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I'm not sure if anyone else did this :/ If not YAY if so I'm super sorry........Credit to shorttext.com

1. She was the first one to fix his glasses.
2. And always will be.
3. A great wizard deserves the brightest witch.
4. She knows what he’s thinking.
5. She knows مزید about him than he does.
6. She’s sure his kissing is مزید than satisfactory.
7. He thinks she’s brilliant.
8. “She didn’t something she had never done before…”
9. “… And kissed him on the cheek.”
10. We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.
11. She never misses his quidditch matches....
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. JK Rowling does and I don't own the song Lifehouse does, It is what it is!

A/N: It took a سال to write this so I hope آپ enjoy this. Also it is long but I couldn’t cut it out. I know it is suppose to be short but I don’t know the meaning to short Harmony پرستار Songs. Some scenes were from my own creation. I felt it was right! :)

'I was only looking for a shortcut home'

I can only hear her sobbing as I walk away. Her cries made my دل sink. I knew I shouldn't have کہا goodbye but I had to see her one last time before I died. I walk into the forbidden...
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