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 Aki Motatsu
Aki Motatsu
Name: Aki Motatsu
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Release date: None
Birth date: 02/20/97
Creation date: 04/27/11
Item: Mug of Coffee
Clothes: Dark blue half سب, سب سے اوپر w/ long sleeves and stripes at the end, puffy dark blue shorts, gray body suit under, tall black boots with stripes at top
Accessories: Microphone
Fur/hair color: Teal
Fur/Hair style: Long strait
Eye color: Bright yellow
Skin color: Tan
Height: 5.6

Likes: Coffee,pillow fights, Running, cake

Dislikes:Mud, pain, most bugs, homosexuals

Intelligence: 8
Flexibilty: 8
Speed: 9

Singing range: Unknown
posted by numnumyellow67
Age: 1 1/2
Sex: None [Considered female]
Species: Robot Fox
Release date: None
Birth date: 09/7/11
Creation date: 8/6/12
Item: Jingle bell
Clothes: None
Accessories:Head band with jingle bell, small loop around tail with an "E" on it, reddish brown scarf
Fur/hair color: Bright orange/White
Eye color: Turquoise
Height: 1.2

Likes: Being petted, playing with jingle bells, paw-painting

Dislikes:Rain, being swatted, having her jingle bells stolen

Intelligence: 14
Flexibilty: 10
Speed: 9

Singing range: Unknown

ELLEN is also known to sometimes go into her human form, making it easier to make PVs of her, but not always. She sleeps/hybernates in her لومڑی form. She switches into human form سے طرف کی plugging up her لومڑی body to her ,stored in the closet, human body, and transfering herself into the human form robot.

Fanloid Project: (Currently unknown)
 ELLEN's human form robot
ELLEN's human form robot
posted by Elektrik-Lily
Name: Kumu Mitsune
Age: 15
Gender: female
Number: 017
Height: 5 10"
Weight: 146kg
Character item: candy cane
Crush: Kagamine Len
Enemy: Sukone Tei
Best friend(s): Kasane Teto, Akita Neru.


Kumu Mitsune was born in Tokyo in 1998. She began working in a baker دکان at age 13 and met Teto Kasane a سال later. After hearing Kumu sing, Teto brought her to meet Miku and the Kagamine twins, triggering affection for Len Kagamine.
She made two eneimes: Akita Neru and Tei Sukone, who both had deep passions for Len. This escalated into a 3 way war, but ended when Neru began to realize her feelings were for Oliver.
Neru then became good دوستوں with Kumu, helping her fight against Tei.
Len returned Kumu's feelings and eventually the two got together.
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oi, is my پرستار made vocaloid...
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