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BRITAIN’S Got Talent winner George Sampson backs The Sun’s anti-knife campaign – and sports a K badge as a tribute to tragic 16-year-old Ben Kinsella.

George, 15, from Warrington, Cheshire کہا he was fed up of teenagers stabbing each other and wasting lives.

He urged knife-wielding youngsters to give up their weapons and told The Sun: “Please put down the knives everyone – there is no need to carry one.

“People can find positive ways to deal with problems.

“What happened to Ben was terrible.

“My best wishes go out to his family.”
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George Sampson's sensational semi-final appearance in Britain's Got Talent. George inevitably won the phone vote, giving him a place in Saturday's final.
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George Sampson: Girls send me their knickers

Teen سٹار, ستارہ is bombarded with fanmail

Monday, 6 October 2008

George Sampson admits he often receives pants in the post.

The teen heartthob shot to fame when he won ITV دکھائیں Britain’s Got Talent in May.

And he’s still being hounded سے طرف کی obsessed fans.

‘I get hundreds of undies کے, undies sent to me all the time,’ he tells the Sunday People.

‘But my mum won’t let me see them. She covers my eyes.’

George, 15, is currently filming his debut dance DVD, to be released in December.