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posted by salume
one دن comes fabia to the earth.They find a boy names dan.She hope that she find the best brawler . And Dan kuso say that he is the best and she is a very cute girl but fabia ignoriet it.fabia looks Dan but hes go.She go to the bakuspace and see dan and the other.ren say she is the enemy.But fabia dont understand why ren are there with the others.Dan are so angry of fabia.Shun looks fabia so helpful.She looket him too but she is so sad because fabia dont give up to take there in her side.Fabia go and she are in love with this guy names shun.Aranaut say she dont be sad.
 yes, but im a little bit sad.
yes, but im a little bit sad.
posted by emerald_32
It was night. And Fabia was on the edge of a diving board, near a 10-foot deep pool, with a evil clone of herself. That clone's name was Zabia Sheen (sorry for the name! I could not think of anything else!). "Time to go in, my little Fabia!" Zabia said. Fabia could not attack her- for she was tied up. Then, Zabia pushed her into the pool. She screamed, then she was in the water, helpless. "Looks like SHES done for!" Zabia کہا as walked away, and saw Shun. Shun, at that time, was Fabia's boyfriend. He saw Zabia, and Zabia saw him. "Time to get the party started, my Shun!" She said, in Fabia's...
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Fabia and Shun Love Story

the path to the earth, I decided that the only reason to find the best bakugan warrior to help me stop the invasion, which was on our planet and at the same bakugans resolved. but when I arrived there I was horrified to find that I was late, there have been دوستوں with the enemy, but it was worse still accused me that I'm the enemy. nobody believed me except Shun. I desperately wanted to have me back to remove the last moment to stop and say a little wait.he arrived me to his ہوم where I tell him the whole story. Shun told me that he had ren at the beginning seemed...
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 "So she really was your girlfriend?"
"So she really was your girlfriend?"
It was 4:40 P.M. at the Saint Xander gym, and it was Shun's باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال game Versus Santos Darwin.
"Move, guys! Elliot! سب, سب سے اوپر of the key!", Shun commanded too his teammates. Then, one of the players from the Santos Darwin school باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال team "Help, defense!". Then, Shun passed the ball behind him, like a beethoven (lower stage of a mozart). It headed for one of the Santos Darwin players, but It was unfortunantly too reach that player and hit the ground, went right, into the hands of Elliot, a Saint Xander player; then, he headed for the goal. Then, I Blue haired girl was very pleased, that girl...
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Fabias coming, and everything has to be good, which is why Shun made his mom a maid. The house is a diamond, and his mother can finually rest.
She lays down on the chouch, and Shun comes after.
"Mom..? Could آپ please not sit there? Just go to you'r room, the bed's مزید comftable." He pushes her away from the نشست and cleans it for dust which isen't there.
"Wow, this girl really must be important! I can't even sit on my own couch, in my living room, in MY house!" she walks to her room and Shun hears her whisper something to herself.

Shun smiles: "Yes, mom. She is important."
It's today Shun wants...
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One day, when fabia had sent her distress call, Neathia had just been callled سے طرف کی barodious. "Hello foolish citizens of Neathia! I have found a great secretv, THe orb of love, the counter part to the sacred orb, is on a distant planet called Curvia. Located in dimension Z, the orb of love will be able to control all love! After that, I will conquer Neathia with the power of the orb, and everyone will have to bow down to me and hand over the sacred orb! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

"What should we do, queen serena?" Asked one of the neathian guards, "the whole world is in danger! If he can get the orb of love,...
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I'm not writer,the writer is in fanfiction.net


Fairy tales…

These fairy tales, یا whatever the people on Earth called them, were one of the things I actually loved on this planet. Not that I hated Earth, I just miss ہوم very much. We are still in battle with the Gundalians, although, we seem to be on the losing side.

I guess I had been really down lately and Shun was the one who took notice of it right away. He کہا I should do something to take my mind off of things like this terrible war. That was so typical of Shun. He was always trying to help me out ever since that Gundalian, Ren,...
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Fabia walks through the school corridor, looking at her shoes, while thinking hard for herself. Shun scans her while he جوابات to a friend beside him.

"You like her?" he asks
Shun looks at him, and his face turns all red.
"N-N... No, of course not!!" he pushes out.
"Shun, آپ like her. Just admit it. After I asked آپ you're face turned all red!" he laughs, before looking up at Shun again. Shun dosen't seem to mind. He just stares at a spot in the floor.

"Shun, the math work was pretty hard, don't آپ think?" Shun freezes and a girl with long blue hair stands beside him, staring at the laughing...
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Its been days since Shun heard the true story. He had let Fabia stay at his house for a while. They had talked about how to encounterr the others. In Shuns house, they finally thought of a plan.

The اگلے day, Shun and Fabia proved to the other brawlers that the Gundalians were the bad guys. Ren, with his cover blown, quickly ran away. Days later, Fabia Sheen, Shun Kazami, Choji Marucho Marukura, Jake Vallory and Dan Kuso (even Ren joined them!) came to Neathia to stop Emperor Barodious.

In gundalia...

After Lena, Zenet and Jesse got imprisoned, Sid died and Mason and Nurzac were stuck between...
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posted by flaming-wave666
It was a beautiful night at Neathia. I stood outside the قلعہ and looked at the beautiful stars shining. It brought me much memories. These were memories when we saved Neathia. I remember Dan, Ren, Marucho, Jake and Shun. I missed them. But most of all i missed the guy who helped me in the first place. He's also the reason Neathia is peaceful now. No مزید wars. He's the guy who helped me to convince the others that my story was true. He was closest to me back then. And he was the one i cared for the most. Hi's name is Shun Kazami. Every time we talked my دل pounded. I miss him so much....
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In school....

julie: i think puppies are cuter than kittens!
runo: what! No kittens are cuter!
Julie: not
Runo: yes
Julie: not
Runo: yes
( fabia walks سے طرف کی )
Fabia: hi guys
Julie: err!... Fabia which is cuter puppies یا kittens ?
Fabia: puppies
Julie: told آپ So
Runo: what ever
Julie: you're a ھٹی, ترش loser !! Haha
Runo : err! .... Not
Julie: yes
Runo: not
Julie : yes
Fabia: errrr........ I think i left my wallet in the gym bye! ( runs away) errr! ... Almost everyday they fight yesterday it was about shakrks amd dolphins!

While fabia was walking she accidentally bump into shun.
Shun: are آپ ok?
Fabia : I-i......

( to be continued)
posted by alice-shun
Summary:Ren's thingking when he see Fabia beside Shum,and realize that they're together.

I see the clock.12 pm.
I’m in my room now,alone,without Linehalt.I کہا that I wanted to be alone,and he pleased me.He knew that I need to be alone now,and I really thank him for that.
I can guess what آپ are doing now.You’re with him,do any sweet things that all the happy couples in the world do.You must be happy like in the heaven now,and I’m happy for you.
You know,when آپ came to Earth and Shun helped you,I felt that I really hated him,but I didn’t realize that it was because I hated seeing you...
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Shun noticed the mailman outside and rushed outside (without shoes), in hope that she wrote. Before the mailman get's to put the letters inside Shun takes it out of his hands. The man stares at him a little, before going on to the اگلے house. Shun dosen't bother to look after who sent it, he opens the letter and reads the beautiful signs:

Dear Shun.
I've missed آپ so dearly, without you, I feel so incomplete. My body is just a walking zombie, while my soal looks for the only person who has understood it. You.
I can't go to sleep because I don't get to see you, beside me, as always. I really...
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posted by 5666
Her Last Hope

Fabia felt like she could cry. She had finally found the brawler who had received her message, but she had been too late. He had been brainwashed سے طرف کی her enemies. Fabia looked over at the one they called Ren; he sat there with his eyes focused on the battle. Fabia couldn't believe the brawler she had been looking for, Dan, thought she was the enemy.
If she couldn't convince this human, Dan, that it was Ren who was lying, that it was she who they should be helping, what would happen to her home? What about her sister? Everything would be gone. All because she had failed.
That couldn't happen. She would دکھائیں this powerful brawler that it was Ren and his kind who was the real enemy. She looked at Dan and his Bakugan, Drago. She must bring them to her side. They were her last chance. The last chance of her people's survival. Her last hope.
Lets continue

Alice walks up to fabia
Alice: آپ think آپ have a chance with shun well think again stop trying to steal shun away from me !!!
Fabia: آپ know that آپ and shun are not in a relationship
Shun: but soon we will be ! So back off ( storms away )
Fabia:( thinking ) wats her problem?

The اگلے دن .....
Julie , mira and runo walk up to fabia
They said: is it true tat shun ask آپ out??
Fabia: wat ! No wat makes آپ دن tat?
Runo: dan کہا it !
Fabia: im so gunna kill dan ( storms off)
Runo : آپ think its true tat shun ask her out
Julie : dunno

With shun and dan
Dan : so آپ got a تاریخ tonight...
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Lets continue....

Shun : are آپ ok
Fabia: l-l ..... I'm ok( blushing)
Shun : I'm really sorry
Fabia : it's ok ( blushing even مزید )
Shun:err... Ok see fabia ( walks away )
Mira saw what happened and walked up to fabia
Mira: fabia آپ have a crush on shun?
Fabia : NO! ( face turning red )
Mira: آپ have a crush on shun , when i ask آپ that سوال your face turned red.
Fabia: fine i have a crush on shun ok!
Mira: hehe
Fabia: please don't tell anyone
Mira: ok

After school......
Fabia : bumps into shun again
Shun: hi fabia
Fabia: h-hi shun
Shun: fabia i always wanted to ask آپ this
Fabia: w-w- what ( blushing )
Shun : you're one of the best athelet in class so i was wondering
If آپ want to train together ?
Fabia: s-sure ( face turning red )
Shun : great see tommorow after school bye ( walks away)
Alice saw what happened.
Alice : ( thinking ) errr! That fabia! Why her err!!!
Alice walks up to fabia....

( to be continued )
posted by fabiaXshun4evah
Hello! This is me, FabiaXshun4evah, and just wanted too tell آپ ShunXfabia شائقین that I will be making a story, that is coming soon... and the عنوان will be "Love is in the bag". But for now, I'm just giving آپ the summary.
Fabia's crush on Shun isn't so secret anymore, as Alice and the gang worked on Fabia's confidence and got the dense Shun Kazami to finally notice our sometimes leather (because Fabia sometimes turns into a bag when she gets excited) heroine.

However, here comes Chan Lee, the beautiful blonde (let's just say that Chan Lee...
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Lets continue

Fabia: ( face turned red ) s- sure
Shun: ( blushing ) so uhh.....
Fabia: ( blushing ) yeah...
Their eyes met and there is awkward silence between them and alice walked سے طرف کی
Alice: ( thinking ) what dont tell me shun ask fabia to the prom errr! I hate that fabia now they are staring at each other ! Got to do something fast!
Alice: ارے shun آپ found a girl to go to the prom ( looked at fabia
Shun : ( blur ) what ( blushing ) yeah
Fabia; i should go see ya shun
Shun: bye
Fabia walked away
Shun : bye alice
Shun walked away to
Alice : shun wait!
Fabia: ( thinking ) shun .... I love آپ but i have no courage to tell آپ that ..... I know many other girls like آپ because of your looks but i like آپ because i feel like we have a great connection if only i could tell آپ this....
posted by wateve5
Lets continue

Fabia: dan im soo gonna ( saw shun ) ........ Kill you
Dan : oh really than try chasing see ya hehe( runs away)
Fabia: dan!
Shun : dont bother bout him so see ya later
Shun was about to walked away but somebody run pass ancidently push fabia , fabia fell and shun catch her
Shun : آپ ok
Fabia: yeah ( blushing) i got to go ( runs off)
Shun: ( thinking ) fabia......
The اگلے few days it was 7 مزید days to a prom night
Mira: ( excited ) eeeek ! Just 1 مزید week till prom night!
Runo: i know i hope dan will ask to the prom
Julie : no! Dan will ask me out
Runo: how bout that billy
Julie: pleaseee...
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posted by mirafabia
Part 1

When Shun was walking in the park alone he saw Fabia talking with Ren and when Fabia saw Shun she got up and walked towards him but Ren grab Fabia and kissed her in front of Shun*he saw Shun*
Shun started to cry and ran away.
Alice parted the kiss
-Ren!! WHY DID آپ DO THIS??!!You know I'm dating with Shun!
-Why don't آپ forget that pathetic ninja guy and stay with me?
-No Ren! Now if آپ let me go I'll explain him everything-she کہا as she walked away
When she found Shun
-Shun!! Shun!! Wait up!
-Don't stay close!
then Alice stoped
-why did آپ kiss Ren??...
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