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What no one knew was that Meredith had an unfaithful husband and children with him. She had caught him with his ex-girlfriend on the eve of her graduation from medical school. Meredith was fixing to go on a تاریخ with Derek when she saw him. "Hello, Meredith!" he said.
"Why are آپ here?" she asked.
"I want آپ back!" he said.
"I have a boyfriend!" کہا Meredith.
"Why are آپ talking to my girlfriend?" asked Derek.
"She's my wife!" کہا Eric.
"Ex-wife!" کہا Meredith.
"You never filed for divorce!" کہا Eric.
As news spread around Seattle Grace, her دوستوں and boyfriend started questioning...
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تبصرہ :)

Ferryboats, Elevators, Sex (Living Room, Car, Bed, Exam Room, On-Call Room... where ever!)Exam Rooms, Candles, Trailers, Bathtubs, Hospitals, Surgeries , Brains/Neurogsurgery Extraordinary Together, Kisses/Tippy-toe Kisses, Tongues, Seattle, Clinical Trials
Dogs (DOC), Proms, Snoring, Wax Ear Plugs, Glow-in-Dark Condoms, Spooning, Hair-Sniffing
Hair-Pulling, تکیا Fights, "Friendly" Walks, Sharing Water Bottles, Hand-Holding, Life-Saving Their "Look", Joe's Bar, The "Bendy" Thing, Closet Comfort, Countdowns, Black Panties, Lavender Conditioner "Knight in Shining Whatever", Victory Dances, Champagne, Tequila/Single-Malt Scotch Indigo Scrubs/Lab Coats, Flirting, Taking Advantage, Crosswords, Markers, Cheek kisses
Compromises, Chatty Children, Face Cupping, Bar Kisses, Diseased Kidneys in Jars ("It glows!")
posted by SunnyDevil
Eric William Dane was born on November 9, 1972 in San Francisco – California. He is the oldest of three sons. His father is an architect and interior designer based in San Francisco. In High School Eric was a good athlete, but after appearing as ‘Joe Keller’ in a high school production of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”, he decided to pursue a career in acting. He moved to Los Angeles, where he played small roles on ویژن ٹیلی series such as: Saved سے طرف کی the Bell, The Wonder Years, Roseanne and Married with Children.

Dane’s first major film appearance was in 1999’s “The Basket”....
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Been watching lots of re-runs of GA, and have settled on the main character draft picks. My پسندیدہ Gals, and Guys.


1) Addison Montgomery

2) Meredith Grey

3) Miranda Bailey

4) Cristina Yang

5) Lexie Grey

6) Callie Torres

7) Izzie Stevens

8) Teddy Altman

9) Arizona Robbins

10) April Kepner


1) Richard Webber

2) Alex Karev

3) Owen Hunt

4) Mark Sloan

5) George O'Malley

6) Derek Shepherd

7) Jackson Avery
posted by amy_oth
but I feel really bad for Callie!

I've recently bought the سیکنڈ series on dvd, because, as I live in England, we're ridiculously behind, and the relationship that stands out for me is Callie/George.

I know a lot of people are all for the Gizzie relationship, but it is debatable whether Izzie and George were actually in love, یا whether it was a spur of the moment "we had sex so we need to fall in love" kind-of-thing.

I think the quote that really made me love this couple, correct me if I'm wrong, was from "The Name of the Game" when Callie says that he makes her world stop. And Izzie sums it...
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posted by FanDlux
Remember: This is the first, unrevised draft. So it is probably subject to change.

I know a lot of آپ are concerned about MerDer, so that is where I will start off.

The first trace of MerDer in the opening sequence is of Derek in the OR. He is finishing up surgery. The camera pans to Rose in the gallery. She's smiling "obnoxiously" at him. LOL! Then the camera pans behind her to Meredith who is also watching the surgery in the gallery. Derek looks up and it seems as if he is looking at Rose for a second, until Derek and meredith's eyes lock. Rose realizes he isn't looking at her and turns around...
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posted by amberRocks
I love Grey's.Always has,always will.Season 1 and 2 was awesome.Then season 3 came.And something happened.Something wonderfull.George and izzie.When I saw them getting drunk I knew what was going to happen.And I knew it was wrong because george was married but آپ know what I didn't mind...Because his marriage was a mistage.He father just died.And how long he knew Callie in GA time 4-5 months tops...This wasn't right and he knew it.
Then one night,one beautiful night george and izzie had the best sex of their lives.
And I couldn't be happier.The اگلے episode(3x19)still is my favourite.Izzie trying...
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posted by JenniferDempsey
Grey’s Anatomy سٹار, ستارہ Patrick Dempsey - who is already the face of Versace’s spring and summer men’s clothing lines - suited up and looked terrific in Beverly Hills on Monday, announcing that he will be creating a new Avon fragrance for men!

Devoted Patrick Dempsey شائقین may remember that his wife, Jillian Dempsey, is a celebrity stylist and makeup artist who serves as a consultant for Avon brands.

There's a picture which I will put in the تصاویر okay? Im so buying it I dont care if it's for men =D
posted by docarzt
In the tradition of the "Nuts!" campaign that compelled CBS to resurrect Jericho سے طرف کی shipping hundreds of pounds of nuts to CBS's corporate offices, link has begun a movement targeted towards the networks and the AMPTP to urge them, through the nuisance of پرستار activism, to bring the strike to an end so our پسندیدہ show(s) can اقدام forward.

Our plan is to have fans, as many as we can get, to mail the studio head of their choice a lovely, but very inexpensive, Roller سکیٹ charm. A "Cheap Skate" for a bunch of Cheap Skates.

For this effort to work, we need to bring national attention to it. آپ can help سے طرف کی digging this article:


And of course telling شائقین everywhere to visit, sign up, and speak out at link.
Patrick Dempsey had hearts swooning in this hometown Lewiston, Maine, on Monday.

The Grey's Anatomy hunk کے, hunk launched the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing at the Central Maine Medical Center.

Dempsey's center is designed to help cancer patients and their families get free information and support both online and at the hospital. It will also offer programs like massage therapy and yoga that are clinically proven to help cancer patients heal. Also, staff will be traveling to مزید rural areas to bring services to patients who may not be able to come to Lewiston.

Ya, he's pretty damn...
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Potentially bad news: the media buzz is about the pending actors’ strike, so we hope آپ enjoyed your few months of new flicks and fresh TV.

If the Screen Actors Guild strikes and our پسندیدہ stars walk, آپ can say goodbye to new fare on the screen. The only place you’ll be able to see A-listers like Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo will be the picket line.

To clarify, it’s still possible to avert the strike. But we’ve already seen what happened to Grey’s Anatomy the last time, with the WGA Strike.

On one side of the bargaining میز, جدول is the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television...
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posted by islbena

Grey's Anatomy" سٹار, ستارہ Ellen Pompeo promised she wouldn't have a big wedding. She kept her promise.

Pompeo, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey on ABC's hit show, tied the knot with record producer Chris Ivery last Friday in a ceremonial office at City Hall, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a witness.

Pompeo, 38, and Ivery became engaged last November, after dating for three years. In an interview last August, she کہا the couple didn't plan a big ceremony because "we want one thing to ourselves."

Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor Patti Harris were the two witnesses, and an official from the city clerk's office performed the ceremony, Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser said.
posted by tsunami1313
Heya all those grey's anatomy شائقین out there!!!

I have just received great news!!! According to link the WGA STRIKE IS NOW OVER!!! and although many series will discontinue, Grey's anatomy will not be discontinue-ing and will be back in production in no time!! YAY!!! and the long wait is now over!! and we can anticipate the rest of season 4 and hopefully several مزید seasons after that!!!!
Let's go celebrate!!!!
posted by greysgirl066

Awesome site in my opinion. great quotes, pictures, videos, and season recaps. the site is new and lookign for members. its free to join.. i highly recomend it to all greys anatomy fans. آپ wont be disappointed. its a very professional site and i reccomend that everyone visits it aspap.

Question: Can آپ tell me if Derek gets hurt in the Grey's Anatomy season premiere?
Ausiello: Judging سے طرف کی that infamous promo, ABC certainly wants آپ to think that, right? Well, allow me to clear things up for آپ -- سے طرف کی way of a multiple-choice quiz! (Why should ABC's promo department have all the fun?) I can کریں تصدیق that two of the following take place in the Sept. 25 season premiere -- one for real and the other in Meredith's imagination (the other two are outright foilers).
A) Rose stabs Derek.
B) Derek suffers a دل attack and is visited سے طرف کی the ghost of Denny.
C) Dr. Burke returns to Seattle...
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I think that she is going over the سب, سب سے اوپر wanting to only do فلمیں a bit cuz Knocked Up and 27 Dresses weren’t exactly the best فلمیں out there. I think she’s being kinda conceited cuz I mean if it weren’t for Grey’s Anatomy nobody would know her. I don’t know whether she should leave یا stay, my only concern is how would they make her character leave without it being completely random? They’d have to invent a whole new story line. Which might make the دکھائیں interesting, but still it’s hard to determine that. I think that withdrawing from the Emmy nomination was in her eyes and...
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Okay people, so I'm basically going to rant about the Merder engagement because honestly I feel like killing someone if I don't get this out.

So, (once upon a on the week thatb the episode 'Elevator Love Letter' is gonna be aired, my FREAKN' internet decided to turn RETARDED- which basically means it won't load another site other than Google, which means no Fanpop, no youtube ad no nothing basically. THEREFORE, I couldn't watch the episode online (not to mention downloading it) But آپ know, I thought 'well hey! it can be worse right? I mean i can always get my other دوستوں to download...
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Gosh, Grey's has got to have one of the best soundtracks ever!!! can't really choose a پسندیدہ among them. hmm, all i know is that my فہرست would include, The Fear آپ Won't Fall سے طرف کی Joshua Radin, Chasing Cars سے طرف کی Snow Patrol and Big as the Sky سے طرف کی AM about you? which songs do آپ like?

posted by SkullCandy143
What if Meredith and derek didnt get married? What if derek and rose didnt bake up? Would Meredith moved on? Would derek want her too?


meredith laying in بستر felling like shes gonna die

Christina: آپ cannot be serious? are آپ really gonna wait for McAss to دکھائیں up on آپ doorstep kock on your door with his take me back McDreamy eyes and کتیا, کتيا baby tear so he can take آپ to a magical surgical world?

meredith: was i wrong to brake up with derek?

Christina: Wait let me supportive...

Meredith: Well...

Christina: Wat? me being supportive...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Alright, we all were amazed and our jaws were open at the end of season 6 because of it's two گھنٹہ season finale, and now, as we are awaiting the return of this amazing show, a season 7 premiere date, and the first episode's عنوان of ssn7 has been released also!


So, here is the best part: Season Seven of GREY'S ANATOMY will air this September 29th, of 2010 so BE READY PEOPLE because Season Seven will be a definite knockout!