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posted by LinaTrinch
The episode starts off with a whale-blimp landing in, what looks like, Manhattan. Of course, Providence is there and ready. Rex & Six have an exchange about how to attack.
Six: "We'll use Delta 9."
Rex: "I didn't even know there was a Delta 1."
Six: "Study the manual."
Rex: "There's a manual?"
Poor guy. Anywho, guess who's in the whale. (By the way, couldn't find a better way to travel?) It's the guy from Lethal Weapon 2! (not really) It's وین Kleiss. Shocker.
Once the theme is over, they start fighting while Six talks to an unknown voice in his reciever. He then calls off the troops & stops...
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I was wondering what the lyrics were to Revolution so I googled it and all I could find about it was a yahoo answer. It's messy but it's the best there is:

So make way, to start the revolution. Make way, we're gonna have fun tonight!
Make way, to start the revolution, let loose and everything will be alright!
here we go, here we go again. The clock spins, and the roof is down tonight...

...Don't win? Don't regret in the shadow of hate and feel all retarted. Shine on, shine like آپ do. Watch out, cause I'me coming through. So haul fast and take the wheel it's your chance, gonna do what آپ do....
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posted by LinaTrinch
Alright, so! We start off in China where the team (Six, Rex, Bobo, and Holiday) find a destroyed village, but there was an evacuation, so no one was killed (says Six anyway). Holi takes a few samples and informs them that all the iron and metal in the ground and buildings is gone. Rex suggests a magnetic tornado, but... yeah. Anywho, Six gets a call through the comm links. Another village is being attacked.

The team flies overhead when their craft is attacked. Six decides for him and the boys to go down and fight, to Holi's protests. Oh and Six's hoverboard is back. I was wondering where that...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
i hope آپ like it please read and tell me if آپ like it there are many spelings mistakes . please تبصرہ i do not own generator rex یا anything

a سال had passed before rex was able to cure the world now things have changed the world is much better but rex and his دوستوں did not know the dangers waiting for him some where in the earth وین kliese still seek for his revange
Rex attack آپ are not doing so well six کہا in his firm voice. 
Rex and six were training in the training room of providence as Rex made his smack...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
i dont own any thing

وین Kleiss was a scientist who participated in the original Nanite Project along with Dr. Gabriel Rylander, Peter Meechum, Rafael, Caesar and Violeta Salazar.[1] وین Kleiss was a greedy man and wanted

power to himself and believed that the nanites could help achieve that. When finding out that the Consortium was also behind the same objective, he murdered Rex's parents once they caused the explosion after discovering the same thing.

After the Nanite Event occurred, وین Kleiss was in close proximity to the blast. Later on, he discovered that he was gifted with the ability to control Abysus, infused with the nanites from the blast.
posted by dragonwinxbloom
" آپ are really going " I کہا to Noah  who was standing in front of me .
" sorry , Rex but I have to go I will soon return ". 
" what I will do without آپ ? Please Noah don't go " 
" I have to go  , it's okay there are enough people to keep آپ company"
" Who do آپ mean ? Six , Bobo?
I asked him " They are so boring to hangout with ".
A grin appeared on his face " I ment وین kliess "
"What? I screamed " Are آپ kidding me ? He would be the worst partner in entire planet ".
" He he I was just joking , Rex I think آپ should go now before six come here looking for آپ "
Then I went back to the...
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posted by LinaTrinch
*random fits of insanse giggles*

WELL. We start off with Rex and Bobo on a mission of great importance. Sneak out of Providence and hit a ٹیکو joint. Also, Rex mentions that it's the 'food of his people', so it's official that Rex is latino یا hispanic یا something along those lines. Anyway, after many unnecessary dodge rolls and jumping around corners, he and the monkey finally make it outside. They get the Boogie Pack ready to go when... Rex's phone rings.

Bobo: Don't answer it!

Gawd, I died at that part. Anyway, Rex جوابات the phone, automatically assuming that it's Six and starts to come...
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posted by LinaTrinch

Alright, well, this episode may not be the BEST episode, but it sure is the most HILARIOUS! Let's get right into it, shall we?

It starts off in the desert (from The Architect). A bunch of Providence soldiers and tanks are destroyed as Rex joins the scene. He looks around and notices... the bunny... duhDuhDUH. He's like "It's a bunny..." One of the Providence guys (in a Australian accent?) says it's WAY worse then it looks.

Rex starts laughing. "It's a wittle bunny wabbit!" He calls it harmless and stupid... and the bunny overhears him... Ok, so, it's a Giant Evo Scary Death Bunny Thing....
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posted by LinaTrinch
Alright, let me mention, the beginning fight scene ROCKED.

Ok then. SO! (quick summary thing, cuz I've been uber busy lately)

They find out attacks have been sent out سے طرف کی a 'Dr. Ryland'. Who has lost a wife & son in the nanite event. Oooohhhh.

So, Six, Bobo, Rex, & Holiday start trekking down the ایمیزون River in South America. Which I knew from the start was a bad idea, but well... ehh. Anyway, Bobo tells Rex that the jungle is a horrible place. *yadda yadda*

Bobo: Never Forget!!
Rex: Don't ask.

Holiday makes it clear that the reason she's there is to find a permanent cure, for her sister....
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posted by LinaTrinch
I originally got this idea a دن یا so پہلے from MOFOprincess & her Ben 10 reviews, so I thought I'd give a whack at it. Anyway.

I suppose I'll summarize the ep to start off.

Rex, being terribly bored, decides to 'run away' from Providence (again), with the help of Bobo & Noah (again). They all head out to the ساحل سمندر, بیچ for spring break. While sitting around, they start talking about girls. Noah complains that Rex is always going on about Doctor Holiday & needs to find someone his own age, but Rex is pretty stubborn about the subject. After that,during a والی بال match (Rex & Noah...
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posted by LinaTrinch
Ok, woah, big episode!!

Rex spotted Noah in Providence & started giving him a tour. An Evo got loose, so Holiday ordered a lockdown of the Petting Zoo, leaving Naoh & Rex trapped.
In a scare that he thought he was going to die, Naoh confessed his working with Providence to Rex (which did not go over well at all). Seeing how, we already know, Rex's emotions get in the way of his powers, which is exactly what happened. Rex was so confused and angry, that he flat-lined.
Once hearning about it, Bobo کہا something like "well this ought to be interesting." That stumped me. I thought at least...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom



posted by LinaTrinch
To make it clear with everyone! OnDemand showed this episode once Cartoon Network cancelled it, but it's up on YouTube now! Woohoo! There's also rumor that it may دکھائیں in Episode 13's place one fateful Friday night lol.

So, here we go!

This episode starts off in a town, with Rex and Six fighting a bug turned giant Evo. It's a pretty sweet fight. So anyway, Six suggests that they cure it, and then Rex mentions that he has problems curing non human Evos. With Six's encouragment, he tries anyway. At first it doesn't really work too well, so he tries again... Then someone shots the freaking bug......
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
Dude I want پیزا کہا bobo trying to get attention from six
They were in laboratory Rex was being check سے طرف کی doctor holiday
No bobo کہا six still ignoring
Come on please now Bobo spoke Rex had been fighting وین kliese in the tunnel when Noah became evo all the providence were still thinkng about there deafet white knight was also was upset rex was still thinking about وین kliese he felt a liitle scared now vankliese had مزید powers and he knows my powers when not work it will be easy
To deafet me he felt sad about it
Doctor holiday understood Rex soon she told rex not to worry he just needed...
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I don't know how many, if any, other internet GenRex groups آپ guys are in, but if آپ haven't heard any information yet, I might as well hit آپ with it.

First, we'll talk about the GenRex/B10 Crossover that's been spreading a ton of rumors for almost a سال now. The real facts is that it's going to be an گھنٹہ long GenRex episode featuring Ben. Here's info from Toonzone that I swiped from LiveJournal thanks to Straya:

"The Cartoon Network Action panel on Sunday of the San Diego Comic-Con made a special announcement in regards to the future of Ben 10 and Generator Rex. The production crew behind...
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posted by LinaTrinch


That should be the review... right there... just WOAH...

Ok, ok. We start out in Hong Kong (as seen from the ep Beyond The Sea; MoA's getting a little lazy with their places lately). Six and Rex are scouting out a building... یا Six is. Rex is just there, being all bored. So, the attack happens. It's some Evo's (three) robbing a bank.

Oh, a side note, the Providence soldiers spoke Chinese, so that kinda proves that Providence has bases all over the world.

Anyway, these Evo's fight hard and end up getting away. Six orders his team to تقسیم, الگ کریں up and we're off. Rex goes after one, but starts...
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posted by LinaTrinch
Okie doke, everyone. Let's review the situation here. It's been a little over three months since the newest episode and everyone was on edge. 'The Hunter' (originally episode 8) was available on Cartoon Network On Demand to those few that had On Demand. So! MoA had a three ماہ hiatus on this wicked series... and what do they do? They apoligize and دکھائیں us why it took so long. Great things take time.

Alright, we start off with Capt. Calan and his team running from what look like military jets. They had just 'acquired' a digital stick that holds valuable info for Providence. To lose the jets,...
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posted by LinaTrinch
This episode was so adorable ^.^

So, let's see. As I predicted from the last ep, Rex was still on the run from Providence, when he ran across a hidden village. Not even Providence knew about them.

Anyway, Rex is liking it here. The people are 'family' people, who appreciate Rex for his powers and hail him like a hero. Which is a completely different tune than what he gets at Providence.

The man that took him in, Jacob, quickly becomes Rex's friend. He's a father & a husband. His family (and the entire village) all seem like good, honest people. Jacob tells Rex that they are all engineers &...
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Rex once کہا after the omega nanite treatment, "..all I need to do is see the blueprint".Shortly after the electrical tentacle,he came up with sonic whoppers,electric axes,canister fists...yet he cannot make anything basic,such as a waterski. Basic, like a conveyor بیلٹ, پٹی to use as a sheild to defend himself. And those huge clumsy شائقین he uses to fly... Uncountable how many times he has crashed using those.Ever heard of a jet pack? A pair of helicopter blades(sharp ones too!)? Come on! Also he could use the yuese of some wheels to make his landing smoother. He could also try charging himself up with some solar panels.
He should really consider going to that "Brilliant enclave" of engineers.I mean,he did save their town سے طرف کی destroying Zag RX! They would be مزید than happy to help him in making blueprints. Also Cesar seems a pretty smart guy...Yet he would be a bit too crazy.
posted by LinaTrinch
Kicking this ep off, Rex is in an abandoned (incredibly creepy) boarding school & doesn't know how he got there.
It switches to Holiday in the Keep talking to Six over a reciever. It's evident Rex is missing & they are both worried about him. Holliday even blames Six for it, but he just tells her to blame him later & find Rex now. She says they need to worry about him, too. It's obvious she cares about them both. She has Breach in custody & starts interrogating her.
Rex patches through to Providence & gets Holiday on the line. She explains what Six had told her about what...
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