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This مضمون was started back in December, and was last edited here on 8 June 2008.

2006 was a tumultuous سال for me. In the spring my wife and I discovered that we were pregnant again, and believe me when I say that there are a host of attendant anxieties that come with any pregnancy. How could we fit another person into our already-cramped house? How could we afford to support another? Beyond that, I'd just become the project manager of a pretty high-profile project in the middle of the project, and that had a bunch of issues that I inherited.

In the midst of this, I was invited to participate...
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posted by izbia150
 zukisaru isabella sora and kallen atasunta (from left to right)
zukisaru isabella sora and kallen atasunta (from left to right)
i have never done a مضمون یا anything before so yeah XD..i didn't know what to do so i asked sora(haremaster99) and she کہا to do something about the atsunta sisters so i will

we where taking a walk to the park and where going to go for a picnic when we got there we found a nice place so we started to set it up"isabella can آپ hold this end of the blanket and help me set it up?"said my older sister and the oldest of the four of us sora but i called her onee-chan(it means big sister in japanese)"sure"i went to go help her

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posted by Spotty_Vision21
It all started with the First Universe. An animal stumbled across a Paradox and activated it. The First Universe was swallowed into a Paradox. In this empty white space, the animal found Consciousness. It realized that, in a Paradox, the laws of Nature do not apply. So, as it got bored, it created a new universe. In this سیکنڈ Universe, the Animal created a sentient species. Soon, this sentient species created a new Paradox. That was many, many universes ago. We are the current universe, the New Universe, and it is our job to find a new Paradox and launch ourselves into a new world.

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Limi's been my friend since the first time i came here
Shes the first one to gave me سہارا the first one to ever know me!..and also congratulations for the medal limi!
Keep up the good work!
Plzzz add her if u want to and plzz like her pics and stuff
That would really help her out but only if u want to!
Plzz dont think that im stupid.. For telling u this
Im just giving info about me.i know im not smart or
Been here a long time but trust me seriously
If u dont know her u should try getting to know her
Plzzz do not post bad تبصرے to me یا
Say bad things a bout me یا rude one plzzzz i beg you
Well just teling آپ that shes nice im not....forcing u
To like her well if ur reading this sorry if there are any
Stupid things thanks for reading!<:)
posted by jarik
It's almost Christmas and I want to send out
season's greetings to everyone on my fanlist.
I would love to send greetings to آپ all
individually but since my fanlist has swollen
to over 200 people that won't be pactical. So
I decided to take the shotgun approach and just
send a blanket season's greetings to everyone on
my fanlist.

In whatever manner آپ celebrate the season in
your part of the world I hope آپ all will have a
wonderful time with your families and friends. And that آپ all be محفوظ during the holidays.

Here's hoping everyone has a grand time and that in the coming سال آپ will all find peace and prosperity in your lives.
It's been a while, well, it's not, but to other people it might seem like it. I've not died, I've not gone on extended vacation, Joe hasn't murdered me and left me in a basement until I've gone off (well... that's true except for the being in a basement). Admitedly I haven't گیا کیا پوسٹ nearly as much as I did around half a سال ago, I sign in from time to time, leave a couple of تبصرے and wander on my merry way again.

It wasn't that Fanpop got bad, it was just my own need for some time away, at the time Fanpop was going through what I like to see as its 'early teenage' stage, it was just discovering...
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posted by amazondebs
 nobody's perfect
nobody's perfect
When i first came to fanpop i didn't really do anything much but make the occasional pick and watch ویڈیوز but when i did start to contribute مزید it was because of the nice تبصرے and messages that شائقین sent me that made me a addict.

I love to contribute for others but i love it even مزید when someone shows that they appreciate it weather it be a prop, a nice تبصرہ یا message یا simply rating it.
If شائقین hadn't of been so nice i probably wouldn't spend even a quarter of much time on fanpop as i do now, as the best thing is talking and joking with the دوستوں I've made on here.

So it truly...
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posted by caramelmilk
...and appearantly too stupid to get banned.

Let me explain.
This morning I got up, had breakfast and decided to leave fanpop and twitter.
Don't ask why, various reasons, don't feel like elaborating them right now.

So I'm saying to myself "Caramelmilk, if آپ leave, آپ have to leave with a BOOM." Which means I wanted my account to disappear like a fart in the atmosphere.
I thought "How hard can it be to get banned, even people who were not trying to get banned do get banned.
And if آپ get banned سے طرف کی "accident" آپ can always message the F4 in a couple of months if آپ decide آپ wanna come back."...
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(If anyone remembers me from back when I used to frequent this site, please, send me a message یا something cuz i wanna catch up. Anyway, for he/she who is reading this, آپ probably don't know me so the only thing I have to go سے طرف کی is "Nominated for پرستار of the fortnight.")

So Im checking my e-mail باکس ان and something comes up saying that someone has شدہ تبصرہ on on a pick from almost a سال ago. I though I may aswell check it out. So I blow the digital dust off of my fanpop acount and sign in. To my confusion(?) most of the spots that I was hanging around on havent been touched in months, and...
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 Her Majesty, the Queen of Darkness
Her Majesty, the Queen of Darkness

Greetings, Fanpoppers and Fanpoppettes, and welcome to the Midnight گھنٹہ with your host, Cinders. Tonight, we managed to procure an interview with the mysterious and elusive DarkSarcasm, who lurks in the shadows of many spots here on Fanpop. Generally a creature of few words, the strangely captivating user has deigned to answer a few سوالات for the rest of the community. After our exclusive interview with the Darkest of Sarcasms, we'll also give آپ a recipe for frying and preparing human placenta, and fashion tips that every goth should know....
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Yesterday was the first time being on Fanpop, for a while, and I realized that I really missed it.

As some people may have realized, I stopped going on a while ago, and I really don't know why.

I have been on both Myspace and Facebook... but Fanpop has much مزید to offer. I miss creating spots, posting pictures, and writing فورم and articles.

I hope everyone can forgive me for leaving for that period of time.

I missed everyone here, and for the people who recently joined when I was gone... Hey, I'm crazy-chica. I joined Fanpop in February 2007, and I was totally obsessed with it. As time went...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
 The vehicle involved in the crash (Right) 15 سال Old Samantha Callow (Left)
The vehicle involved in the crash (Right) 15 Year Old Samantha Callow (Left)
I decided to write this soapbox for the family of Samantha Callow.

She's a 15 سال old girl, which died early Friday morning. Around 3:00 am, this morning while driving her parents car. Her parents didn't know that she had the car.

Who knew that what seemed to be a joyride turned into a deathful situation.

I would like to deticate the sopabox مضمون to the family. And expecially her brother Tom Callow. I knew him really well and He goes to my school. When I heard the terrible news.. I noticed what he was going through today. Just this morning another thing happened.

But this time it happened...
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posted by harold
This is the fourth in a series of profiles of link, started back in January and only published now because I was doing about eight at once. It was last edited on 13 May 2008.

As with many fans, I first became aware of tubby2002 when she started posting to the link over a سال ago. Since then I've been مزید and مزید impressed with the extent of her contributions, as well as her passion for reviewing and rating other users' content. In talking to other users about her, I found I wasn't the only one. Not one user I spoke with had anything but praise for her.

For example, link wrote: "I am a HUGE...
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posted by pink-bookworm
i decided to tell آپ guys a bit about me and hopefully we can all become friends.

name;shailee robertson

age; 13 in سال 7

looks; i have curly brown hair and greenish brownish eyes, im tan, 153 cm tall well last time i checked i was, im farely skinny but not super skinny and one مزید thing i have small hands and feet

personality; im kind, great friend, loyal, sometimes brave depends on what for, im quite smart( in smart class at school, shy when it comes to a big group of people

likes; i love school, harry potter, percy jackson, i love to read and write, i like playing soccer and i love fanpop

dislikes; people who are bossy, the cold, rain, maths

other; i ahve a litle broher, i live in austtralia, i love animals especially dogs and guinea pigs

current pottermore status; havent received my welcome میل ای yet
 my guinea pig squek
my guinea pig squek
ارے there, this is my first مضمون so don't judge me. Okay because i can't keep saying fanpop users let's call thm fanpopies.
Fanpopies شامل میں کلب when the movie is just out and when it's not مقبول leave it یا forget it.
We should learn to stick to them add videos, pictures, مضامین and e.t.c.
New users can have somethig to see. Even the creaters forget about them. Take an example spongebob, W.I.T.C.H and scooby doo. And remember Barbie, madagascar e.t.c.
PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Frozengirl11
Ok, so I did a سروے a few days on what story from my childhood آپ guys wanted to hear about, and the response was My Surgery In 1st Grade, so here آپ go! Feel free to تبصرہ on it and share it with your fans:)

I was born with دل block, so I have a pacemaker that helps my دل سے طرف کی sending it a shock when it stops working. This was bad luck for me since I can't do sports with my دوستوں since if I get hit in the stomach, I have to go to the hospital.

So, it was in the middle of the سال when I was in 1st grade. I had to go to the hospital soon for surgery to replace my pacemaker since...
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First of all, Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year, and all that! Welcome to Fanpop's سیکنڈ Annual Secret Santa User Guide, filled with tips to make the most out of this year's Secret Santa.

Those of آپ whose names are on link will receive your Secret Santa Assignment tonight at midnight Pacific Standard Time. At that time, the فہرست will be closed and no مزید people will added PUBLICLY. If آپ still want to شامل میں in on the fun (as I expect some people will) please message me PRIVATELY. If I have enough stragglers, I can probably work something out.

Now, whether یا not آپ participated...
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 Cammie: I Love This Fansite!
Cammie: I Love This Fansite!
Exactly one سال پہلے I was doing a تلاش for Bewitched تصاویر when I came across the fansite, Fanpop. I have to say that I was not too impressed at the time with the Bewitched spot - there were only a couple of picks and a few images. I realized that it was the sort of site that آپ can add your own stuff so I joined the fansite. The most intriguing thing that really appealed to me was that آپ could create your own spots,so I did. My very first spot was A Summer Place. For those youngsters that aren't even familiar with A Summer Place, it is a 1959 film which I adore. One سال later and that...
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 شائقین voting for other fans.
Fans voting for other fans.
This مضمون (last edited: 29 June 2009) is a record of the winners of the "fan of the week" and "fan of the fortnight" سوالات to date. These سوالات have been asked and voted on سے طرف کی Fanpop users just like آپ (see link for مزید details). Once the اگلے ballot is posted, a link will be added here.

Fan of the Fortnight, 14 June - 28 June 2009:

Fan of the Fortnight, 18 May - 2 June 2009:

Fan of the Fortnight, 3 May - 17 May 2009:

Fan of the Fortnight, 5 April - 19 April 2009:

Fan of the Fortnight, 7 March...
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Copied and edited from: link


I really mean it! What would آپ be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would آپ be able to do if writing fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would آپ do if it's illegal to do a cover of your پسندیدہ song on YouTube? What would آپ do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would آپ do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality...
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