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posted by ilovegaspard
"And, آپ know, I would love to be able to express myself through my own film, and my own cinema, and even my own script. I would love to write the script. This was something I was really into, obviously, when I was 19 یا 20,"

"I love music. My secret dream has always been to be a jazz musician. I tried the saxophone for a سال یا two when I was younger, but unfortunately I had to face the fact that I was not really talented !"

"I really like New York; there is a great mix of people and stories. One moment آپ are at a party with models and bankers and who knows what, and then آپ step outside...
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posted by pink_martini2
 It should be illegal to looks this good. ;)
It should be illegal to looks this good. ;)
What a milestone we've crossed!

Our little group of fangirls (and guys, even though آپ are a rarity ;) ) have broken 100 people! It didn't take too long either!

I think it's a fine time to celebrate, oui?

What better to do that, than with our پسندیدہ movie star!

I've گیا کیا پوسٹ a few ویڈیوز and تصاویر on this momentous occasion. Feel free to post some celebratory items as well. :)

Also, let's not stop here! Spread the word, get دوستوں to come شامل میں in on the fun. Gaspard needs مزید lovin'. It would be a tragedy not to. lol

Thank آپ to all those who had contributed and گیا کیا پوسٹ so many great ویڈیوز and images. The community has grown since it started. Keep it coming and we'll get even bigger!
 What? My fanpop spot now has 100 fans?
What? My fanpop spot now has 100 fans?
 Holla! Let's party!
Holla! Let's party!