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Hello! This is me, FabiaXshun4evah, and just wanted too tell آپ ShunXfabia شائقین that I will be making a story, that is coming soon... and the عنوان will be "Love is in the bag". But for now, I'm just giving آپ the summary.
Fabia's crush on Shun isn't so secret anymore, as Alice and the gang worked on Fabia's confidence and got the dense Shun Kazami to finally notice our sometimes leather (because Fabia sometimes turns into a bag when she gets excited) heroine.

However, here comes Chan Lee, the beautiful blonde (let's just say that Chan Lee...
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Ovbiously... Shun was wrong this time. He ran to the door and stood infront of it in shock.
A big man in black.
A really big man, about two and a half meter. He looked down at Shun. Shun was speachless, he just stared.
Then suddenly اگلے to him, he saw a greeneyed, blue-haird, beautiful girl. Looked like Fabia, in younger version.

"Hello! آپ must be Shun! Right?" the girl wanted to know.
Shun nodded and the girl jumped up to him and hugged him tightly.
"Onii-chaan!" she yelled so high she caused a earthquace.
Onii-chan?! I don't remember having a younger sister. She looks much like Fabia, so I woulden't...
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