Frozen Make your own character in frozen u will really love it

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So this is ur guide


Frozen 3 جوابات

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name: Eva

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Kingdom: Arendale

History: Eva grew up living with her cousins, her parents were always busy so she never got to spend alot of time with them she doesnt have any siblings, however she was best friends with Elsa and spent most of her time playing with her and sometimes Anna would join she was always there for Elsa and when things went bad and Elsa was locked in her room the whole time Eva would sneek in through the bedroom window to talk to Elsa, Elsa was never afraid of hurting Eva because Eva had fire abilities that could melt ice and Eva was not afraid of hurting Elsa because she knew she could control it. Eva was always good at cheering Elsa up and was there on her coronation. when Elsa exposed her powers Eva chased after Elsa along with Anna.

The Carpendor (father)
The royal maid (mother)
Albert (1st cousin)
Vlad (2nd cousin)
Vera (3rd cousin)


Duke of Weselton
Weselton Guards

Personality: Eva is a tomboy who always takes risks and is protective and kind towards her friends she can also be funny and sarcastic and loves danger.

Appearance: Eva has long black hair tied up in a bobble and one fringe over her eye she has deep emerald green eyes and a couple of freckels she has a red dress with a black corset and a short deep royal red cape with black buckeled boots.
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Thanks for answering guys پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Name: Rosa
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Kingdom: Southern Isles (earlier from the kingdom of Ruritania)
History: Arranged marriage with Hans´older brother made her princess of Southern Seas. She misses her homeland but has civil relationship with her husband and they have no children. She travels to Arendelle after Hans tries to murder Anna and Elsa.
Relatives: Mother.
Friends: She has close and warm relationship with her mother, but she is basically a loner.
Enemies: Hans
Personality: Rosa is not very intelligent and she has not real interest to political intrigue. She uses lot of money to charity and she loves gorgeous clothes and rich colors. Her primness has made her mother to give her nickname Miss Clean Flower.
Appearance: Rosa has red hair and green eyes. She is always perfectly groomed. She likes red, lavender and rose-pink.
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This is the main female character in my entry for the Disney Fan-Made Sequel contest (the story is here: link and here:link in case anyone's interested) :

Name: Helga

Age: 24

Kingdom: The Southern Isles

History: Helga is Hans's only true friend. Her mother died not long after she was born, and her father wasn't around much because he was captain of the royal guard. She formed a common bond with the unwanted 13th prince, and the two were childhood sweethearts until the king forced them apart. After her father's death, Helga was appointed captain of the guard, and Hans re-entered her life when he was imprisoned for the attempted murders of Anna and Elsa. She was willing to give him a second chance and was the only person to stand by him when a conspiracy by the royal family threatened his life.

Vilhelm (father)
Astrid (mother, deceased)

Queen Edith (Hans's mom)
Klaus & Karl (two guards under her command)

King Gunther (Hans's dad)
Valberg (the royal chancellor, formerly a dark wizard)
Hans's 12 brothers

Personality: Helga acts loud and overconfident to hold her own to the male-dominated guard, but under the facade, she's brave, loyal, and compassionate.

Appearance: Helga has wavy blonde hair and gray eyes. She usually wears a blue guard uniform with black stand-up collar and cuffs, armor, and a helmet with a magenta feather on top.