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Here is chapter 2 of my story please تبصرہ and rate & and check out my other work on my پروفائل Thankyou for دکھانا intrest in my work I REALLY APRECIATE it...x

I woke to an annoying beeping sound.
“Uhg,” I knew where I was. I was in Carlisle’s miniature ‘hospital’. “Jacob? Mum? Dad?” I questioned groggily.
“Were right here sweetie,” I heard mums wind chime voice tingle “um... آپ passed out.” She mumbled, sounding nervous. That was strange, mum NEVER sounded nervous.
“How long have I been sleeping?” I groaned.
“17hours,” Dad کہا smiling when I gave him a puzzled look, “morphine.” He replied flatly.
“Oh.” I sighed as my eyelids fluttered open revealing mum, dad and Jacob sitting around my بستر with the rest of the Cullen’s standing at the foot.
“Don’t worry love, you’ll be back to normal in no time,” Jacob reassured me, sounding hopeful.
“I know. What exactly happened?” I asked eagerly.
“It was the punch,” Carlisle کہا as he stepped آگے slowly, “your father told آپ there was alcohol in there but neither آپ nor Emmet knew what it would do to your body if آپ drank it. آپ are not human which means آپ cannot tolerate some stronger human substances, alcohol being one of them. When آپ drunk the مککا, عجیب الخلقت آپ started screaming in agony and then آپ had a fit; we managed to stabilize آپ but your powers may not work for a while and آپ will feel very weak so آپ are NOT allowed to اقدام until I say so.”
“Yes sir,” I muttered sarcastically as everybody chuckled.
“Nessie, آپ need rest,” mum کہا sounding concerned, “I think آپ should try and sleep.”
“Muuuum; I was out for 17hours, I want to get up!” I wailed dramatically.
“Not a chance. آپ heard what Carlisle کہا Nessie. Anyway if آپ don’t behave we will just sedate آپ again.” Dad کہا in a matter of fact tone.
“Grrrrrr آپ are so annoying!” I muttered under my breath as dad and Jacob chuckled.
“Why don’t آپ go and play X-box with Emmet, Rose, Jasper and Alice?” Esme suggested, “I’m sure if آپ just sat on the sofa it wouldn’t do آپ any harm? We can set your drip and دل monitor up in the sitting room.”
“I don’t need any of that I feel fine, can I Dad, Mum pleeease?!” I squealed.
“Yes آپ do young lady the drip is the thing that is making آپ feel fine, but I am sure آپ can play X-box if آپ promise not to get to excited” Mum sighed raising her eyebrows knowing I was prone to hyperactivity.
“Thanks so much!” I giggled as Dad scooped me up while mum got all my equipment.

When I was finally wired up in the sitting room, Emmet handed me a controller while Alice played with my hair promising that she would give me a makeover when I was better.
“Hey Nessie, look I am so sorry about your party. I should have been مزید responsible and not دیا آپ that drink.” He mumbled sounding unusually solemn.
“Emmet, I don’t blame آپ at all. I tricked آپ into giving me the punch; no one can resist my amazing charm and fabulous looks!” I joked with him, “I just hope dad hasn’t دیا آپ too much of a hard time.” I کہا suddenly serious.
“No he was really forgiving considering I had put your life at risk. Now let’s play some X-box!” he said.
As the game started I rested my head against the beautifully soft pillow, I wanted to play but I was starting to feel a little tired again; man I was never drinking alcohol again I was fed up of being ill. I heard Alice quietly leave the room. Could not hold my eyes open any longer and I let my mind sink into peaceful dreams.
Dean parked the car in front of the driveway of Jimmy’s house and stepped out, Sam and Meg doing the same. They walked to the door and Dean rang the bell. Meg tried to look inside, and noticed a teenage girl lying in the couch, listening to her iPod.
“Hi, آپ probably don’t remember us” Dean said, when the door opened and Amelia, Jimmy’s wife, appeared. “I’m Dean, this is Sam and that’s Meg” Dean continued, with a nod at Meg.
“No, I know you’ Amelia شدہ تبصرہ fast. She seemed a little nervous. “Why are آپ here?”
“Eh, well, it’s kind of complicated” Sam took over...
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Since there was no way any of them was going to get any sleep, they packed their bags and loaded the Impala. Dean placed himself behind the wheel, Sam sat اگلے to him and Meg on the backseat.
“First stop: Pontiac, Illinois” Dean said, as he started the engines and drove ahead. As they drove Dean turned on the radio to break the silence.
Meg stared out of the window. She felt utterly powerless. Had she still been a demon she would’ve just zapped herself to him. But then maybe she wouldn’t have felt this way and she wouldn’t even bother to go find him.
Maybe this was a sign. Maybe she was supposed to let go and go back to her old life.
No!, she reproached herself. You’re not going back to killing for fun. آپ didn’t get this far to throw it all away. You’re going to find Cas and get him back.
“Everything okay, there?” Dean asked.
“Yeah, I’m good” Meg replied with a mischievous smile.
5 am
Dean entered the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and saw Meg sitting at the table, with a cup of coffee.
“You’re up early” he mumbled. Meg looked up. “I get it” Dean added. “You never went to sleep”
Meg shook her head.
“Yeah, me neither” Dean replied soft. “So, eh, what are آپ going to do now?”
Meg shrugged and stirred her coffee.
“You know what I کہا when Cas told me he loved me? I told him to shut up. I never کہا it back” she کہا sober.
“I’m sure he knew that” Dean کہا careful.
“It doesn’t matter” Meg replied sharp. “He’s gone. There’s no need for me to be human...
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Dean opened the door and followed Jimmy outside.
“Hey, wait a minute!” he yelled.
Jimmy stopped and waited patiently for Dean to catch up with him.
“Where’s Cas? What did آپ do to him?” Dean asked trembling and furious.
“Don’t worry, he’s alive. He’s in here, somewhere. We switched places” Jimmy explained dark.
“I thought آپ were dead” Dean snapped hostile.
“Clearly آپ didn’t pay much attention. Castiel کہا I wouldn’t age یا die. I’ve been stuck in my own body for ages and it’s time Castiel knows what that feels like” Jimmy replied bitter.
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Anna opened the door of Cas’ room and let Meg in. She was wearing a hospital شرٹ, قمیض and her eyes were red and swollen. Anna signed at Dean and he followed her outside.
“Has Meg told آپ about her condition?” she asked careful. Dean frowned and shook his head. “She was pregnant”
“Pregnant?” Dean repeated as if he’d never heard of the word.
“Was” Anna said. “She just had a miscarriage”
“Did I kill Cas’ unborn child?” Dean asked, shocked سے طرف کی the fact that Meg could get pregnant.
“Yeah, looks like it” Anna replied merciless. She gave Dean one last reproaching look,...
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Ten منٹ later the door opened and Meg appeared in the doorway. Cas’ دل jumped up, but Dean walked to the door and pushed Meg outside.
“What are آپ doing here?” he hissed.
“Sam called me. He کہا Cas wanted to see me before he died. Are آپ really going to deny him his last wish?” Meg asked disbelief.
“It’s for his own good” Dean کہا heartless and he grabbed Meg’s arm, dragging her to the stairs, leading to the ground floor.
“For his own good? He’s dying!” Meg exclaimed.
“And who’s fault is that? You’re the one that introduced him to Heather. آپ left that...
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Dean drove full speed ahead, crossing a few red lights. Cas was lying on the backseat, unconscious.
“Dean, slow down, you’re getting us all killed” Sam کہا accenting his words. Dean chose to ignore him and parked the Impala in front of the hospital. He pulled the key out and stepped out. He opened the door to the backseat and dragged Cas out. With Sam’s help he carried him inside the hospital. Since Dean was too much in shock, Sam explained to the doctor what happened.
About an گھنٹہ later, the doctor came to them and they could tell from his expression that he didn’t have good news....
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“Dean!” Sam exclaimed when he saw Dean sitting on the floor, his hands tied. He kneeled and freed his older brother.
“I’m going to kill him!” Dean snapped.
“What happened?” Sam asked frowning.
“Cas has gone crazy. He attacked me. He’s totally nuts” Dean explained furious. He tried to calm himself سے طرف کی taking a few deep breaths.
“Dean, we have to find him. He’s not himself” Sam کہا sharp. “I’m going to start calling people”
“You’re not calling that demon” Dean replied in a threatening way. Sam, who didn’t know who else to call, put his phone away. “I’m...
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Heather and Isabel were sitting at the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ table, having a cup of coffee. Heather had insisted on wanting to know why exactly Isabel had been fired from the police department.
Isabel was about to reproach her cousin for her way of making money when the گھنٹی, بیل rang.
“I’ll get it” Heather کہا fast, glad she wouldn’t have to comment. She walked to the door and was slightly surprised to see Cas in the doorway.
“Can I come in?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure” Heather کہا and she stepped aside. She walked him to the kitchen. “Do آپ want some coffee?”
“No” Cas replied, looking straight...
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Dean opened the door of the house, wondering if Jo was there, too, یا if she had returned home.
“Sammy?” he called, assuming Cas would be asleep. He walked to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and saw Sam sitting with his head in his hands.
“What happened?” Dean asked sharp, already regretting the fact that he left.
“We asked Anna to read Cas, to see if he was being possessed” Sam started tired.
“We?” Dean asked, though he had an idea.
“Meg and I” Sam confirmed Dean’s suspicion. “She’s not here anymore” he added quick when he saw Dean’s face change. “He’s not being possessed. But...
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Meg took Cas’ scarred hands in hers and looked at them closely.
“Where did آپ leave the bandage?” she asked.
“Bathroom” Cas mumbled numb.
Meg let go of him and climbed off the bed. She left the room and headed to the bathroom. She opened the door and held her breath.
Cas pushed himself up and stumbled out of bed. He staggered to the window and opened it. He looked down and tried to figure out the best way to fall down. He had to be dead, not crippled.
Meg cleaned up the blood and collected the bandage, before she went back to Cas’ room. She opened the door and dropped the bandage....
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Sam was sitting at Dean’s death bed, when the door opened and Ellen walked in. Sam was lost in grief, so he didn’t hear her. It wasn’t until she lay her hand on his shoulder that he looked up.
“Ellen?” he کہا confused. He hadn’t thought about calling anyone, so why was she here? “Did Cas call you?” he asked, though he knew that couldn’t be the case.
“No” Ellen کہا numb. “I had to be here” Then, with a little مزید strength in her voice, she said: “That کتیا, کتيا shot my daughter”
“What?” Sam exclaimed while getting up. “Well, where is she? Is she going to be okay?”...
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It was close to midnight and Zoey had buried Daphne’s body in the garden. She hadn’t meant to shoot Dean Winchester, but if he was dead, all the better for her. The less people that were in her and Cas’ way, the better.
Of course it would take Cas some time to forgive her, but their love would survive it. She hadn’t want to kill her sister, either, but there simply was no other way. Zoey was certain that wherever Daphne was now, she would understand. Daphne was at piece. She was with Martin, the most important person in her life.
And Zoey would be with Cas and then they would raise...
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Sam pulled Cas from the ground and dragged him to the sink.
“Come on, barf” he commanded.
“Leave me alone” Cas mumbled faint, his eyes closed. Sam turned to Meg. “Go get his toothbrush” he ordered. Meg ran upstairs and came back half a منٹ later, with the toothbrush.
“Open your mouth, Cas” Sam کہا sharp and urgent. Cas pressed his lips together, stubborn like a two-year old.
“Let me try something” Meg کہا and Sam took a step back, still supporting Cas. Meg took Cas’ face in her hands and kissed him. She then withdrew and drove the toothbrush in his throat. Cas gagged,...
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Cas had traded the bathroom for the kitchen. His hands were bleeding and hurting, but he didn’t mind, because at least this time he knew why he was hurting.
His stomach felt like someone was trying to tear it apart and he was searching for the painkillers, praying Dean hadn’t taken them with him.
Fortunately, he hadn’t. Cas found them in the drawer, underneath some garbage. He took out all the pills and put them in a glass of water. He knew it wasn’t smart and that he would regret it, rather sooner than later, but this pain was unbearable.
“And do آپ love him?” Sam asked careful....
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Meg was sitting on her bed. She had sneaked inside as soon as Dean had left. Jo had promised her to get him out of the house. She didn’t want to deal with his snarky commentary.
Sam was sitting on the بستر as well. He felt weird around Meg, but since Cas was sick and there was no one else, they might as well keep each other company.
“How is it like? Being human?” Sam asked, trying to break the ice. “I mean, after being a demon for so long”
“Honestly? It sucks. Big time” Meg replied bitter. “I’ve always been able to recall every single murder I’ve committed, but I’ve never...
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Cas was standing in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. He looked very pale and his body felt like it was on fire. His hands had started itching again and this time Cas couldn’t take it anymore. He opened the mirror cupboard and took the scissors. He tried to open it, but the bandage was too tick and inconvenient to even hold it for five seconds.
He brought his right hand to his mouth and his teeth chewed the bandage. He unwounded the bandage with his teeth and when his hand was free, he used it to take the bandage off his left hand. He threw the bandage on the floor and looked at his scarred...
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Dean and Jo were sitting in a restaurant. Jo had convinced Dean to go out so that he could take his mind of Cas and whatever it was that kept making him ill.
“You look pretty” Dean said, with a faint smile.
“I didn’t even change my outfit” Jo answered cynical.
Dean looked down and Jo recognized his expression.
“Are آپ texting?” she asked upset.
“What?” Dean کہا quick. “No, no, I was…I was checking time…”
“why? آپ bored?” Jo asked offended.
“No!” Dean denied firm. “I just…I don’t want to leave Cas alone for too long. He’s sick and I’m afraid that...
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