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This is my review of the Garfield comics which were created سے طرف کی Jim Davis. The comics appear daily in newspapers.

The Plot:

The comics are about Garfield, a troublemaking مالٹا, نارنگی cat who loves to sleep and eat. His owner is Jon Arbuckle, a friendly guy who acts very goofy. Garfield often makes fun of Jon and Jon's silly dog Odie. Odie used to be owned سے طرف کی Jon's roommate Lyman, but Lyman disappeared from the series.

The Garfield comics are my پسندیدہ of the newspaper comics. Out of every daily newspaper comic Garfield is the most memorable and funniest. The comics are so good that Garfield has...
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 Original signed art:
Original signed art:
PAWS Inc. and Jim Davis have donated an original, signed picture of Garfield to Masterworks Chorale in Muncie Indiana. All proceeds from the auction will go toward supporting Masterworks Chorale's 2014-2015 کنسرٹ season.

To see the artwork and to place a bid, visit Click on the Garfield image to see the entire picture and تفصیل of the artwork, valued سے طرف کی PAWS Inc. at $600.

The auction website has instructions for signing in and placing a bid.

The bidding will close Sunday, October 26th, at 4:30 pm.

Payment will require a certified check یا money order--credit cards not accepted.
Garfield is a comic strip that was created and written سے طرف کی Jim Davis. It stars a eccentric food lover named Garfield and his goofy caretaker Jon Arbuckle. My فہرست is about the best characters from the Garfield franchise.

5. Binky

Binky is a recurring character. Binky is a clown that Jon Arbuckle is a پرستار of. Binky is a fun and goofy character. The franchise needs مزید of him.

4. Garfield

Garfield is a cat and the عنوان character in the franchise. Garfield is a food loving, lazy troublemaker. He's very funny when he's interacting with Jon.

3. Lyman

Lyman is Jon's best human friend and former...
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