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Hello شائقین of the h2o Just add water tv series!

Many شائقین have been looking for the same special locket as worn سے طرف کی the mermaids on the دکھائیں & purchased a cheap made in China locket manufactured for the show. Most were very deceived سے طرف کی the low quality یا the lockets.

Some very persuasive شائقین contacted the jewelry artist Blue Crockatt from Canada known for her beautiful handmade sterling silver pieces.

With pictures sent سے طرف کی شائقین she recreated the piece in genuine high-quality sterling silver. Unlike the manufactured سے طرف کی machines ones hers were handmade one-by-one and instead of offering it only...
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Hi! I write a story called The Siren's Song.
It has it's own spot now and I write it in parts sorta like a fanfiction except I made up everything on my own.
It's about two best دوستوں that become mermaids after meeting a mysterious Siren one دن on the beach.
It's new, and needs مزید fans. Will آپ read it and become a fan?
Also, i'll شامل میں کلب and read anyone else's fanfictions یا stories, too.
Feel free to send me suggestions on my story, there always helpful!
Please & Thank you! (:

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