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 Logan Huntzberger
Logan Huntzberger
This مضمون really started off as a فورم topic, but then became too long to be one, so I decided to just write it as a soapbox. It is mainly about Rory's last love interest: Logan Huntzberger. I know, as I write this, that most people will disagree with me but I still want to give my opinion on Logan.

I know that many people did not like Logan and especially didn't like him with Rory.. I have to completely disagree because I LOVED Logan..

Most people liked the Rory/Jess relationship and I did too, they were very cute together but I think Logan was a better boyfriend to Rory. I know, I know...
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Congratulations girl! Your one of the most dedicated and active شائقین on this spot and آپ totally deserve this!<3
1. YAY!!! آپ won the Gilmore Girls FOTM how does it feel???
It's feels great!Gilmore Girls is one of my پسندیدہ shows so it's very awesome to be FOTM, thnaks for the people who voted for me!

2.When did آپ first start watching Gilmore Girls? Did آپ like it right away یا did it take آپ some time to get into it?
Kind of a funny story, I first started watching the reruns of it on ABC Family just around the time the series was ending, I had orginally tuned into to see an actor that...
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posted by bumblebee287
Ok this is mainly about Rory and her loves she will viset some ppl she nvr expected to see again

Chapter one
Rory sits on the bus with Aliah her new friend whos been her roomie all through out the begining of the campain Aliah chats about her ex یا somthing like that.Rorys not paying much attention she is there watching her but her mind is somewhere eles completely. She thinks about one thing... Logan she thinks about the look on his face when she told him that she was not going to marry him and the look on his face when they first met she thinks of the way she always felt happy around...
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posted by rorymariano
We watched them meet…



DEAN: I don't know آپ at all but I want آپ to know that I watch you.

RORY: آپ watch me?

DEAN: Yeah. I stare at آپ like a stalker while آپ read about whales. Aren't I sweet?

RORY: Yeah! Hey, why don't I get آپ a job at Doose's as a bagboy so that all the future guys in my life can make fun of you?

DEAN: Sure! Hey, guess what? I'm annoyingly tall!

We watched them meet each other's families…

DEAN: I know a lot about Willy Wonka! He's my پسندیدہ chocolateer!

LORELAI: Er… why don't آپ شامل میں us for our دل attack inducing pig-out?

DEAN: Sure! I'll...
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T h e i r S t o r y

She is a junkie, and he is her angel. He’s also her coffee pusher and food provider. She was his biggest weakness.

He asked her to marry him to shut her up, but really he meant it. The ice man cometh, and was met with a warm hug. It wasn’t her fault that he looked at her like she was a porterhouse steak. She teases, he grumbles, she prods, he retreats; but he always comes back for more.

They were friends, just friends. Emily Gilmore thought that they were idiots, the both of them.

At first, it was Luke’s coffee for her and her for him. But there were moments, so many moments...
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posted by SmithAndWesson
I just found this on FF roaming thought articles, and thought it was brilliant!
Disclaimer: Not written سے طرف کی me, it is the property of "daviderl" the FF author.

I Just Like To See آپ Happy

It is Rory's last night in Stars Hollow before leaving to follow Obama on the campaign trail. Sookie told Lorelai the idea of the surprise party and sewing together the tarps and tents to cover the square from the rain was all Luke's doing. Lorelai went looking for him.

As Lorelai walked away from Sookie she saw Luke in the diner. She passed Kirk, Taylor and Babette on the way and they spoke to her but she didn't...
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posted by ggseason8
ارے everyone! I hope آپ are doing well, but I was wondering do آپ want to have a Season 8 fanfiction contest??

1. آپ can only write one episode.
2. When آپ reply back to this, post it as an مضمون with the episode name for example: 8.01 - The places we have come to fear
3. have fun, and make what آپ want to happen.

If آپ want to do it, the contest will end October 31, 2008

Have Fun, and make what آپ want to have!!

Here is mine:

Rory opens her eyes suddenly, totally awake! She closes her eyes tightly and puts
a hand on her forehead as she had a headache, but obviously the pain is not...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
This is my entry for the contest on Fanfiction. :D FINALLY got it done!! hope آپ like

Lorelai sat down in her پسندیدہ سٹول at Luke's. Kirk walked in behind her. "Hey!" he protested. "That's my stool. I told آپ آپ couldn't have it back, Lorelai!" Lorelai shrugged. "Oh, well. Better luck tomorrow, Kirk." Kirk glowered and sat down at a table.
"Heyyyyy, Luke," Lorelai کہا in her most flirty voice. " of the Flannel Shirt, King of the Spatula..."
"Coffee?" Luke asked.
"Yes, please," Lorelai smiled.
Luke leaned over the counter to give Lorelai a kiss. "No charge." he smiled....
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posted by mollyx365
Dean: Seasons 1-3
Dean was a great first boyfriend for Rory. But as far as forever, I don't know how Rory could stand it. He always treated her like a toddler and it really bugged me. He was majorly overprotective. After Rory met Jess I couldn't wait for D&R to break up. And I think the way Dean broke up with her at the Dance Marathon was a little unnecessary and public, huh?

Jess: Season 3
Jess was the boyfriend that Rory had the most in common with. True, he wasn't as good to her as Dean was but he cared about her so much. Even when he comes back in various times during 4-7, آپ can...
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posted by rosehustle1
"Emily, we should tell them tonight..." Richard trailed off as he ran a hand against her forehead. She sighed and leaned back against the pillow.
"How am I supposed to say this to them when I can barely believe it myself?"
Richard moved to lay beside her and gently stroked her hair.
"You need their support through this...and I keep feeling like I'll fall apart any minute." He کہا softly. She looked up at him and kissed his cheek.
"This is a lot to keep secret, I know..."
"And they should know what to prepare for once it happens...they shouldn't be blindsided." He کہا as he closed his eyes...
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 March FOTM: Mooshka!
March FOTM: Mooshka!
Congrats and NOSNDNAS Mooshka! آپ really deserve this!

1. How does it feel to be the Gilmore Girls FOTM?

It feels awesome! It's my first ever FOTM on any spot and I'm fairly new to Fanpop so it was a shocker! :)

2. How did آپ get into watching Gilmore Girls?

I always knew about the دکھائیں because of Alexis Bledel, but I never really bothered to watch it. Then I randomly was flipping channels when I came across episode 10 of season 1. It was the scene where Lorelai get the call that Richard is in the hospital and it just interested me so I finally decided to watch the show.

3. Would you...
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What made Gilmore Girls special, in one word: Vision. Amy Sherman-Palladino has a vision for the stories she weaves, and it shows. Then she pours her passion into making this vision a reality. Then her passion pours over into the شائقین she creates for her stories. She did it with Gilmore Girls, turning it into a world-wide sensation. I expect she'll do the same thing for The Return of Jezebel James, if دیا the chance.

It's fascinating. What follows is based on link. I wrote it just after the news broke that Amy and her husband Dan were not returning for the seventh season of Gilmore Girls....
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posted by rorymariano
 He did little insanely romantic things for her.
He did little insanely romantic things for her.
THE LIT فہرست (by Lady.of.Victory.Rising)

(and it is not in any particular order)

1. She was with Dean, kissed Jess. She was with Logan, kissed Jess. She was with Jess, kissed Jess. Only.

2. She has a special smile just for him (look at the hi! hi! scene in Let The Games Begin, یا when she first sees him in Balalaikas. That's just happiness in it's purest form).

3. Their chemistry has always been earth-shattering.

4. He was the only one of her boys she was actually دوستوں with. Hence Jess = boyfriend, Dean = self proclaimed owner, Logan = f*ck buddy she had fun with and wanted to fix. Okay, that...
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 " In my opinion it's the writing that makes it so unique."
" In my opinion it's the writing that makes it so unique."
Congrats and NOSNDNAS AMBER!!! ;) You're the first ever FOTM for the Gilmore Girls spot, and I cannot think of a better person. You're an amazing GG پرستار and friend, and I'm so happy you've managed to bring this spot back to life. And you've got some great جوابات in this interview. Off we go!!

1. How did آپ get started watching Gilmore Girls?

This is actually kind of a funny story. I had convinced myself that Gilmore Girls was this bad "grown-up" show, so I didn't want to turn it on while anyone else was in the room in case I would get in trouble. Finally I turned it on ABC family one morning...
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posted by nosemuffin
Amy Sherman-Palladino has کہا that in a couple of years she would love to do a Gilmore Girls TV movie to tie up the loose ends. I wonder which loose ends she would tie up and what her final vision for the دکھائیں is. In my opinion, plot was never the highlight of the Gilmore Girls, it was the characters. That being said, if I had my way, the status of the characters in the movie would be something like this:

The town of Stars Hollow is pretty much the same as it ever was. The town square and town meetings are a flurry of activity with the likes of Taylor, Babette, Patty, Gypsie, Andrew, and the...
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posted by ggseason8
Okay so here is my OPINION on Rory's Men!!

Dean: Seasons 1-3 recurring role in season 4-5
Dean, Dean...... where to start with Dean, well in Season 1, I thought Dean hung the moon, i thought Rory and him made the cutest couple, he had his opinions, and stuck with them, i really like him in Season 1. Well Season 2 came around, and along came Jess (which now I’m very thankful for) and i really like him, but Dean isn't about Jess, this is about Dean. Anyways, and somehow یا another Dean just kind of started to shut-up, which made me loose some of passion towards him. Well in Season...
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posted by snow_pup
A Tribute To Lauren Graham
By: Stephanie R
an always adoring پرستار
Lauren Graham, in one word, is inconceivable. I find it impossible to understand all the things that she is. From her optimistic and hilarious personality, to her amazing smile that will blow آپ away, Lauren is truly an uncontainable character.
    Unlike many celebrities, Lauren isn't focused on fame. Many people grow up wanting to have jobs that are very rewarding, but don't always give them سٹریٹ, گلی credit. Many actors and actresses do it for fame and fortune. Lauren acts because that's what she's always wanted...
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posted by bethbeach008
In my experience watching Gilmore Girls for many years, I've noticed that the love-interests/storylines come three at a time! Check out the following Gilmore Threes!

---Rory's Relationships---
1. Dean
2. Jess
3. Logan

---Lorelai's Engagments/Weddings---
1. Max
2. Luke
3. Christopher

---Luke's Relationships---
1. Rachel
2. Nicole
3. Lorelai

---Lane's Relationships---
1. Henry
2. Dave
3. Zach

---Lorelai Hooks up with Christopher---
1. Season 1, "Christopher Returns"
2. Season 2, "I Can't Get Started"
3. Season 6, "Partings"

1. Lorelai- Business School
2. Rory- Chilton
3. Rory- Yale

---Sookie's Pregnancies---...
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The last episode has not been aired for so long now, that the producers of Gilmore Girls Season 8, thought that they needed to refresh the public's minds. So we will go back and forth from the new episode that we are featuring here, to old episodes, I can not promise we will do this every episode, but we are in this episode.
What will happen next?
Rory opens her eyes suddenly, totally awake! She closes her eyes tightly and puts
a hand on her forehead as she had a headache, but obviously the pain is not
coming from there. She sits on the bed, turns on the light.
"Why I'm...
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 Farewell Rory and will be missed!
Farewell Rory and will be missed!
Official statement from the CW and Warner Bros. Television:
“Announcing the final season of Gilmore Girls is truly a sad moment for everyone at The CW and Warner Bros. Television. This series helped define a network and created a fantastic, storybook world featuring some of television’s most memorable, lovable characters. We thank Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino, Dave Rosenthal, the amazing cast led سے طرف کی Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as well as the producers, writers and crew for giving us this delightful gem for the past seven years. We would also like to thank the critics and Gilmore شائقین for their passionate support and promise to give this series the send off it deserves.”