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From hunting to camping, Fanpop Island has it all. Come and visit the Great Forest. Relax, chill with your دوستوں in a warm and relaxing camp آگ کے, آگ یا explore the wonderful گیا پڑھا مرتبہ of Fanpop Island's very vegetated green forest. Feel like hunting?? Come on over to the open season area, we mantain things settled and animals so that آپ don't have to do the work. Feeling emo? آپ can hang yourself!! We have from pine trees to beautiful Oak. ( just kidding XD)

Short Notice: There's no hunting in the forest unless your are in the limited open sesson area. If آپ dare harm an animal on purpose آپ will never be able to enter this Fanpop feature.
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Are آپ bored? come on over to Fanpop Island very own BEACH! Ride the کیلا کشتی with your friends. Surf till there's no tomorrow!! یا just read a book, sleep, get the best tand ever یا simply enjoy the view and the sound of waves. Challenge your دوستوں to an ultimate round of والی بال یا to the greatest swiming competition! Build a sand castle. Anything آپ want, آپ know that Lago ساحل سمندر, بیچ id the place to have fun. Feel like fishing? WE also have an area for that too, catch a shark!! who knows?

Short notice: Let's keep this a clean beach, try not to be a poluter (is that evern a word? XD)
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This cave might be one of Fanpop's most knowable and feared landmark. For it's haunted یا so it's said.

In 2004 when Fanpop Island was discovered, some Fanpopers went camping. One of the victims managed to survive and told us the whole story. She کہا that all Fanpop users were never seen again. The cave has powers that make people confused with what's right ans wrong, first they start seen illutions that call them toward the wrong path and so the cave separates everyone.She also کہا that they spoke to the illutions. As she saw this she managed to scape since she wasn't very far away...
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