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posted by Ceolwin
This campaign is supported سے طرف کی Allan Hyde. (Please refer to his Twitter account.)

How MUCH Do آپ Care?
If آپ had the chance to tell HBO how much آپ love Godric and Allan, would آپ do it? Would آپ be willing to take only a couple منٹ of your time and دکھائیں your support for an actor who breathed life into our beloved vampire?

This is your chance to shine and have your voice heard سے طرف کی HBO. We take the fight for Godric onto their forum, their doorstep, and for the first time they will have to contend with the شائقین united. It will be one overwhelming voice that they won’t be able to ignore....
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posted by Alexi95
So سے طرف کی request samjheart aka. the lovely Asma, I present this spot with it's first مضمون in form of a پرستار fiction about our favourite two thousand سال old vampire and his first vampire child Camorra XD

It was the sound of her voice, singing a melody of beauty, that first caught his attention. Godric had been running through the dense woods in Ireland but her voice made him stop and he changed direction and sped towards a clearing, where through the trees he glimpsed a group of humans sitting around the flickering flames of a fire, all men with the exception of a woman who was standing and...
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