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A-Alphaville , ,Alice Cooper,A-Ha

B-Bessie Smith,Beach boys,Bob Dylan,Beatles

C-Camila Cabello , Chris Cornell,CULTURE CLUB

D-Duke Ellington,Donna Summer,Dixie Chicks

E-Earl King , Elvis , Eminem

F-Fall out Boy ,Frank Sinatra, Freddie Mercury

G-Glenn Miller, George Michael, Gwen Stefani

H-Helen Kane, Harry Styles, H.I.M.

I-Iggy Pop, Iron Maiden, In Extremo

J-Jimmie Rodgers, J. Cole ,Janet Jackson

K-Kelly Family, Kiss,Knorkator

L-Louis Armstrong, Lucio Dalla, Luciano Pavarotti

M-Metallica , Mike Oldfield, My Chemical Romance

N-Nickelback, Nirvana, Neil Diamond

O-Olivia Newton John, One Direction,Onagh

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A~A Shadow On The Sun, Alice Through the Looking Glass,A سٹار, ستارہ is born

B- Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) . Beauty and the Beast,Film,Bringing Up Baby (1938)

C-Casablanca,City Lights (1931) ,City of Angels (1998)

D-Dirty Dancing,Django (1966),Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)

E-Edward Scissorhands (1990) ,
Evita,Exorcist II: The Heretic

F-Fast & Furious,Fifty Shades (sorry XD)Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965)

G-Green Room, Ghost (1990),Gone With the Wind (1939)

H-House on Haunted ہل, لندن ,Heathers ,Hachiko

I-It's a Wonderful Life (1946) ,I Kiss Your Hand, Madame (1929),Ice age

J-Jurassic Park...
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I took a bite out of a mountain range,
Thought my teeth would break, the mountain did
Let's go, I want to go
All the way to the horizon
I took a drink out of the ocean
And I'm treading water there before I drown
Let's dive, I want to dive
To the bottom of the ocean
Took a ride, I took a ride,
I wouldn't go there without you.
Let's take a ride, we'll take a ride,
I wouldn't leave here without you.
I am a mountain.
I am the sea.
You can't take that away from me
I am a mountain.
I am the sea.
You can't take that away from me
'Cause آپ tear us apart,
With all the things آپ don't like,
You can't understand that I...
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GDragon612 is a member of a website called Fanpop. I think that she's one of the best members that Fanpop has ever had.

She's a very kind and friendly person. After I wrote a few simple messages on her دیوار she wrote very nice and kind hearted messages on my wall. I was surprised سے طرف کی that in a good way. After writing on her دیوار مزید often I got to find out what a friendly, generous, and special person she really is. She always manages to make my days brighter and happier.

She often changes her پروفائل picture and she always picks a good and unique looking pictures.

Thank آپ for being a wonderful friend and for spreading heartwarming messages across Fanpop.