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posted by Twilight-girl-x
Penny Pingleton was sat in her room, well tied in her room, she was yet again being punished سے طرف کی her mother, just because she had only gotten a B in her maths test, her mother really was far too strict, it was now the summer and she had been tied her for three days, her mother bringing her up scarce amounts of food every now and again. She was on bad terms with her mother anyway, only because she didn’t like Penny’s boyfriend- Seaweed Stubbs- the reason Prudy Pingleton didn’t like Seaweed was because he was Black, Prudy was incredibly racist- and abusive. When Prudy had seen Penny on the...
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posted by deedragongirl
 آپ can't stop the beat!!!
You can't stop the beat!!!
Hi guys, it's been a سال since I watch this movie and I just can't get the songs out of my head! Especially آپ can't Stop the Beat, are آپ ready to read my review on Hairspray?

The Castings

When I first heard that Zac Efron was going to be in this movie, I thought that it was Troy Bolton who is going to charm us with his باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال and looks. But I thought that Efron was good for the part!
Amanda Byrnes was astoundingly good I have to say, because she's one my favourite actress since All That and her دکھائیں too! Her character in this movie makes me laugh and I salute her for her acting.
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posted by MrsGerrenHowell
I absoulutley love hairspray and whats sooo great is that just a few months before it came out my dance school did a variety dance دکھائیں and the dance i was in was to the song 'you cant stop the beat' so we had to wear these dresses and a neckercheif and a little short bob wig. it took months to learn the dance we started rehearseing the september before to be ready the dance was soooo cool and we had to learn all the song words so we knew it سے طرف کی heart. Then we had to do 6 shows in front of thousands of people

now it may sound scary but it was just so much fun. i still have the costume its in my loft i have now idea where i'll where it to but who cares it brings back memories
posted by grahamb
Before i watched hairspray, musicals so weren't my thing. Im 19, i go out with mates and musicals were just so not of my interest. Then I'm at the cinema i see a trailer for this new film hairspray. I have no idea what came over me when i saw it, as usually i would just disregard it as a lame musical, but something inside just کہا "that film has potential" and so began my hairspray journey...

It was a couple of weeks wait before the film was released and in that time i had been away on holiday and even there i couldnt escape this hairpray phenomina as it was taking over spain too. There were...
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