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For anyone who hasn't watch the movie yet, here's like a منظر پیش kinda thing (sorry... first time '^-^) سے طرف کی Soul_Dragneel :)

Fairy Tail the Movie: Priestess of the Phoenix

This movie takes place somewhere around the after the timeskip.

It starts off with a mysterious girl dancing (the guest character of the movie) named "Eclair". Later on, got interupted سے طرف کی a group of people, attacking her village and people. A old man takes her to safety, running, later got hit سے طرف کی one of the people, then he teleported to somewhere safe. Then Eclair was دیا a mysterious stone named "Phoenix Stone".

Fairy Tail,...
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posted by Nalu-love
I always dream of a fairy tale ending
But yet I still don't have a happy ending
I was lonely, lost and unconfident
Until 1 day, something happened
It was the دن that I met آپ and the time آپ became mine
You showed me that آپ love me but the only thing i did was run and hide
Instead of realizing that I’m in love,
all I do is lie to myself
But I really think I should stop
and face it just for once
I'm scared of once upon a time
Because I want it to be for a lifetime
I want to be able to like آپ until the end
And to be the one to lift آپ up at every downward trend
Whenever I think of something
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posted by WafflzBeTrippen
OK! so their are still some people supporting the NaLi ship and I hate to break it to you, but it's never going to happen.

Proof #1: During an Interview the مصنف of the manga کہا that he was creating natsu's and lucy's daughter! Her name is Nashi . don't believe me? look it up! He also کہا that they would get married, yes it is probably way into the future but he still mentioned it.

Proof#2: آپ are probably asking yourself, then why did he bring back Lisanna? He honestly didn't want to bring back Lisanna, the عملی حکمت creators asked him to do it. He mainly did it for Elfman and Mira not for...
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posted by AngelUchihaNeko
We're the Finx

Girl power's gonna save the day

Rising up from the Earth to the sky


That's the way we roll

(The the way we roll)

Wings are glowing as we're flying high


Super sparkling everywhere we go

('Cause you)

'Cause آپ believe in the magical ones

We came together

دوستوں forever

We're the Winx

Girl power's gonna save the day

We're strong, bring it on

'Cause we came to play

We're invincible

We're the Finx!
posted by TeitoKlein
Erza is a young woman who has long scarlet hair and brown eyes. Her right eye is actually artificial; it was made سے طرف کی Porlyusica. She has a slender figure that Lucy Heartfilia described as amazing, and like most females in the series, has large breasts. She wears a custom-made armor سے طرف کی دل Kreuz smiths, a blue skirt, and black boots. Her Fairy Tail stamp is blue and located on the middle of her left upper arm. Erza specializes in Requip Magic, and uses it to Requip not only armor, but different outfits as well. Her پسندیدہ outfit is her bunny suit, because as she quoted, "Those ears are cute"....
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posted by NeoNightclaw19
Opening 10

Everybody Jump Up! Everybody Hands Up!
Everybody Jump Up! Everybody Hands Up!

When I rush up to the سب, سب سے اوپر of the building and look down,
I see a colorful world with umbrellas blooming like flowers.

Even on a depressing rainy day, if I can find a seed of happiness,
I'll be able to like today مزید than yesterday.

آپ have always been giving me words of great value,
but have I been able to do the same for you?

I wish to convey my feelings to آپ right now
to دکھائیں my gratitude, but I feel a little embarrassed.
No matter when, I'll always give آپ a smile, so please always hold my...
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A relaunch of the Fairy Tail ویژن ٹیلی عملی حکمت project has been green-lit. Original manga creator Hiro Mashima had indicated that there would be good news for شائقین on Thursday.

Mashima had asked شائقین in March to wait until he can announce some "good news" since the first ویژن ٹیلی عملی حکمت adaptation of Fairy Tail ended that month. Mashima added on Twitter at the time, "It's actually not over yet. I can't say مزید than this, but I hope آپ watch the rerun starting in April and wait for the دن I can announce some good news. […] عملی حکمت is not the end. Don't stop believing." The series concluded with a "To Be Continued" عنوان card.

Mashima also asked شائقین in English on June 7 to "please wait until اگلے week. آپ will be surprised." However, that time he was not teasing good news, but talking about not discussing the spoilers in the following week's chapter.
Fairy Tail عملی حکمت has just been confirmed to have its end sooner than hoped as it’s being cancelled on the 30th of March 2013! An announcement from Kodansha’s TV Magazine announced that the Fairy Tail anime’s ویژن ٹیلی broadcast run will end on the 30th of March, being replaced سے طرف کی Driland عملی حکمت in its new time slot on the 6th of April 2013 at 10:30 am.

The adaption of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail fantasy adventure manga premiered on Japan’s TV Tokyo station in October, every Saturday morning at 10:30 am. The end is near as Fairy Tail 175 episode will be its last. However, Hiro Mashima...
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View سروے Results: Who is your پسندیدہ possible Fairy Tail Couple?
Voters 8807.
Natsu x Lucy 4,501votes 51.11%
Erza x Gerald 2,788 ووٹ 31.66%
Gazille x Levy 2,290 ووٹ 26.00%
Gray x Juvia 2,220 ووٹ 25.21%
Happy x Charle 1,832 ووٹ 20.80%
Natsu x Lisanna 1,434 ووٹ 16.28%
Lucy x Loki 1,220 ووٹ 13.85%
Lucy x Gray 1,041 ووٹ 11.82%
Natsu x Erza 634 ووٹ 7.20%
Gray x Erza 547 ووٹ 6.21%

NatsuXlucy is still the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jerza too!!!!!!!!!!!!!And sorry Grayza fans,the result is not good so much...:(
Hiro Mashima's مقبول manga,'Fairy Tail'(Kodansha)is coming to the big screen this summer.The film 'Fairy Tail the Movie:The Phoenix Priestess' is slated to hit theaters on August 18th and features an entirely original plot.
On May 30th it was announced that the heroine of the film,Lucy Heartfilla,would be singing the ending theme song.
Lucy's voice is provided سے طرف کی voice actress and singer Aya Hirano,and the theme song is reported to be a ballad(title yet unknown).
The lyrics will be written سے طرف کی Goro Matsui,a songwriter who's produced countless hit songs since the 80's,including character songs for the 'Fairy Tail' TV series.The score will be composed سے طرف کی Nobuo Uematsu,who's known for his work on the 'Final Fantasy' series.
With the big names involved,the producers are confident that the theme song will capture and communicate the emotion of the film's ending.
_Tokyo Information Net_
Director Ishihira assures شائقین that though some staff members have changed, quality of the عملی حکمت has increased.

The sixth issue of 2014 of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine is announcing on January 8 that the عملی حکمت adaptation of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail manga will return in April on Tokyo TV and its related channels.

Director Shinji Ishihira expressed his joy at being able to bring the عملی حکمت to شائقین in the spring. He mentioned that while there will be a change in staff for the restart of the anime, they are working to increase the quality of the دکھائیں as a whole.

The magazine lists the cast and...
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hahahahahahaha! the first trichapters were so awesome! Sting was so cute there. I think he is just like natsu after the end of the mage fight. He wanted Natsu to drink with him but he just met gajeel. so he wanted Gajeel to drink with him. and in his tsundere way he is he refused of course xD I was laughing at this. then natsu came being the king! what? I thought at it. well,the اگلے one began with jellal and meredy looking for Ultear. they met Doranbolt and afterwards an old lady gave them a letter. jellal wanted to ask her when the letter arrived but the lady disappeared. Then Gray saw her...
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To add to the end of the Fairy Tail manga series, the creator Hiro Mashima reveals on his twitter account that the final season of he series will be adapted into an عملی حکمت which will return in 2018. Mashima even went as far as to post two tweets, one in Japanese, and the اگلے in English.

Nothing apart from the tweet has been revealed. Except that it will be based off the final arc which we’ve seen in the manga series, fights between the Alvarez Kingdom, Fairy Tail and Acnologia.

I’d like to also mention that, when the series does come back, I will not be covering largely because I’m just glad the series has come to an end, and thus allows me to concentrate on different series and gives me مزید time to do other things.
The wraparound جیکٹ of the compiled manga volume of Fairy Tail Zerø, which will be released on Tuesday, announced that its story will be adapted as a new chapter of the currently airing Fairy Tail anime. According to the official website, the new chapter begins airing in January 2016.

Fairy Tail Zerø details the meeting of the founders of the Fairy Tail guild and what happened between them that led to its founding. Its 13 chapters were serialized in the monthly Fairy Tail Magazine, which was published over a one-year period between July 2014 and July 2015.

Mavis Vermillion: Mamiko Noto (Elfen Lied)
Zera: TBA
Yury Dreyar: Katsuyuki Konishi (Prison School)
Precht Gaebolg: Yoshihisa Kawahara (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
Warrod Sequen: Hiroshi Shirokuma (Rolling☆Girls)
Zeref: Akira Ishida (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Official site: link
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