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Big news broke out earlier today with the news of SHINee’s Jonghyun confirmed to be dating actress Shin Se Kyung. The news took Korea سے طرف کی storm with it making the front page of newspapers and Shin Se Kyung having to close her Cyworld homepage due to many hate messages.

The term “BREAKING NEWS: SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are also confirmed to be dating” has been reblogged and retweeted so many times that it started an viral rumor that SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are dating. The rumor have left many شائقین in disbelief with one پرستار saying, ‘Now Taemin and Sulli. If that happened I would jump off a bridge.’ Another پرستار tweeted, ‘I’ll be running down the سٹریٹ, گلی holding a چھری if SULLI and TAEMIN are dating!!’.

Taemin and Sulli have worked together previously for a CF and have been closely linked in the past, but Taemin revealed last سال that his ideal girl was Emma Watson.
.Super Junior’s Twitter king strikes again, he has uploaded yet another hilarious photo. It isn’t just your usual crazy Heechul photo, when آپ actually click on the link, it takes آپ to a تصویر of f(x)’s maknae Sulli…or is it?

It looks like Heechul has transformed himself into Sulli! In all the three تصاویر he has his slender hands covering over his face slightly revealing Sulli’s many cute hairstyles and poses.

He updated the following,

“SULLI Cut (I’m SULHEE) Kkkkkk”

شائقین have commented, “Wahaha….I thought the first picture was actually Sulli xD u look like her!! Suhee!! xD”, “Wow! آپ look like a young girl(so lovely) lol..^_^”, “Why آپ do this to us?! So cute! >^< ♥”, “I think آپ are مزید beautiful than her.^^”, and many مزید تبصرے complimenting his girly look.

So do آپ think he really looks like Sulli? Let us know what آپ think?
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