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Here is chapter 2 of my story please تبصرہ and rate & and check out my other work on my پروفائل Thankyou for دکھانا intrest in my work I REALLY APRECIATE it...x

I woke to an annoying beeping sound.
“Uhg,” I knew where I was. I was in Carlisle’s miniature ‘hospital’. “Jacob? Mum? Dad?” I questioned groggily.
“Were right here sweetie,” I heard mums wind chime voice tingle “um... آپ passed out.” She mumbled, sounding nervous. That was strange, mum NEVER sounded nervous.
“How long have I been sleeping?” I groaned.
“17hours,” Dad کہا smiling when I gave him a puzzled look, “morphine.” He replied flatly.
“Oh.” I sighed as my eyelids fluttered open revealing mum, dad and Jacob sitting around my بستر with the rest of the Cullen’s standing at the foot.
“Don’t worry love, you’ll be back to normal in no time,” Jacob reassured me, sounding hopeful.
“I know. What exactly happened?” I asked eagerly.
“It was the punch,” Carlisle کہا as he stepped آگے slowly, “your father told آپ there was alcohol in there but neither آپ nor Emmet knew what it would do to your body if آپ drank it. آپ are not human which means آپ cannot tolerate some stronger human substances, alcohol being one of them. When آپ drunk the مککا, عجیب الخلقت آپ started screaming in agony and then آپ had a fit; we managed to stabilize آپ but your powers may not work for a while and آپ will feel very weak so آپ are NOT allowed to اقدام until I say so.”
“Yes sir,” I muttered sarcastically as everybody chuckled.
“Nessie, آپ need rest,” mum کہا sounding concerned, “I think آپ should try and sleep.”
“Muuuum; I was out for 17hours, I want to get up!” I wailed dramatically.
“Not a chance. آپ heard what Carlisle کہا Nessie. Anyway if آپ don’t behave we will just sedate آپ again.” Dad کہا in a matter of fact tone.
“Grrrrrr آپ are so annoying!” I muttered under my breath as dad and Jacob chuckled.
“Why don’t آپ go and play X-box with Emmet, Rose, Jasper and Alice?” Esme suggested, “I’m sure if آپ just sat on the sofa it wouldn’t do آپ any harm? We can set your drip and دل monitor up in the sitting room.”
“I don’t need any of that I feel fine, can I Dad, Mum pleeease?!” I squealed.
“Yes آپ do young lady the drip is the thing that is making آپ feel fine, but I am sure آپ can play X-box if آپ promise not to get to excited” Mum sighed raising her eyebrows knowing I was prone to hyperactivity.
“Thanks so much!” I giggled as Dad scooped me up while mum got all my equipment.

When I was finally wired up in the sitting room, Emmet handed me a controller while Alice played with my hair promising that she would give me a makeover when I was better.
“Hey Nessie, look I am so sorry about your party. I should have been مزید responsible and not دیا آپ that drink.” He mumbled sounding unusually solemn.
“Emmet, I don’t blame آپ at all. I tricked آپ into giving me the punch; no one can resist my amazing charm and fabulous looks!” I joked with him, “I just hope dad hasn’t دیا آپ too much of a hard time.” I کہا suddenly serious.
“No he was really forgiving considering I had put your life at risk. Now let’s play some X-box!” he said.
As the game started I rested my head against the beautifully soft pillow, I wanted to play but I was starting to feel a little tired again; man I was never drinking alcohol again I was fed up of being ill. I heard Alice quietly leave the room. Could not hold my eyes open any longer and I let my mind sink into peaceful dreams.
Damon walked through the aisles of the hospital when he bumped into someone.
“Aaah, hot coffee” Bonnie groaned. She had two paper cups of coffee in her hand, only now there was not much left of it.
“What are آپ doing here?”
“I wanted to see how Elena’s doing. Caroline کہا she wasn’t feeling very well and then Jeremy told me آپ brought her here” Bonnie explained a little out of breath. “I thought she might like some coffee, but actually I’m not sure she’s allowed to drink it. Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore”
“No, I mean, what are آپ doing here?”...
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Elena had pulled up the sheets. She was getting cold. After Damon had left she’d started crying again and her face was wet from tears. Was this one of the many side effects chemo had? یا was this part of the cancer?
“Hi, there” a small voice کہا from the end of the bed.
“Go away” Elena کہا with heavy voice. “I don’t want anyone to see me like this” She added as she tried to dry her eyes.
“I know, which is why I brought this” Caroline کہا secretive and she lifted a bag. She walked towards the bed. “I’m going to make آپ all pretty again. Now, make some room”
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Three days later.

Elena was lying on her hospital bed. She felt terrible. She had heard people say the treatment for cancer was a bitch, but she didn’t how much that was true…until now. She felt her stomach turn and climbed out of bed. If it hadn’t been for her sore limps she would’ve run to the bathroom, but now she had to settle for shuffling as fast as her body allowed her to. Once arrived she dropped on her knees and aimed for the toilet.
It seemed an eternity had passed when she withdrew herself from the toilet and jerked off some toilet paper to clean her face. Last time she had...
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Elena was still in the hospital. She had traded the بستر for the seat, which was much مزید comfortable than the former.
The door opened and Damon came back with two coffees. He gave one to Elena and she took a sip, curling her nose.
“Is there alcohol in this?” she asked surprised.
“Oh, right, that’s mine” Damon apologized. “Sorry” He switched the cups and took a sip from his coffee with bourbon. “Why aren’t آپ in bed?” he asked a little accusatory.
“Damon, don’t start” Elena کہا in begging tone.
Damon shut his mouth and signaled that she had to get up. Elena pulled...
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Tyler left his house and saw Veronica standing on the doorstep. He was surprised to see her, but acted it was pleasant.
“Hey, I didn’t expect to see آپ here” he کہا as he walked to her. He gave her a kiss on the lips and though she didn’t turn away, he could still feel her abstention. “Something wrong?” he asked suspicious.
Veronica didn’t answer.
“Walk with me?” she simply requested and she started walking, Tyler اگلے to her. “I’ve been thinking” she started after a few منٹ of quietly walking. “You’re a high school kid and I’m 23 years old and I know that’s...
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Bonnie was waiting in the woods. Caroline had called her to meet her there. Bonnie looked around nervous. This reminded her a lot of when Katherine had lured her to the ruins of Fell’s Church, pretending to be Elena. But since Caroline didn’t have a doppelganger Bonnie figured she didn’t have much to worry.
“Hey” Caroline called as she came her way.
“Hi” Bonnie replied sober. “What’s the urgency? Why did آپ want to meet me here?”
Caroline noticed a little hostility in Bonnie’s voice.
“What, I need a reason to meet my best friend?” she avoided the question. Bonnie maintained...
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Elijah was looking around in the living room when Damon and Elena came downstairs. They’d hopped in the شاور and hadn’t particularly hurried up. No, they hadn’t been doing it, but with Elena not feeling very well, the last thing they wanted was a showdown with a pair of Originals.
When they came downstairs, Katherine was already settled with a blood bag and Elijah checked Damon’s extensive book collection. As soon as Elijah lay eyes on Elena he raised an eyebrow.
“Forgive me for being blunt,” he said. “but آپ look rather unwell”
“That’s because she saw your face” Damon...
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The Grill.
Bonnie was sitting at the bar, gazing at a candle, trying to lit it with a candle.
“What are آپ doing?” Veronica asked while she dried glasses.
“Nothing” Bonnie کہا quick and she looked away from the candle.
“I’ve seen آپ before. Your Keith’s friend, right?” Veronica acted all innocent. “He told me about you. کہا آپ were such a nice girl. I hate to be the one to bring آپ the news, but he’s a little messed up in the head, so آپ might want to keep your distance”
“Really?” Bonnie asked, sipping her water. “Last time I checked آپ were the one planning...
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“We should go” Caroline کہا a little nervous, staring at Bonnie.
“Yeah, you’re right” Bonnie nodded. “It’s plain obvious that the spirits are not going to help me” She stood and walked towards Caroline, who backed away. “What’s your problem?” Caroline moved her phone from her right hand to her left hand as she figured out how to express herself.
“That was Damon” she eventually started. “Apparently Elena is not feeling very well and he thinks it might have something to do with that چائے recipe I gave them”
“People don’t get sick from drinking tea, Caroline”...
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Elijah grabbed Rebekah’s throat as he put himself up.
“Where is Niklaus?” he asked shaking with fury. Rebekah took Elijah’s squeezing hand and pulled it away.
“You’re weak. آپ need to regain strength” she کہا strict and bossy.
“What I need is to find Niklaus and put that dagger in his heart” Elijah objected.
“I’m with Elijah on this one” Katherine کہا and Elijah turned his head to her slowly. “Elena?” Katherine shook her head. “Katerina” Elijah realized. “You stand سے طرف کی my sister as she gives me my life back…and yet I don’t see آپ shiver with fear. Perhaps...
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The evening fell and Rebekah and Katherine were sneaking down the woods. Rebekah had called Katherine to tell her she had a plan and she needed her help.
“Where are we going?” Katherine wanted to know.
“To Klaus’s hiding place” Rebekah vaguely explained. She walked through the cemetery and stopped at a grave. The stone said: “Here lies Esther Mikaelson, beloved wife and mother”
“What are we doing at your mother’s grave?” Katherine asked confused and a little disrespectful.
Rebekah didn’t respond, but bowed آگے and removed the stone. Katherine came closer and noticed...
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Caroline felt her phone buzzing against her thy, but she tried really hard to ignore it. Bonnie was trying to figure out the words in the books, but since she was powerless her ability to read ancient languages was gone. Eventually she looked up and cast Caroline an irritated glance, as if blaming her for the current inconvenience.
“Will آپ just pick up?” she کہا frustrated.
“It’s probably my mom, wondering where I am” Caroline replied reluctant. “She can wait. This is مزید important. آپ have to get your powers back”
“I can’t concentrate, ‘cause your phone has been buzzing...
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Bonnie and Caroline were walking through the woods, heading for the witch cabin. Something about what Keith had کہا had made Bonnie think. At some point Veronica had believed Bonnie was still a threat, so why not give the girl reason to be threatened.
Bonnie entered the cabin, expecting Caroline to follow. When she didn’t Bonnie turned around. “What are آپ waiting for? Get in here”
Caroline pursed her lips. “Yeah” she کہا hesitant. “Damon told me what happened when he got in there, so, eh, I think I’m going to pass”
Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous” she reproached...
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They heard the door close and wondered who came barging in, until a familiar, female and British voice solved the mystery.
“Anyone home?” Rebekah called from downstairs.
“Ugh” Damon sighed. “I’ll go” He stood up and walked to the door, but when he wanted to open it, the door was slammed in his face and Rebekah barged in. She held a guy in her right hand and a blood bag in her left hand.
“What are آپ doing here?” Elena asked tired.
“I came to apologize” Rebekah explained flighty, while she tossed the bag to Damon. “I was wrong to bite you. It’s just that I busted Stefan smooching with that vamp strumpet and آپ look like her, so I got carried away. I don’t understand what it is that draws Stefan to women with your appearances. You’re not even that pretty”
“I appreciate your honesty” Elena شدہ تبصرہ sarcastically.
“Hey, I’m as open as your legs were last night” Rebekah replied blunt and Elena’s cheeks turned red.
The sun rays shone through the curtains and illuminated Elena’s face. She slowly opened her eyes and brought her hand to her head. She threw off the sheets and swung her legs over the edge off the bed.
She frowned and rubbed over her arms.
“Are آپ cold?” Damon asked, who had woken up as well. He couldn’t see Elena’s face and thus couldn’t know that it wasn’t the temperature in the room that was bothering her. She turned around and Damon flashed to her.
“You’re hurting” he realized worried.
Elena nodded. “Yeah, and I’ll be hurting a lot مزید since we’re training all...
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It was early morning, Saturday and Liz was gone to the office. Caroline rose from her بستر and put on her dressing گاؤن, gown and slippers.
She walked to the window and opened to let the fresh air ventilate her room.
Bonnie, who was still asleep, felt the cold wind and shivered. She opened her eyes and frowned.
“Sorry” Caroline said. “Sometimes I forget people get cold”
“Don’t worry about it” Bonnie replied, getting up as well. “I used to be a lot colder, when all those spirits where inside me”
“How are things with آپ and Elena?” Caroline asked careful. “She didn’t seem to...
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Olivia switched off the lights and walked outside. She walked around the house and opened the shutters to a shelter. She jumped inside and wanted to chain herself up, when she heard the phone ring.
“Are آپ serious?” Olivia groaned. She dropped the chains and ran back inside the house. “What?” she کہا مزید hostile than she intended.
“Olivia? You’re speaking with Rachel Lindy” Rachel answered.
“Rachel” Olivia replied slowly. “Where have آپ been? I’d expected to hear from آپ months ago. How’s my daughter doing?”
Rachel closed her eyes, trying to find the right words...
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“I’m the one getting آپ out of jail” Stefan pointed out.
“And I’m the one still waiting for that to happen” Rachel responded with raised eyebrows. She tried to look beside Stefan. “How did آپ get in here? I mean, with all the deputies and the sheriff”
“I used the backdoor” Stefan smirked mischievous. He took the bars and wrecked them. He took Rachel’s hand and pulled her out of the cell. “Let’s get out of here”

“Where are we going?” Rachel asked when Stefan dragged her along at a rapid pace.
“I need آپ to meet someone” Stefan responded. He stopped at Mystic...
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Liz was working at her office, when the phone rang.
“Sheriff Forbes” she کہا short when she answered.
“Sheriff Forbes, hi” Stefan replied. “I was wondering how it’s going with the murder on Gabe Lindy”
“I’m sorry, Stefan. I can’t give away such information” Liz answered.
“I’m going to take a wild guess and say the corpse is missing” Stefan کہا amused. A few سیکنڈ of complete silence followed. Stefan had asked Katherine to compel the sheriff to forget he knocked her down and took the body.
“What do آپ know about that?” Liz eventually asked.
“Doesn’t matter”...
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“Can I come in? This talks so…weird, آپ know. And if Veronica sees us…” Stefan کہا warning.
“I’m not afraid of Veronica” Rachel کہا in such way it sounded like she meant the opposite.

Katherine was dragging Gabe’s corpse to the backside of Rachel’s house. She couldn’t get inside the house, so she opened the window to the basement and pushed Gabe’s body inside. She held his shoulders and let him down carefully. When she thought it was محفوظ she let go. The corpse fell on the basement floor, mute for a human ear, but as Katherine heard the thump, she figured Rachel would’ve too.
“Damn it” she mouthed. She stood and looked around. Rachel was nowhere to be seen and from what Katherine could hear, she was still listening philosophized to Stefan. If Rachel had heard anything, she sure didn’t suspect anything.