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Just one دن to spend with you,
To have آپ in my arms, to hold آپ forever,
A wish,a dream come true,
Oh! I would give up my soul, to possess you,
آپ are so tender,gentle, yet strong,
When آپ will be here, nothing will ever go wrong,
Give me a chance to open my life before you,
I will love you, now and forever on,
Like a سٹار, ستارہ shining in the night,
Abating darkness all around,
آپ are my knight in shining armor,
Your handsome looks, my eternal charmer!
posted by faenwyn
My Phantom story is sort of strange, so that is why I ask other people if the movie affected them in an unusual way. I have always loved monsters and monster movies. I read Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera English translation when I was 8 and in French when I was 10. I have always been in love with Erik! Well, for 30 years at least! Once when I was a child I was watching a Phantom movie with my mom and told here that I was going to marry him when I grew up. She was teasing me about kissing his ugly face and I told her that I would kiss him with the lights off! LOL! I have since learned that...
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posted by barrel
I first Saw Gerard Butler in POTO and from then on I had to find مزید about this great actor and sexy man. So now I have just about all his فلمیں and go to see anything he is in. I belong to 2 of his پرستار کلب and I enjoy them very much. He is so gorgeous if آپ have not seen Dear Frankie یا ATtila, یا Dracula 2000 یا Beowulf and Grendel and 300 and Timeline آپ have got to see them . Everything this man does is great. Its too bad Hollywood can't see it. But like he کہا he don't want to be like them he is his own man. He can sing, he use to have his own rock band when he was younger. He has a کتے a pug named Lolita he adores her. He is not seeing anyone and I think prefers to be working all the time His new movie PS ILove آپ was great and Nims Island is out and GAme اگلے and then he is in Rockn rolla and a new one soon.