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HBO Guide For April Features An Aidan Gillen (GOT’s Littlefinger) Interview

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It was called HBO Guide For April Features An Aidan Gillen (GOT’s Littlefinger) Interview
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HBO Guide For April Features An Aidan Gillen (GOT’s Littlefinger) Interview
Here is the first part of a little interview HBO had with actor Aidan Gillen about his role in the upcoming Season Six of GAME OF THRONES.  
Game Of Thrones is back… and as certain as the fact that “Winter is Coming,” Petyr Baelish, a.k.a. “Littlefinger,” will be up to his usual devious power plays. Aidan Gillen, the actor who so perfectly embodies Littlefinger and who memorably played Mayor Tommy Carcetti on HBO’s THE WIRE, kindly took some time to talk about his character, his motivations and more.
HBO: Where does Littlefinger fit among the various players vying for power at this point in the story?
Aidan Gillen: Centrally enough—there are a lot of long players in this game and he’s certainly one of them. A wise man once said: “The climb is all there is”—and it’s a treacherous climb, a pointless one to attempt without the utmost attention to detail, so Petyr’s positioning himself advantageously, biding his time and, well, enjoying it.
HBO: Does he have an overarching goal or position he wants to achieve?
AG: There’s no way of pussyfooting around this—yes. Control and power are desirable to him as has been well indicated up to this point. He’s said at least once that what he wants is “everything” and that’s a pretty clear statement. I think he may be smart enough to not want to be the figurehead though.
HBO: He has had a hand in many devious acts in the show—does that trend continue in Season 6?
AG: If anything, one of the defining things for Littlefinger this coming season would be feeling some regret and admission to slack judgment when it came to Ramsay Bolton.
But he’s had his hand in so many devious acts that that’s always there by default. Although I’d see it more as strategy, daring and commitment.
HBO: Does he interact with any new characters this year, such as Daenerys? How would he respond to her and the dragons?
AG: Well that’s all to be seen, isn’t it? I’d be wary of dragons generally as they’re not easy to manipulate. Remember these are days long before How To Train Your Dragon. I’d admire Daenerys’ stoicism and courage and flair, but perhaps be critical of some of her strategic moves. That could be an interesting conference, though.
HBO: Will there be a reunion with Sansa in Season 6?
AG: There always is. Those two are fellow travelers at this point. But as I said earlier, Petyr should be feeling really, really bad about where he left her in Season 5 and, if they do meet, he should try and make things up.
HBO: How do you see his feelings about her—genuine or simply a means to an end?
Read the rest of this interview next month…
And if we remember we will publish it here as well. In the meantime get ready for GAME OF THRONES Season Six debuting 04.24.16.
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