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so, I felt that the Club could use some content, so I started with creating a Haikyuu Alphabet. I am actually planning to do multple set which can be user together, but the first time I felt is ready to be shared is the Referee Alphabet, in which every letter stands to something related to Referee judging in Volleyball. I mostly used pictures from the Haikyuu calendar for those. For the article, I downseized the pictures, but if آپ want to grab and use them (feel free to do so), you'll notice that they are actually quite large, so that آپ can easily adjust them to your needs.

A stands...
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posted by maimaimanga
فہرست سے طرف کی ماہ
[Date] - [Lastname] [Name] [(School)]

1st - Azumane Asahi (Karasuno)
6th - Shimizu Kiyoko (Karasuno)
10th - Ittetsu Takeda (Karasuno)
23rd - Komi Haruki (Fukurodani)
27th - Hanamaki Takahiro (Aobajousai)

10th - Sasaya Takehito (Date Tech)
15th - Kinoshita Hisashi (Karasuno)
19th - Ikejiri Hayato (Tokonami)
22nd - Yamamoto Taketora (Nekoma)

1st - Matsukawa Issei and Yahaba Shigeru (Aobajousai)
3rd - Tanaka Ryuunosuke (Karasuno)
25th - Kunimi Akira (Aobajousai)

3rd - Watari Shinji (Aobajousai)
5th - Ukai Keishin (Karasuno)
8th - Kai Nobuyuki (Nekoma)
14th - Onaga...
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So, here is the سیکنڈ part of the Haikyuu! Referee Alphabet.

U for Up Referee

V for Violation

W for Warning

X for End of Game

Y for Yellow Card

Z for Zones

Yes, I know, "End of Game" doesn't start with "X" but few words do, and the sign does look like an "X". The picture for "Zones" is also the only one which is not from a calendar. Frankly, those last letters were among the hardest to match.

0 for Zero Point/out

1 for First possible mistake

2 for Double Fault

3 for 30 سیکنڈ (time-out)

4 for Four Hits

5 for Five Sets

6 for...
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Karasuno High (烏野高校)
Coach: Ukai Keishin
Manager/s: Shimizu Kiyoko (3rd year) & Hitoka Yachi (1st year)


#1 Daichi Sawamura - Captain / Wing Spiker (3rd Year)

#2 Koushi Sugawara - Vice Captain / سیٹر, اسے (3rd Year)

#3 Asahi Azumane - Wing Spiker (3rd Year)

#4 Yuu Nishinoya - Libero (2nd Year)

#5 Ryunosuke Tanaka - Wing Spiker (2nd Year)

#6 Chikara Ennoshita - Wing Spiker (2nd Year)

#7 Hisashi Kinoshita - Wing Spiker (2nd Year)

#8 Kazuhito Narita - Middle Blocker (2nd Year)

#9 Tobio Kageyama - سیٹر, اسے (1st Year)

#10 Shouyou Hinata - Middle Blocker (1st Year)

#11 Kei Tsukishima - Middle Blocker (1st Year)

#12 Tadashi Yamaguchi - Middle Blocker (1st Year)