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Game of Thrones - Season 6 + Episode 6.01 - Press Release

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Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called 'Game of Thrones' season 6 premiere title, تفصیل revealed |
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
The extremely brief episode description: “Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again.”
There’s also a season 6 description that’s new: “Following the shocking developments at the conclusion of season five, including Jon Snow’s bloody fate at the hands of Castle Black mutineers, Daenerys’ near-demise at the fighting pits of Meereen, and Cersei’s public humiliation in the streets of King’s Landing, survivors from all parts of Westeros and Essos regroup to press forward, inexorably, towards their uncertain individual fates. Familiar faces will forge new alliances to bolster their strategic chances at survival, while new characters will emerge to challenge the balance of power in the east, west, north and south.”
With a title like “The Red Woman” – referring to the sorceress Melisandre – fans of the show will certainly go into overdrive speculating what might happen in the premiere given that she’s at Castle Black along with Jon Snow’s corpse. 
Information about the Emmy-winning drama’s season 6 premiere has been very scarce. In a sharp departure from industry tradition, the new season’s episodes will not be sent to media outlets ahead of time. HBO will screen the episode on Sunday night, however, at a private red-carpet premiere event in Los Angeles.  
coverage: Earlier on Thursday, EW posted an interview with Liam Cunningham, who talks about playing Davos Seaworth and why season 6 is “astonishing.” On Wednesday, we had an interview with Ramsay Bolton actor Iwan Rheon who teased how his character was going to be evolving this season. On Tuesday, we posted our Q&A with Arya Stark actress Maisie Williams talking season 6, feminism, and more.
, which goes behind the scenes in Northern Ireland and Spain, plus profiles six of the show’s female stars. Follow @jameshibberd for ongoing
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