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Elisa Parker of See Jane Do interviews Neil Irvin, Executive Director of Men Who Stop Rape at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women #57. The theme at the UN CSW57 this سال was ending and preventing violence against women and girls.
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My April Fools' contribution: a feminist analysis of a very silly movie, the classic low-budget Robot Monster.
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Now i'm what I would like to call an average guy. I also like to think that I'm open minded and willing to hear any argument as long as that argument is backed up with cold hard facts.
Now as a guy i personally don't have any experience of any of the issues normally expressed سے طرف کی the feminist movement so my thoughts and opinions are always formed from سیکنڈ hand یا third hand experience (reading articles, watching YouTube ویڈیوز etc.)
Now i'm sure some of آپ are asking yourself why are آپ asking this? Well the answer is as follows.
Two week پہلے i was taking part in a community discussion at...
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