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AFrog10 posted on Jan 31, 2008 at 10:10PM
I recently hurt my foot while doing my floor routine in gymnsastics and now I can't play basketball or anything, and all I have is academics and band, and ever since my accident, my academics have been improving even more. I was kind of glad at first, that I was going to get a break from sports for a while, but now I'm not because I'm going to be out of sports for a long long long time just for doing a simple little round-off. It stinx. :(
(BTW, It hurts!!!!!!!!!!)

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک _Gymnast4Life_ said…
i bet. i did a fly away and messed up my ankle. i was on crutches for about 4 months and ended up having surgury.