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WorldNet NewsWires (C) January 6, 2012

For Marshall Barnes, "Parallel Universes" Reclaims Fringe Cred From "Fringe"

By Debbie Lissa

"A character who has had experiences in their youth involving altered states of consciousness research that led to seeing parallel universes, investigates a series of strange occurrences and has involvement with exotic science technology".

Sounds like the basic of plot foundation for link, right? Wrong. At least not until Fringe was written, somewhere in 2007/2008. Up until that time, it was exclusively the plot-line of the real life of Marshall Barnes, as depicted...
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posted by Starwarschick18
I have watched Fringe since the 2nd episode.
I missed the 1st. Through as soon as i saw it I was hooked! This دکھائیں has everything, humor, science fiction, and subtle romance. I love all the characters form Fringe:Peter, Astrid, Olivia, Walter and Agent Broyles. All of the characters have amazing chemistry with each other. From Walter's inane genius and strange way of speaking and incredible experiments to Peter and Olivia's witty and sharp banter and relationship. I also love Astrid and how she takes Walter's strangeness in stride. I love the fact that Astrid and Peter have a cool array of special talents that is always interesting 2 watch! I love this show, because it has science fiction, amazing effects and awesome characters! I can't wait till Fringe comes back on!!

(C) 1/21/2011 WorldNet NewsWires


by James Stamos

Marshall Barnes, the man who revealed in a statement online and live at the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival in September, about how (now over 30) elements from his life are embedded in the FRINGE concept and unfolding link, has now released a new shocker that will leave FRINGE شائقین wondering what is going on.

Live right now, as the latest episode of FRINGE is still on the air, Marshall's latest statement includes the possible origin of where the Observers come from (both as an idea and in the story),...
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Via HNNEWS Reports: We now have confirmation that the long awaited Marshall Barnes FRINGE statement has been گیا کیا پوسٹ at Urban Ohio just a few hours before he is due to make a live appearance at the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival - link .

R&D Engineer Marshall Barnes has released an official statement claiming an unusual level of correlations between his work and life and elements in the FRINGE TV دکھائیں plot which go back مزید than 30 years. There is no claim of infringement, however something right out of FRINGE itself seems to be implied. This is just the beginning...

Follow-ups from the event will be forth coming on this breaking story... Track it via twitter @WNNWs
 Olivia free but not ہوم yet
Olivia free but not home yet
- The Good news
Our Olivia seems to have escaped Walternate's prison
- The Bad news
Looks like she is still stuck in the alternate universe (AU)

- The Good news
If Olivia had managed to get back ہوم in the finale, Peter and Olivia's (Polivia)relationship would have really taken off !
- The Bad news
Alitivia has Peter completely fooled ! So frustrating ! But thumbs-up to her, looks like she is nailing her role !

-The confusing
Who is the baby ? Is he part of the plot ? If so how does he fit into the storyline ?
 All that affection wasted on Altivia *sigh*
All that affection wasted on Altivia *sigh*
 Now, my school-girl dreams are officially crushed !
Now, my school-girl dreams are officially crushed !
 A baby on Fringe ! I just hope we don't see Walter playing with any baby guts
A baby on Fringe ! I just hope we don't see Walter playing with any baby guts
posted by Dadog5
Okay so just as a warning I am just going to blabber 'bout random stuff on fringe.
Last episode on Fringe, season 2:
First I screamed really loudly when Olivia and Peter kissed!
I was beyond happy that they both know they like each other!
Then I screamed again when they showed the real Olivia trapped سے طرف کی Bad Walter! I really really really hate him!
The bad walter, not the good one. I like the good one, that's why he's the ' good one ' XD.

Peter and Olivia:
For a while into the first season, I didn't really think much 'bout the two of 'em. Then once it got closer to the end of the first season.
( and...
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posted by Jello12423
So here's what's new with Fringe!

Olivia and Peter:

So Bolivia ( the fake olivia) came into our universe and her and Peter started a relationship and Peter did not know this was the wrong Olivia. Later Bolivia's cover was broken, and had to get back to her universe. Which she did. And at that time, the real olivia came back.
So for a while there was awkward moments between Olivia and Peter, and Olivia was upset that Peter didn't realize that was the wrong olivia. After a few episodes Olivia cools down, and things kinda get back to normal. But Olivia is still upset of how much the Bolivia ruined her life.

The machine:
This is a weird machine no less! So the only person who can control it os Peter. And as last episode we found out that which ever Olivia Peter likes more, that's who's universe will live.
Because آپ also found out that Peter still has feelings for Bolivia.
So there's a problem in the future.
A lot of discussion has been made since the begging of the سیکنڈ season of FRINGE concerning the ratings of the show! Some people even stated the possibility that FRINGE might be cancelled due to its low(...!? -ahh...ok) ratings. However as J.J. Abraams stated, لومڑی has been very supportive to the show!

Well, if آپ aske me, it is certain that for the past few weeks this "case-of-the-week" formula that the دکھائیں had became a bit tiring! FRINGE certainly has a main story line and i'm sure that all the شائقین wanted to see مزید developement around that!

Episode 2x15 "Jacksonville" was an awsome episode...
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لومڑی just announced that it has ordered nine مزید episodes of Fringe, bringing the series to a full season order. No big surprise seeing how it has been doing great in the ratings, particularly with the 18-49 year-old audience. So maybe, now with a full season set and a سیکنڈ season مزید likely, Fringe will depart from the case-of-the-week formula and give us something fresh. I think Fringe has a lot of potential to be great. Anyone else out there wanting مزید from this show? link
To avoid duplicates and to help with club promotion, I thought I would gather up all the Fringe کلب on Fanpop in one big list.

So here they are:

link (duh)

Characters ~

Relationships ~

Actors ~
link (plays Olivia Dunham)
link (plays Walter Bishop)
link (plays Peter Bishop)
link (plays لنکن Lee)
link (plays Sam Weiss)
link (plays William Bell)
link (plays Elizabeth Bishop)
link (plays Henrietta Bishop)

If I have missed any (possible since not all of these کلب were easy to find... Give spots proper الفاظ مطلوبہ when آپ make them...
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posted by delena4life
Okay so in the last episode Peter and Walter were trying to stop some mystery man from the other side from crossing over. Later it turns out he did پار, صلیب over but they're being awfully mysterious as to the identity of this guy. I'm thinking it's the Walter from the other side and he found out his son is still alive and well on our side!!!! This will cause even مزید friction between Peter and our Walter because Peter will be forced to pick between his real father یا the man that raised him!

Just my opinion but let me know what y'all think!
posted by SoyalaLeisu
I'm a HUGE Fringe fanatic, and I do a lot to prove this. If آپ are interested in joining at all, آپ don't even have to ask. Just join. There is one thing that I DO request. If آپ are joining, if have to add me and everyone else آپ don't already know to your دوستوں فہرست because it is a policy of mine to be دوستوں with everyone in your clubs. Have fun and enjoy the Fringe-tasticness. I will be posting things as frequently as possible. Also, feel free to post articles, and fanfiction of any kind, because I am welcome to everything.

With Love--Cara Lea

by Denise Wheaton

High school شائقین of لومڑی TV's sci-fi thriller, Fringe, will be thrilled to learn that they'll be able to request lesson plans based on the most extreme physics elements of their پسندیدہ program. Thanks to Marshall Barnes, R&D engineer extraordinaire and the National Lab Network web site that promotes STEM projects nationwide, The Xtreme Physics of FRINGE will be launched in time for the fall school season and feature lesson plans based on the Fringe episodes dealing with parallel universes and the technology...
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(C) WorldNet NewsWires September 23rd, 2010


by Sully Sarducci

Tonight the شائقین of Fringe, لومڑی TV's latest hit series, will watch the latest adventures of their پسندیدہ investigative team as they deal with the reality of parallel universes and more. However, after the premiere we have learned that a major announcement will be made سے طرف کی an outsider who may be a complete unknown to the شائقین and network but is a familiar figure to those of the real fringe world as well as advanced concept science community.

Marshall Barnes, a research and development engineer, is...
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posted by Jello12423
The observers:
These strange bald men do exactly what their name says.
They observe. For one thing آپ find out that Walter is going to die. Weather یا not that WILL happen is still unknown.
But in some episodes آپ find out that Peter is going to have to leave Walter, and they put that to the test to see if walter would be ready یا not. Turns out he will be. But شائقین hope this will NEVER happen. We do not know which universe the observers are from, but we know they are not human.

Thank آپ for reading, make sure to read the part 1 of this article.
Hope this helps clear something up. :)