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F.T. Island have successfully concluded their Japanese nationwide tour, “FTISLAND Tour 2011 Summer Final Messenger“!

The tour began on June 29th in Nagoya and moved through Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka and many others, bringing in a total of 30,000 fans. Their finale drew 10,000 شائقین who created a sea of yellow with their specially prepared lightsticks. Kicking off the finale کنسرٹ with “Brand New Days“, the band went on to perform “Itsuka” and “Let It Go“.

F.T. Island went through four years of performing as an indie band before making their major debut. Since this tour marked the culmination of their achievements over a سال and two months, it was all that مزید special for both the members and the fans. Tickets had sold out in just 12 منٹ of going on sale!

F.T. Island will be returning to Korea for a two-day “PLAY FTISLAND” کنسرٹ on August 20th and 21st.