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The executive producer gives مزید information on Lindsay Pearce, Damian McGinty, Sam Larsen and Alex Newell’s appearances on the upcoming third season.

When Glee’s third season opens Tuesday, a familiar face from the Oxygen competition series The Glee Project will be seen — as a nemesis of sorts for Rachel.

[Warning: Spoilers up ahead.]

Dear TGP cast haters. Neener neener.

Glee co-creator and executive producerRyan Murphy told reporters on Thursday that the “part had already been written” before...
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posted by girly_girl
Just a few of my fave Quinn quotes so far!!

Sue: We're gonna bring this club down.
Quinn: And I'm gonna get my boyfriend back.
Sue: I don't care so much about that.

Quinn Fabray [after Finn tries to get to سیکنڈ base]: Let's pray.

Finn: I want to do glee. I'm really happy when I perform.
Quinn: People think you're gay now, Finn. And آپ know what that makes me? Your big, gay beard!

Quinn: I give it 15 منٹ until the first one quits, یا tries to commit suicide.

Quinn [to Puck]: I had sex with آپ because آپ got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day. But it was a mistake.

Quinn: Status...
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posted by Annaoth

Q: “If the Glee cast were to ever go on an international tour, which country would آپ most like to visit? :D”
– Ayesha

A: How could I only pick one? England, France, and Black Forest Germany. I’d also like to go سکینگ on the Matterhorn in Switzerland and eat my weight in پاستا in Italy. Knowing me I’d probably sneak over to Austria and find the Sound of موسیقی filming locations.

Q: “Do آپ think it will feel different when آپ go back to filming? Will آپ be مزید nervous filming now that Glee has been so wildly successful? Is there مزید pressure?”
– Rose

A: Yikes,...
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Q-1:why`d u get so facinated سے طرف کی glee?
answer from fetchgirl2366:I thought Glee did so many amazing موسیقی numbers, and the plots were just incredible. I couldn't stop watching the episodes.

Q-2:in born this way they all wore t-shirts representing what they don`t really like of them.what would u have on yours a fellllow gleek??
answer from fetchgirl2366:For my 'Born This Way' shirt, I'd either put "Smarty Pants" یا "Laughaholic" (since some people make me laugh all the time)

Q-3:has fanpop helped u in loving glee if so what else has fanpop helped u in?

answer from fetchgirl2366:It helped improved...
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it was moaring so i awoke i got a long sleve شرٹ, قمیض i got nice jeans then i got gloss on then i went down stairs i got my bag <bye dad> <bye u look nice> <thanks> so i went to school it was my first دن i moved i was walking in the hall way until i got slushied <HEY!> the football guy looked at me madly i was scared but i was strong <HEY WHAT IS WRONG WITH U?!!!> then i saw this girl <hello im rachel berry and we always get slushied here so its ok> <oh hi wanna b-> <so cna u vote for me for the leader of the show?> <what show?> <wanna...
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posted by bessiebuzzer
As I stood there froze they began to clap I got really eager and in a squeaky voice I said
Me: So am I in یا not???
Will: Of course
as soon as he کہا that I let out مزید squeaks of excitement
Will: Well go sit اگلے to Mercedes
Me: OK
as I sat and will taught the lesson I found myself staring over at Artie. I thought about the one in a million chance that Artie would ever like me. I had realized the گھنٹی, بیل rang and everyone except artie had left
Artie: ارے your pretty good.
Me: Ya I gu- guess
I was stammering I felt my cheeks get bright red and then he siad the words
Artie: I gotta go and catch up with...
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brittany even though at first had maybe one line an episode fills in much of the comedic releif.
though her emotional depth is shallow she is still a great charecter. so if آپ don't believe me here are some of her best one liners:
1.did آپ know dolphins are just gay sharks. anthem is the bottom of and ants pants.
3.duet is a blanket.
4.christopher پار, صلیب discovered amarica.
5.i'm mike chang.
6.a ballad is a male duck.
7 does he mean like a burglar alarm? is he your son? god an evil dwarf.
10.whenever i pray i fall asleep.
brittany is kind of sort of open bisexual. her relationship...
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 Our FOTM of October: Alexis!
Our FOTM of October: Alexis!
Hi guys!, It took a while but it's finally here! The FOTM interview of October. The awesome prize went to BlairChuckFan aka Alexis!. Such a lovely person who i've enjoyed interviewing! So without futher ado here it is!

1.First off, could آپ introduce yourself to the Glee شائقین and telling us something مزید about yourself, something that we don't know? :)
'Well, my name is Alexis, I'm 14 and I live in the United States. I'm a cheerleader and a dancer too. My پسندیدہ color is pink. And I have a dog name Texas.'

2.How do آپ feel for winning October FOTM?
'I feel honored because I have never won...
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posted by jointhehunt
Kurt is a wonderful character, my favuorite character from the series. He shows alot of courage throughout the series and he dosent care what people say. He always speaks his mind and is and indipendant person. He may be gay, but that makes no difference to who we are, and people need to exept that. Kurt represents the gay community and is proud of it. Anyone who has other thoughts about how kurt dresses یا speaks needs to look at there output on the world. It is important that our media has characters like kurt and that we need to be shown that people like kurt are no different than us, And that is why KURT ROCKS!!!

posted by fetchgirl2366
Yeah, yeah. We're still waiting. Hopefully we'll get the scoop later on. But for now, let's come up with storyline ideas for one of our new Glee characters, Rory Flanagan. Here's what I see will happen.

Rory is in the guest room of his hostess, Brittany S. Pierce. He lays on the بستر and stares at the ceiling, thinking of all that happened last year. Inside, though, he felt guilty. He remembered last Valentine's دن when he lied about his visa extention to the rest of the Glee club, including his girlfriend, Sugar Motta. He doesn't know what to do about it. He thought about skipping the first...
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I’ve been alone with آپ inside my mind
And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times
I sometimes see آپ pass outside my door
Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You’re all I’ve ever wanted, (and) my arms are open wide
‘Cause آپ know just what to say
And آپ know just what to do
And I want to tell آپ so much, I love آپ …

I long to see the sunlight in your hair
And tell آپ time and time again how much I care
Sometimes I feel my دل will overflow
Hello, I’ve just got to let آپ know

‘Cause I wonder where آپ are
And I wonder...
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Rollin Rollin Rollin on a river
(This ones for آپ Artie)

Left a good job in the city
Workin' for the man every night and day
And I never lost one منٹ of sleep'n
Worryin' about the way things might have been

Big wheels Keep on turnin'
Oohh the Proud Mary keeps on burnin'
And we're rollin' (rollin)
Rollin yeah (rollin), rollin on the river (rollin on the river)

Said we're rollin' (rollin)
Rollin (rollin), rollin on the river (rollin on the river)

(beat quickens)

So I Left a good job in the city
Workin' for the man every night and day
And I never lost one منٹ of sleep'n
Worryin' about the way things might...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
I don't really make that many مضامین here anymore - sorry about the "Glee Story" پرستار fic I was working on here a while پہلے - but this one, and if anyone else agrees with me, are some of things I've been ranting abou once I saw the spoilers for season 4 of Glee. To make this simple, I'm going to do this in order of episode, and any مجموعی طور پر things, I'll put last. Alright, here we go.

Episode 1 Spoilers: "The New Rachel":

Spoiler #1: Kurt is in Lima. He helps Will recruit members for New Directions. Now, as much as I find that sweet of Kurt to help out at McKinley, I still think he should've gotten...
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posted by AKetchum01
1. All songs on your آئی پوڈ, ipod are Glee songs

2. آپ own all the Glee albums

3. آپ call people names that Sue would call them

4. آپ call tall people "Frakenteen"

5. آپ style your hair to be like Schuester's.

6. آپ wear track suits everywhere

7. آپ quote Glee characters in everyday conversation.

8. آپ think dolphins are just gay sharks

9. آپ want to transfer to Dalton Academy

10. آپ look at Gaga's outfits and can easily recall what Glee girl wore which Gaga outfit during "Bad Romance" number.

11. آپ still get excited when Glee re-runs come on tv, even though آپ already have like every episode.

12. آپ refer to all rainbows as "Klainebows"-from CrimeDramaBee

13. آپ are in a situation where آپ want to express your feelings in song-    
from fetchgirl2366

If آپ have anymore, do tell me in comments
posted by fantastic_evie
تاریخ of Birth
27 May 1990, Fresno, California, USA

Birth Name
Christopher Paul Colfer

5' 10½" (1.79 m)

Before becoming an actor, Chris worked mornings before school in the cafeteria as a cookie scooper and summers as a clerk at a dry cleaners.

The scar on the left side of his neck is from surgery in 1998.

Lost over 40 pounds in 2007 thanks to "horrible methods called diet and exercise.".

He practices Sai.

Wrote and directed Shirley Todd, a musical spoof of Sweeney Todd during his senior سال of high school. He also starred as Mr. Lovett.

Assistant directed a theatrical benefit for Valley...
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As of Mash-Up Glee had done 300 songs and I thought it wold be fun to do my سب, سب سے اوپر 25% of Glee songs at the end of Mash-Up. I also need to thank Tokyogirl0093 for helping me on this.
Please remember these are my opinions, and that they are done سے طرف کی which came first.

1.Don't Stop Beleiving

2.Sweet Caroline
3.Defying Gravity
4.And I Am Telling آپ I'm Not Going
5.Don't Rain on My Parade

6.Hello, I Love You

7.Gives آپ Hell
9.Open Your Heart/Borderline
10.Like a Virgin

11.4 Minutes

14.Jessie's Girl
15.Rose's Turn
16.Dream On
17.I Dreamed a Dream

18.Bad Romance

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ارے guys. Now...yes, this break from Glee is good and bad at the same time. Bad? Well...there's no Glee. I mean, that just sucks! Good? It gives us time to think about what may happen for the undergrads, the graduates, the adults--just everybody! We're all wondering and asking the exact same questions. What's going on with Finn and Rachel? Who is going to be leading New Directions? Who all is coming back on Glee? The فہرست goes on. Personally, I wonder about these things, too. The one thing I mostly think about is all of the undergrads' storylines. I know, Quinn and Santana are my پسندیدہ characters....
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posted by girly_girl
Just some of my fave Finn quotes!

Finn: The guys کہا if I took the Glee club photo, they'd make me choose between a Hitler mustache and buck teeth. And I can't rock either of those looks.

Finn [to Rachel]: I'm gonna say this as nice as I can. But آپ look like a sad clown hooker.

Finn: I never noticed how nice Rachel's butt is.

Finn: Mr. Schue, kids are busier than when آپ went here. We've got homework, and football, teen pregnancy... lunch.

Finn: I came up with the best baby name of all-time: Drizzle.

Rachel: I'm sorry for calling آپ contemptible and deplorable.
Finn: That's okay. I didn't...
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posted by sheerinandamian
 poster for s4
poster for s4
ارے everyone heres some مزید spoiler bout glee:
1.the new cheerio آپ no kitty well guess she will bully brittany
2. brittany is head cheerleader
3.rachel meet dean in nyada while he is having a shower. the 1st episode kurt will help Will to recruit new members.
5.samuel,alex,sugar and sam are all coming back in this season.
6.sadly rory is not but he might come in the سیکنڈ half the season.
7.they will tell us who is the daddy of sue baby somewhere in the 1st half of the season.
8.sue baby will also be in glee
9.the winner of the glee project Blake character`s name is Ryder.
10.finn will have a new love interest.
11.finn helps the new blake get into the New Directions.
12. sam will have a new girlfriend
13.blake will also have a love interest
14.the brttany tribute with be focus on brittany again
15.wade joins new directions
16.marly joins new directions in the ep new rachel
17.kates name is cassandra
 s4 poaster
s4 poaster
 brittany head cheerleader
brittany head cheerleader
 sam has new girlfriend
sam has new girlfriend
 lea and dean
lea and dean
 how cute
how cute
 kate and lea
kate and lea
 rachel solo
rachel solo
 marly joins nd
marly joins nd
 not impressed
not impressed
 Cassandra meets Rachel
Cassandra meets Rachel
 Cassandra teaching
Cassandra teaching
 wade,brittany,tina &blaine talk to artie
wade,brittany,tina &blaine talk to artie
posted by _PRETTYQUEEN1E
Glee isn't just for entertainment. Its to tell آپ to be you. Whenever آپ push people to the side for your future, آپ get a great result. Don't wait for ANYONE! People can really hold آپ back.
When آپ go on آپ own, and make it- then people will follow YOU! But not just that. Don't be afriad to be you, because those who are- they aren't happy underneath all the ACTING. آپ only get one life.
Would آپ rather fail, یا would آپ rather lose someone to be happy and catch up with them soon? آپ already KNOW that آپ will catch up with them again, so why act like آپ wont?
But brothers, sisters,...
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