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***Englsih Translation***

What do I do, unni?
Listen to what I say
I, unni, do not
Understand people

I'm always so clumsy
You only make fun of me
Am I really pretty?
You can say that I am

Make an original nickname
For example Goongdi Soondi
If آپ like it, raise your hand high
I'm really the NU ABO

Mystery, mystery
Don't know, don't know
I don't know yet
Basic, basic love formula
People's breakup formula

Hysteric, hysteric
Different, different
I'm too different
My way, my
Good, good, NU ABO*

Listen to what I say, unni
I'm in the trance
What are these feelings now
It's a first for me
My دل is pounding
As if I'm dreaming...
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On the 30th Oct Wgm broadcast , it broadcast the continuation of khuntoria’s anniversary’s runaway tour with their own car. Both of them arrived at In-cheon ساحل سمندر, بیچ where the last scene of BOF was filmed over there. For Victoria, a avid پرستار of dramas, both of them turned into ‘Jun pyo khun’ and ‘geum Jan toria’ and had a enjoyable time . As their hometown are near the sea, they began to reminisce their howntown while looking at the sunset سے طرف کی the sea.

Both walked on the rugged stones. In a joking manner, Nichkhun did some skinship like hugging her up, these kind of unexpected skinship...
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F(x) Luna chose MBLAQ Lee Joon as the male idol that she wants to have a fake marriage with.

On KBS 2TV 'Happy Birthday's' حالیہ recording Luna revealed "I want to do a fake marriage with someone that is manly and cool" and shyly picked Lee Joon. Luna also delivered that "for the honeymoon Maldives would be nice."

Lee Joon who heard this, for surely replied "I really want to go to Maldives."
Lee Joon revealed the reason to be "As I was doing my hair at the دکان I happened to see a magazine with Maldives's sea's color being clear and pretty so I want to fall in and play in it."

MC Lee Kyungkyu کہا "Are آپ guys going together" and made Luna and Lee Joon flustered.
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