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posted by owleyes1316
This is just my personal opinion, as there is no designated فہرست of the types of fairies.

There are 5 main types of fairies: light, night, water, nature, and air. Each of them has sub-categories, which are as follows:

Light: Fire, Sun, Common Light
Night: Moon, Star, Midnight
Water: Ocean, Snow and Ice, Freshwater, Rain, Mist
Nature: Forest, Flower, Animal
Air: Wind, Storm, Common Air

The fairies of the different types have a bit of control over whatever their type is. For example, a rain fairy would have control over the rain. Not complete control. They don't make the rain. They could do simple things like decide how fast it falls, where it goes, and how it splashes on the ground. Their clothing also reflects their type, and so does their personality.
I once read somewhere that fairies are the embodiment of everything that is beautiful, like women, nature, butterflies, magic.... If آپ take this idea literally, then fairies are actually EVERYTHING that is beautiful. But isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? Yes, it is. Thus, a fairy would appear differently to every person, depending on what each person thinks is beautiful. This would of course lead to complications if this fairy were talking to multiple people at the same time. Each person would hear the fairy's words differently, and respond accordingly, and be confused سے طرف کی one another's responses, because they're responding to two different things, but they think they're responding to the same thing. If that makes sense. That complication could be the reason why fairies don't دکھائیں themselves to humans, as it would be complicated to insure that the aforementioned situation doesn't happen.
'A Group of Singers'

"It's just so rude!" Jessica kept saying over and over.

We were now on the bus to the palace, and I was doing nothing else than hearing Jessica complaining about what had happened. I was as annoyed as ever. With the corner of my eye, I could see Ermi chuckling at me. You must be finding this hilarious, huh? I thought to myself, momentarily shooting my brother a glare. I was so going to take revenge.

"We asked her a simple question!" Jessica continued, "A simple, 'Who are you?'! A simple, 'What's your name?'!"

"A simple, 'Tell me who آپ are already, will ya?'!" Elisa added,...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
All of my life I've wanted to go to places I've never been to. But sadly, those dreams will never become reality. In my wooden درخت house, my room is as brown as coffee. I sigh. Flying to my dresser, I pick my leaf bag up and over my shoulder. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. "Come in!" I respond. The door opens with pixie dust behind it. I see my mother with her usual cinnamon brown hair in a bun. "Good morning, Jessamine." She lays her hand on my right cheek. For being a sixteen-year-old pixie, I still love my mother. "Are آپ about to leave?" My mother asks me. "Yes I am." "Good luck on your first day!"...
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'I couldn't imagine...'

"We're gonna fall!" I was screaming my head out.

"For the tenth time, we are not!" Ermi was shouting.

The sun could now be seen, as we had exited the Enchanting Forest, and were now flying above what I had forced myself to forget.

The Lake.

'The Lake' isn't actually something that would scare most people, except if they were afraid of water, but when آپ see what's in that enormous lake, آپ won't want to go near it ever, I repeat, ever again.

I remember when I read a book about ancient Greek legends. One of them mentioned the monster Hydra, a twelve-headed dragon, which was...
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posted by owleyes1316
This is my interpretation of fairies and their magic, personality, and culture.

Fairies live in Fairyland. It is a place full of nature and magic. Fairies can travel to our world whenever they wish, but we cannot go to their world unless one takes us there.

Fairies are typically kind, peaceful and wise, but there are also the small fairies, the pixies, who are مزید playful and mischevious. Pixies enjoy traveling to the human world to play tricks on people without being seen. Their only form of magic is their fairy dust, which they can use to do just about whatever depending on how skilled they...
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posted by lilylove89
The word fairy derives from Middle English faierie (also fayerye, feirie, fairie), a direct borrowing from Old French faerie (Modern French féerie) meaning the land, realm, یا characteristic activity (i.e. enchantment) of the legendary people of folklore and romance called (in Old French) faie یا fee (Modern French fée). This derived ultimately from Late Latin fata (one of the personified Fates, hence a guardian یا tutelary spirit, hence a spirit in general); cf. Italian fata, Portuguese fada, Spanish hada of the same origin.

Fata, although it became a feminine noun in the Romance languages,...
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posted by -SilverFey-
 A Faery in the Woods
A Faery in the Woods
I've seen a lot of مضامین about Faeries on here, but it seemed that quite a lot of them were مزید about Winx/Disney-type fairies then the Faeries I think of.
So here's just some of the 'darker' stuff on Faeries...:)
A good thing to keep in mind is that Faeries have different morals than we do. That does not mean they are evil; they just view right and wrong differently than we do.
For that reason, it is good to be cautious around Faeries, and to never anger them. Don't do anything that will let آپ see them without their permission, for example, putting Faery Ointment on your eyelids یا touching...
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'Enchanting Forest'

Author's note: In this chapter, I have done what I love doing the most- describing places. So, آپ can simply skip those parts if they bore you. If not, please read them, and tell me how I can get better!

"So, did آپ enjoy the landing?" Ermi asks jokingly.

"No I didn't!" I exclaim, breathing heavily.

I certainly didn't. I really loved seeing my world again, but hey, I'm not a professional! Sandilia was flying so fast towards the planet that I felt like we were going to crash, straight into the ground! Also, the pressure of the landing was just too much, as if I was diving into...
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posted by mogositymo12
 snowflake fairy!
snowflake fairy!
I was at my دوستوں house and we were playing a game. We stopped for a while and.... WHOOOSH!!!!!! We saw something small flying سے طرف کی us!! It was to big to be a insect یا a fly and too small to be a bird!!

I gasped and yelled out, "I saw a wooden shoe!". My friend looked at me for a سیکنڈ and saw little shoe-prints in the ground. We were creeped out for a little while and then we saw more. We followed it in the بش and there it stopped. I peeked in-side it and nothing was there exept for some few sparkles.

"It could have been a humming bird?" My friend added, "We live iun a place where there...
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Become A Beautiful Fairy Easily With These Steps

Note: This may not work for it might be just a tale but there is always fun in trying!

You have to make a garland of flowers and place it on your head. Then آپ must say "I believe in fairies, so please prove me right. I will sit here through night and day, so, please prove me right". آپ have to say this until the sun shines close to where آپ are sitting. Once, when the sun is near you, step into the light. After that, the decision lies on the fairies, if they does not want to make آپ one of them, nothing will happen, only a soft breeze will...
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posted by stellamusa101
 Diamond's casual outfit.
Diamond's casual outfit.
Diamond's telephone rang. She answered. "link was bored. "Diamond, it's me link," کہا مرکت, ایمرلڈ as soon as Diamond answered, cheerful as always. "What do آپ want?" Diamond asked. "Here this, our school for fairies is a free college, just please attend! آپ finally know you're a fairy, and آپ barely don't know your powers. So what do آپ say آپ attend? Tonight's the party!" مرکت, ایمرلڈ told Diamond. "I don't know," says Diamond. "I promise link won't bother you!" مرکت, ایمرلڈ said. "Who's Sugar?" Diamond asked. "My best friend, well, was my best friend before she turned crazy jealous about our friendship!"...
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posted by Winxella


Fairies are believed to dwell in Fairyland. Some say they live in caves یا gardens یا meadows.


Age can be anything. The most common ones are 16, 1000, 51, 100, 7 and 60. They are mostly old for mortals often believe they are wise (Wise people are mostly old!)


Females ~ Dress
Males ~ Tights mostly

Female Dress Code:

• گلابی laces
• White/Purple flowers

Male Dress Code:

• شرٹ, قمیض of leaves
• Pant of leaves
• Buttons of small nuts


Unknown, but, maybe, "Fairix" یا so what my sister says.

Attracted To

• Music
• Children
• Flowers
• Books
• Old Temples

Info ends.
'Finally leaving'

Looking down at my Crystal, which was glowing a pure white color, a smirk crosses my lips, "Looks like I'm going to miss that party after all"

"Why? What does that mean?" Mao asks, looking at my Crystal confused, "Is it supposed to shine like that?"

"Oh, right," I say, remembering, "you guys don't know everything about the Crystals"

"I thought we knew much enough" Noe says, "The Princess was the one who told us, after all"

I think for a while, wondering if I should really tell them یا just leave, which I actually should've done right away. Finally, I decide to tell them, no, remind...
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'On the road to the palace'

Walking through the Plaza Road, the girls and I kept chatting. Talking with them somehow seemed better than talking with Mao and Noe. Maybe it was because we were from the same planet, we knew the same places. I finally felt like I was talking with someone I knew for years. I was so into the conversation that I didn't pay any attention at all at my surroundings. We kept talking about our hometowns, I learnt things about Waterich Village and Leina city that I had never heard before! After hearing about their homes, I asked for how their Crystal glowed.

I learnt that...
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Sighing, I got up, picked up my white backpack and walked out, followed سے طرف کی my older brother. I closed my eyes because of the sudden light of the bright sun. I wouldn't keep them closed for long, though, because of my excitement to see Zinonos city again...

What I saw when I opened them again seemed completely different from what I remembered. Only one single thing hadn't changed.

The city was floating.

That would probably seem weird to most people. Even I, who was born in Zinonos, sometimes found it weird. My grandfather told me that the members of the Grand Ecclesia made the city float....
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posted by Nojida
'Looks like I'm gonna miss that party'

A placed my pencil down, right اگلے to my notebook. Finally, homework done. I really hate exams, so many hours of studying. The worst part is that, I promised to my parents that I'd give my best at the سیکنڈ term, and I can't break that promise. I was taught to never break promises.

I sigh, and look out of my room's wide-opened window. It was Summer, outside it was burning hot. I wasn't used to it yet, even though I've been living in this planet for about two years now.

Yes, this planet. Planet Earth, as the people here call it.

After going to a school...
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'No beggining, no end'

It's amazing how these dragons can travel through space so easily. Even though Sandilia is bare, she doesn't seem to be bothered at all سے طرف کی the cold. She's flying through the pitch black skies as if there was nothing wrong.

Me? I'm not bothered سے طرف کی the cold either, although my toes are starting to freeze little سے طرف کی little. The کوٹ my brother gave me is effected سے طرف کی some kind of spell, it somehow protects آپ from the cold air of space, it makes آپ feel normal. There is no oxygen in space, but somehow, this کوٹ helps آپ breathe. I've always wondered how it does that, actually......
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posted by Princess-Yvonne
Dim vales - and shadowy floods -
And cloudy-looking woods,
Whose forms we can't discover
For the tears that drip all over!
Huge moons there wax and wane -
Again - again - again -
Every moment of the night -
Forever changing places -
And they put out the star-light
With the breath from their pale faces.
About twelve سے طرف کی the moon-dial,
One مزید filmy than the rest
(A kind which, upon trial,
They have found to be the best)
Comes down - still down - and down,
With its centre on the crown
Of a mountain's eminence,
While its wide circumference
In easy drapery falls
Over hamlets, over halls,
Wherever they may be -
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posted by renesmeeroxx11
Chapter 1: It’s who we are
Blair. That’s the name that was دیا to me at birth, and to tell آپ the truth, I love it. It’s unique. Just like me.
My whole life is unique actually. آپ see, I am a fairy, but I live in the human world. Most fairies are small and live in the fairy world, away from the curious grasps of humans. But I’m different. I’m half human, half fairy. I look, think and act like a human, but I have wings and have small fairy tendencies.
That’s why I have to choose my best دوستوں carefully. So that’s why I’m thankful for the ones I have. My 3 best دوستوں are...
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