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Here is chapter 2 of my story please تبصرہ and rate & and check out my other work on my پروفائل Thankyou for دکھانا intrest in my work I REALLY APRECIATE it...x

I woke to an annoying beeping sound.
“Uhg,” I knew where I was. I was in Carlisle’s miniature ‘hospital’. “Jacob? Mum? Dad?” I questioned groggily.
“Were right here sweetie,” I heard mums wind chime voice tingle “um... آپ passed out.” She mumbled, sounding nervous. That was strange, mum NEVER sounded nervous.
“How long have I been sleeping?” I groaned.
“17hours,” Dad کہا smiling when I gave him a puzzled look, “morphine.” He replied flatly.
“Oh.” I sighed as my eyelids fluttered open revealing mum, dad and Jacob sitting around my بستر with the rest of the Cullen’s standing at the foot.
“Don’t worry love, you’ll be back to normal in no time,” Jacob reassured me, sounding hopeful.
“I know. What exactly happened?” I asked eagerly.
“It was the punch,” Carlisle کہا as he stepped آگے slowly, “your father told آپ there was alcohol in there but neither آپ nor Emmet knew what it would do to your body if آپ drank it. آپ are not human which means آپ cannot tolerate some stronger human substances, alcohol being one of them. When آپ drunk the مککا, عجیب الخلقت آپ started screaming in agony and then آپ had a fit; we managed to stabilize آپ but your powers may not work for a while and آپ will feel very weak so آپ are NOT allowed to اقدام until I say so.”
“Yes sir,” I muttered sarcastically as everybody chuckled.
“Nessie, آپ need rest,” mum کہا sounding concerned, “I think آپ should try and sleep.”
“Muuuum; I was out for 17hours, I want to get up!” I wailed dramatically.
“Not a chance. آپ heard what Carlisle کہا Nessie. Anyway if آپ don’t behave we will just sedate آپ again.” Dad کہا in a matter of fact tone.
“Grrrrrr آپ are so annoying!” I muttered under my breath as dad and Jacob chuckled.
“Why don’t آپ go and play X-box with Emmet, Rose, Jasper and Alice?” Esme suggested, “I’m sure if آپ just sat on the sofa it wouldn’t do آپ any harm? We can set your drip and دل monitor up in the sitting room.”
“I don’t need any of that I feel fine, can I Dad, Mum pleeease?!” I squealed.
“Yes آپ do young lady the drip is the thing that is making آپ feel fine, but I am sure آپ can play X-box if آپ promise not to get to excited” Mum sighed raising her eyebrows knowing I was prone to hyperactivity.
“Thanks so much!” I giggled as Dad scooped me up while mum got all my equipment.

When I was finally wired up in the sitting room, Emmet handed me a controller while Alice played with my hair promising that she would give me a makeover when I was better.
“Hey Nessie, look I am so sorry about your party. I should have been مزید responsible and not دیا آپ that drink.” He mumbled sounding unusually solemn.
“Emmet, I don’t blame آپ at all. I tricked آپ into giving me the punch; no one can resist my amazing charm and fabulous looks!” I joked with him, “I just hope dad hasn’t دیا آپ too much of a hard time.” I کہا suddenly serious.
“No he was really forgiving considering I had put your life at risk. Now let’s play some X-box!” he said.
As the game started I rested my head against the beautifully soft pillow, I wanted to play but I was starting to feel a little tired again; man I was never drinking alcohol again I was fed up of being ill. I heard Alice quietly leave the room. Could not hold my eyes open any longer and I let my mind sink into peaceful dreams.
Cas gave the note to Meg. “Keep it somewhere safe” he warned her and she put it in her pocket. “Hey, Meg, have آپ checked the سب, سب سے اوپر floor? I think آپ should. Who knows what treasures آپ might find”
Meg saw how Cas was gazing at Mrs. Jones and realized he was about to get really started. “Can I take whatever I want?” she asked in a serious tone.
“Absolutely. Knock yourself out” Cas permitted her as if Mrs. Jones possessions belonged to him. Meg left the room and Cas put his chair closer to Mrs. Jones.
“Alone at last” he کہا soft.
“Listen, آپ can still go back” Mrs....
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Mrs. Jones tried to get up, but Cas pushed her back down on the chair. “Meg, why don’t آپ go check the car? I’m sure there’s some useful stuff in there”
“Be right back” Meg smiled and she went away.
“You don’t have to do this” Mrs. Jones insisted. “You can take your girl and leave and we can all pretend آپ were never here”
“You like to pretend, don’t you?” Cas noted. He heard the door close and Meg running back into the kitchen, holding up ropes.
“Is this useful?” she smirked. Cas nodded with his head and Meg walked to him.
“Tie her hands to the arm-rests”...
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Mrs. Jones was cleaning the breakfast میز, جدول when someone rang the bell. She put the dishes on the dresser and walked to the front door. She opened and froze.
“You” she کہا weak when seeing Cas.
“Hello, Mrs. Jones” Cas کہا friendly. “Can I come in, please?”
“I…I don’t know, Mr…” Mrs. Jones stammered reluctant.
“Novak. Castiel Novak” Cas introduced himself. He nodded at Meg. “This is Meg Masters. She’s a close friend. Please, Mrs. Jones, I just want to talk to you”
Mrs. Jones sighed. “Fine, then” she کہا and she let them in. She led them to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ where...
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“You are amazing! آپ totally ditched them!” Meg کہا full admiration. She was driving the Impala. She didn’t have the keys, but she didn’t need them. Just because she was human, didn’t mean she was a saint. “So, where do آپ want to go?” she asked, looking at Cas.
Cas pulled a paper out of his جیکٹ and opened it. “I need to find these people, in the exact order” Cas کہا serious.
Meg took the paper out of his hand and studied it, while trying to keep an eye on the road. “Who are they?” she asked curious.
“People who’ve wronged me” Cas explained bitter. “People...
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“Can آپ believe this?” Dean exclaimed furious. “That’s what? The third time he چرا لیا, چوری کی my baby? What is wrong with him?”
He and Sam were walking down the سٹریٹ, گلی and while Dean kept ranting on about how Cas was abusing his car, Sam remained rather quiet.
“What’s up with you?” Dean asked when he paused his venting for a moment.
“You didn’t go into that basement” Sam کہا dark.
“Why? What was there?” Dean demanded to know.
“Two men. Dead. One of them tortured and eaten سے طرف کی rats” Sam answered. “The other one stabbed to death”
Dean sighed and looked around to make...
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Dean opened the door of the mansion and he and Sam entered. Anna had told them where to find Cas.
Dean walked into the living room and saw the old man on the carpet, his eyes wide open. Sam pulled out his gun and so did Dean.
“Cas?” Dean called.
Meg’s eyes widened and Cas quickly covered her mouth. He pulled her behind the closet. “Hush” he whispered and he removed his hand.
Dean looked at Sam and signed he’d تلاش upstairs and Sam would تلاش downstairs. Dean sneaked upstairs and listened carefully.
Sam ran downstairs into the basement and became sick when he saw the two corpses....
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Cas and Meg left the basement and walked back into the living room.
“You should get yourself cleaned up. If Sam and Dean see the blood on your clothes, they’re going to ask questions” Meg کہا wise.
“Then I shall use his bathroom” Cas said. “Care to شامل میں me?” he winked as he reached out his hand. Meg smiled back mischievous and accepted his hand. Cas pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. She jumped in his arms and he carried her upstairs to the bathroom. Their clothes still on Cas walked into the شاور کیبن and put Meg down.
Meg touched for the tap and opened it, letting...
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“Cas?” Meg called from the living room in the mansion. She was standing اگلے to the corpse of the owner of the mansion.
Cas stumbled upstairs and came into the living room. He fell backwards against the دیوار and sank down on the carpet.
Meg quickly ran towards him and bent through her knees. She took his hands and noticed the blood on his hands. “Are آپ hurt?”
Cas shook his head. “No” he کہا out of breath. “It’s not my blood. It’s Frederik’s and Marcus’s” He looked at Meg, terrified.
Meg swallowed. “Did آپ kill them?” she asked, though she already knew the answer....
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Cas had finished cutting letters out of Frederik’s chest. He conjured a needle and thread and pushed it through the letters, combining them and making some sort of necklace. He walked to Frederik and hung the ہار around his neck.
He noticed how Frederik was losing conscience. His head hung down, drool came out of his mouth and he was deathly pale.
“Hey, stay up! Don’t fall asleep. We’re not done yet” Cas snarled and he punched Frederik in the face. Frederik opened his eyes, forgot for a سیکنڈ where he was, then remembered سے طرف کی seeing Cas.
“What are آپ still doing here? That...
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Meg was pacing up and down the motel room. Both Sam and Dean had turned off their phones, so she had no idea if they had found Cas yet یا not.
“Screw you, Dean” she growled and she walked to the door, forgetting it was locked. “Damn it!”
“I see آپ could use some help” Anna کہا from behind Meg. Meg turned around in fear. She never felt comfortable around angels, even now that she was a human. Anna quickly walked towards Meg. “I hope you’re trying to get out so آپ can go to Cas?” she کہا in an interrogating tone.
“You know where he is?” Meg asked agitated.
“You could...
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Cas opened the buttons on Frederik’s shirt. He placed the sword against the right side of his chest.
“Let’s play a game” he whispered. “I’ll call it the pot calling the kettle black” He pierced the point of the sword into Frederik’s flesh and started forming a letter. “You thought I did something. I was found innocent. The so-called victim clearly stated I did not do what آپ accuse me off. And yet آپ believed I was guilty and so آپ took matters in own hands. آپ punished me for my crime” He put the letter on the cabinet and started a new letter. “And now I’ll punish...
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Dean slowed down in a سٹریٹ, گلی near the café. A few yards further a police وین was parked. Yellow stripes marked a crime scene and people in white costumes were discussing with people in black costumes.
“You think it’s Cas?” Sam asked, looking at Dean from the corner of his eye.
“If it’s not, I’m fairly certain he’s got something to do with it” Dean replied dark, before getting out of the car. He walked steady to the crime scene as he pulled out one of his fake ID’s. “FBI, what do آپ got?”
“Man, 43, looks like he’s strangled to death” the coroner said. He took a...
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“What do آپ mean, he left?” Sam asked, looking at Meg, requesting a reasonable explanation. Meg turned to Dean, whose expression told her he already understood what was going on. He read the note and said. “So he told آپ to start at a café?” Meg nodded. “Unfinished business. Cas, آپ idiot” Dean کہا in himself.
“Is someone going to explain me what’s going on?” Sam exclaimed. “What unfinished business? What is Cas up to?”
Dean and Meg glared at each other.
“Have a seat” Dean decided. Sam sat down on a chair, looking expectedly at his older brother. “You remember...
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Cas appeared inside a mansion, holding his two victims tightly. The owner of the house stood up from his نشست and looked shocked at the intruder.
“What, in heaven’s name, do آپ think you’re doing?” the older man asked furious.
Cas pushed the men on the floor and walked steady to the man. Before the man could do so much as blink, Cas grabbed his neck and snapped it. Then he walked back to the others, grabbed their collars and dragged them to the basement.
He chained them up on their wrists and a few سیکنڈ later they were hanging on the ceiling. He searched their pockets and conjured...
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Cas’ phone rang as he walked slowly towards the other two men. Without looking he picked up. “Meg”
“Where are you?” Meg asked a little hysterical. She was standing سے طرف کی the table, holding Cas’ note in her hand.
“I believe I left آپ a piece of paper with my whereabouts” Cas replied.
“Yeah. Dear Meg, I have some unfinished business I have to deal with. I’ll be back tomorrow” Meg read from the note. “What unfinished business? Where are you?” she repeated a little angry.
Cas didn’t answer immediately. He had spotted his targets and caught up with them. “Do آپ remember...
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Cas walked inside the same café he had been the night he found out Meg was human, too. He looked around and noticed to his great delight that the same three men were sitting at the same میز, جدول as last time he had seen them there.
He stared at them, until they felt it and turned their heads to him. He smirked as if he wanted to say: ‘Come and get me’
He turned around and left the café. The three men looked at the bartender. “Come on, he’s asking for it” one of them کہا disbelieving. The bartender shot them a warning glance. He allowed it once, but not again.
“I will call the cops...
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Cas rubbed his eyes and looked at his friends. “I understand you’re a little overwhelmed” he started. “But I would really like to sleep now”
“Yeah, okay, we can talk tomorrow” Meg کہا with a warning look at Dean.
Cas walked to the single بستر and started to undress. Then he realized the amount of eyes staring at him. “Are آپ all going to watch me sleep?”
“No, of course not” Sam کہا quickly. He put a hand on Claire’s shoulder. “We’ll take this young lady back home. Come on” he کہا Claire, but Claire pushed his hand away. She walked towards Cas.
“You killed my...
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The door opened again and Sam and Claire walked in.
“Nice color” Sam mumbled, referring to Meg’s hair.
“Gee, thanks” Meg کہا monotone. She looked at Claire, who looked back provocative. With two Winchesters at her arm she felt a lot مزید confident. “When’s your dad coming?”
“Meg!” Dean reproached her. Meg pulled her shoulders. Dean conjured his phone and handed it to Claire. “You should call your mom, tell her you’re fine”
Claire dialed her ہوم number. Her mother sounded very agitated when she answered the phone.
“Who is this?” she asked a little snappy as she...
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Meg opened the door of her room and saw Dean sitting where she had expected Claire to sit. “What are آپ doing here?” she asked, acting calm. “And where’s Claire?”
“Oh, she’s with Sam” Dean replied. “She’s fine, سے طرف کی the way, no thanks to you” He got up and walked to Meg. “Seriously, Meg, what were آپ thinking?”
“Hey, for the record, this was her idea” Meg defended herself. “She کہا I should tell her mother I’m keeping her hostage in exchange for Jimmy and I just figured it would be a lot مزید convincing if I’d do it for real”
Dean shook his head, furious....
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The motel.
Claire was still tied onto her chair. She rubbed her hands, trying to free them, but all she managed to do was tighten the quick-release straps and cause her wrists to bleed. She went with her tongue against the tape to make it loose.
In the room اگلے door Sam and Dean were trying to figure out the best way to approach Jimmy. Amelia might have کہا she hadn’t seen her husband, it was مزید likely that she was hiding him from them. And even if she was speaking the truth, it would only be a matter of time before Jimmy would try and contact his family.
Claire managed to loosen the tape...
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