rude یا offensive comments! It's okay if آپ don't agree with me, as everyone has their own opinions, but please I ask آپ don't be rude about it!


5. Raven Queen

I like Raven because she stood up to the whole "Storybook Signing Follow Your Destiny" thing. I generally like characters who change the world without being bound سے طرف کی the rules.

4. ہولی O'Hair

Holly is really sweet, supportive and I think she's quite brave. She's also very pretty.

3. Cerise Hood

Cerise is so awesome. Her story and role...
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 royal یا rebel
royal or rebel
In my opinion i am writing if آپ are a royal یا a rebel.Let me start with royals royals have an easy way to put it. They mostly don't want to rewrite their destiny in this awesome amazing interesting دکھائیں The fairest of them all is Snow white she has a best friend Raven Queen the rebel who didn't want to sign the story book of legends because she wanted to write her own destiny.And a lot of fun activities of being an rebel is helping others and hangout with آپ دوستوں having a good time.You can watch فلمیں go tom parties and have fun.Being a royal is really fun if your a royal آپ can go dragon riding play book ball. Have picnics.And have a journey.

So Are آپ really a Royal یا Rebel?
posted by SilentForce
Parent: The Dark Fairy
Parent's Story: The Sleeping Beauty
Powerful Qualities: Spirited, Sassy, Assertive
Roommate: Bunny Blanc
Secret Heart's Desire: To be the Queen of Fairies and the Queen of Villains! Why? Because I rule!
My "Magic" Touch: When I cheer a spell, I can make any curse مزید powerful!
Storybook Romance Status: There are some wicked cute guys at school, but a relationship would just clip my wings.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: People always forget to invite me to parties. Good thing it's my destiny to arrive unannounced.
پسندیدہ Subject: General Villainy. Even when I'm winging it, I'm crown of the class.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: ہوم Evilnomics. The person in front of me gets the last ingredients every time. Every time!
Best دوستوں Forever After: Briar Beauty is my best frenemy forever after, and Duchess سوان, ہنس is wicked cool.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: The Fairy Godmother
Parent's Story: Cinderella
Roommate: Meeshell Mermaid
Secret Heart's Desire: Though I love being a fairy godmother, I'd love to go to a ball and dance until midnight once in a while.
My "Magic" Touch: With my wand, some fairy glitter and the right spell, I can make anything look ready for royalty!
Storybook Romance Status: Right now I’m hocus focused on my fairy studies, so I’m not really thinking about a relationship.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: My magic only lasts until the clock strikes 12, so keep your eyes on the time!
پسندیدہ Subject: Fashion Design. From glass slippers to party dresses, I love making art that people love to wear!
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Cooking Class. I accidentally turn کدو, لوکی pies into fancy carriages.
Best دوستوں Forever After: Ashlynn Ella is royally down to earth. Also Cedar Wood’s art gives me great fashion inspiration.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: Jack
Parent's Story: Jack and the Beanstalk
Roommate: Nina Thumbell
Secret Heart's Desire: To live life without limits! There's no beanstalk I can't climb یا giant I can't outrun!
My "Magic" Touch: My magic beans are perfect for a quick escape, especially from giants.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Being fearless, sometimes I accidentally get my دوستوں into scary situations.
پسندیدہ Subject: Grimmnastics. I'm trying to convince the school to introduce hextreme beanstalk climbing to the class.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Mythmatics. I'm not real into سیم, پھلی counting.
Best دوستوں Forever After: Darling Charming and Cerise ڈاکو, ہڈ are always up for an adventure
posted by SilentForce
Parent: The Candy Witch
Parent's Story: Hansel & Gretel
Powerful Qualities: Inventive, Driven, Giving
Roommate: Melody Piper
Secret Heart's Desire: Cooking to make people happy is a far better use of my culinary magic.
My "Magic" Touch: I can bake secret spells into my food. Imagine eating ice cream that turns آپ invisible.
Storybook Romance Status: I wish Hopper Croakington II would ask me out, but I think he's scared I'll turn him into frog legs.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Though my ideas are never half-baked, I sometimes bite off مزید than I can chew.
پسندیدہ Subject: Cooking Class-ic, obviously! I'm the best at what I do, and what I do tastes spellicious!
Least پسندیدہ Subject: History of Evil Spells. I like the taste of the "spells" part, but why does it have to be "evil"?
Best دوستوں Forever After: Cerise Hood. We're on the same page—it's no fun when people expect آپ to be something you're not.
Parent: The سوان, ہنس Queen
Parent's Story: سوان, ہنس Lake
Powerful Qualities: Graceful, Ambitious, Resourceful
Roommate: Lizzie Hearts
Secret Heart's Desire: My story deserves مزید attention! I'm royally sick of being treated like a سیکنڈ tier princess.
My "Magic" Touch: Not only can I change into a سوان, ہنس whenever I want, but I can also dance on water.
Storybook Romance Status: Once I get Daring Charming's attention, I just know he'll ask me out.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Okay, I admit it looks bad, but when I get honking mad, my feathers start flying.
پسندیدہ Subject: Dance Class-ic. Wings down, I'm the best dancer at school, especially in ballet.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Muse-ic. If آپ must know, I honk horribly when I sing.
Best دوستوں Forever After: Faybelle Thorn. Fairytales of a feather flock together.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: Sleeping Beauty
Parent's Story: The Sleeping Beauty
Powerful Qualities: Fun-Loving, Adventurous, Spontaneous
Roommate: Ashlynn Ella
Secret Heart's Desire: Live every دن to the fullest! آپ never know when you're going to prick your finger and slip into a century-long nap.
My "Magic" Touch: I can hear everything for miles and miles, but only when I'm sleeping. And why would I want to do that when there's so much to live for?
Storybook Romance Status: My Prince Charming is 100 years away, so I'm not in a rush to kiss any frogs.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I sometimes fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. This gets me in trouble in class all the time.
پسندیدہ Subject: Royal Student Council. From thronecoming to prom, I love planning spellebrations for my friends!
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Grimm-nastics. I mean, we all have to wear the same ugly uniform? Gross!
Best دوستوں Forever After: سیب, ایپل White and Blondie Lockes
posted by SilentForce
Parent: The Little Mermaid
Parent's Story: The Little Mermaid
Roommate: Farrah Goodfairy
Secret Heart's Desire: I want my voice to be heard across the stage and screen all the land of Ever After.
My "Magic" Touch: As a mermaid, I can control water. For example, the size of the waves. It is spectacularly bewitching for surfing.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Just like that, with a drop of water, my legs turn into a tail. So I can't go for a walk in the rain.
پسندیدہ Subject: Bewitching Song. I love singing with the other princesses at school.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Science and Spells. Especially the chapters of "Changing voice to sea witches."
Best دوستوں Forever After: I love composing موسیقی with Melody Piper and swimming with Cedar Wood.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: King Charming
Parent's Story: Every fairytale where a Prince Charming comes to the rescue.
Roommate: Hopper Croakington II
Secret Heart's Desire: To live the single life to the max while I can - and to be دیا a true heroic deed to do.
My "Magic" Touch: I have the most charming smile in all of Ever After! My smile can make any fairytale's دن better.
Storybook Romance: Yeah, سیب, ایپل is sweet and we're destined to be an item, but why should the other ladies miss out on a slice of charming?
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I tend to get upset fairy easily, but when I see a pretty face it goes away.
پسندیدہ Subject: Theater. I was born to take center stage!
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Dragon Slaying. I rock it, but it's so simple it bores me.
Best دوستوں Forever After: My bro Dexter Charming and Hopper Croakington II.
Parent: Alice
Parent's Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Secret Heart's Desire: I want to explore the entire fairytale world, Wonderland and beyond!
My "Magic" Touch: With just a little observation, I can solve any puzzle and unravel any riddle.
Storybook Romance Status: I have a crush on Bunny Blanc, but I think she only sees me as a friend.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: My curiosity can get the best of me.
پسندیدہ Subject: Geografairy. I learn how the world is mapped out, and also which areas have yet to be discovered.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Cooking Class-ic. How do I know when I eat something it won't make me shrink یا grow?
Best دوستوں Forever After: All of my Wonderland friends, from Madeline Hatter to Bunny Blanc.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: King Charming
Parent's Story: Every fairytale where a Prince Charming comes to rescue.
Roommate: Hunter Huntsman
Secret Heart's Desire: I don't want to be just anyone's Prince Charming. She should be my true love. That's my idea of Happily Ever After.
My "Magic" Touch: For some reason, girls swoon when I take off my glasses.
Storybook Romance Status: I'm trying to summon up the courage to ask out Raven Queen.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I have a hard time seeing without my glasses. I've been told they block my "enchanting eyes," whatever that means.
پسندیدہ Subject: Hero Training. I may not be the king of the class, but I love a good challenge.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Advanced Wooing. Unlike my brother, I always trip over my words when I try to charm girls.
Best دوستوں Forever After: My brother Daring Charming and my roommate Hunter Huntsman.
Parent: Red Riding Hood
Parent's Story: Little Red Riding Hood
Powerful Qualities: Athletic, Loyal, Protective
Roommate: Cedar Wood
Secret Heart's Desire: Sometimes I just want to proudly howl to the world, "I'm proud of who I am!" Hopefully someday I can.
My "Magic" Touch: The speed and enhanced senses of my father, plus my magic red چادر, فرغل lets me travel unseen through shadows. Wicked cool, huh?
Storybook Romance Status: I'm really shy around boys, but I've always been drawn to the leader of the pack.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I have to always hide my ears under my hood. If anyone finds out my parents were the first Rebels, we could be in big bad trouble!
پسندیدہ Subject: Grimmnastics, especially پار, صلیب country running. Maybe it's because I run like the wind.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Chemythstry. I sometimes feel like I have a hard time mixing well with others.
Best دوستوں Forever After: Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cedar Wood
posted by cinnabonbon
 Our Snow Queen in Rebel's Got Talent
Our Snow Queen in Rebel's Got Talent
I think that there is a daughter of the Snow Queen is EAH! I hope they add her to the story! I love how different her design is from Elsa! If she is, I love how she looks Indian, with the crystal on her forehead.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: The Snow Queen
Parent's Story: The Snow Queen
Secret Heart's Desire: I'm hexcited to inherit the Winter Throne, as long as I still get to play ice hockey!
My "Magic" Touch: My royal wand creates snow magic and my snow blaster creates ice magic.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Because I'm so used to walking on ice, I sometimes slip on non-frozen surfaces.
پسندیدہ Subject: Magical Meteorology. Learning how to make the perfect snow دن gives me chills!
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Cooking Class. Why do people insist on defrosting frozen food? It royally ruins the texture!
Best دوستوں Forever After: Ashlynn Ella and Briar Beauty have been two of my پسندیدہ princesses since spellementary school.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: 12th Dancing Princess
Parent's Story: The Twelve Dancing Princesses
Powerful Qualities: Creative, Confident, Collaborative
Roommate: Ramona Badwolf
Secret Heart's Desire: After my story ends, I want to open a dance studio and direct my own shows and موسیقی videos.
My "Magic" Touch: When I dance, people around me suddenly start dancing, too! I don't plan it, but it happens all the time!
Storybook Romance Status: I'm open to sharing the dancefloor, but he's got to be the right prince.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Whenever I try being sneaky, I always get caught. It's all part of my destiny, though.
پسندیدہ Subject: Muse-ic class. I love being inspired سے طرف کی songs and imagining new routines in my head.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Princessology. I may be a Royal, but I prefer classes that let me explore my creative side.
Best دوستوں Forever After: Melody Piper always plays the best tunes, and I royally admire Duchess سوان, ہنس for her dancing.
posted by SilentForce
Parents:The Beauty and The Beast
Parent's Story: The Beauty and The Beast
Powerful Qualities: Progressive, Motivating, Genuine
Roommate: Darling Charming
Secret Heart's Desire: To دکھائیں people that within every beast there is potential for beauty.
My "Magic" Touch: Looks can't fool me. I can see people for who they truly are.
Storybook Romance Status: I admit I'm hexcited to meet my beastly prince!
"Oh Curses!" Moment: My throat gets sore from roaring about injustice all the time.
پسندیدہ Subject: Royal Student Council is a great way to make much needed change in the system.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Beast Training & Care. Magical animals were never meant to be locked in cages.
Best دوستوں Forever After: My cousin Briar Beauty. Also, Cerise ڈاکو, ہڈ has a big, bad دل of gold.