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01. Before Tonks died, she saw Remus fall down only a couple feet away.
She ran over to him, and as Bellatrix fired the Killing Curse, she whispered in his ear, “Wotcher, Remus”, with her hand falling into his after she’d been hit.

02. Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley got together in their 5th year.

03. Dean's son married Seamus' daughter.
Dean and Seamus were so proud and saw it as a way to be brothers.

04. Severus wrote many letters to Lily saying how he loved her.
He never sent one. If she was happy, then he could get along.

05. Ron was never a romantic. But he tried everyday to دکھائیں Hermione that he cared.

06. Lee Jordan (a close friend of the Weasley twins) gave his daughter the middle name Fredricka, she was in fact in the same سال as Fred Weasley II, and they felt in love.

07. Victoire Weasley and Dominique also had a wand with Veela hair.

08. Harry gave Teddy a scrapbook of Remus and Tonks.
Teddy spent many nights flipping through it.

09. James and Albus kept a brotherly rivalry throughout most of their years at Hogwarts.

10. When George looked into the Mirror of Erised he saw Fred alive, playing pranks on Ron.

11. Lily wrote often to Petunia, asking her to talk to her again.

12. Albus Potter was sorted into Slytherin. And Harry was very proud of him.

13. Tonks wore a ہار with a crescent moon under her robes.

14. When Harry’s kids asked him why he always wore mismatched socks, he’d tell him that a brave sock-loving friend gave his life for him.

15. Hagrid eventually got to raise a dragon. He named it Dumbledore.

16. Rose Weasley, Albus Potter, and Scorpius Malfoy all became the best of friends.

17. Snape met Lily in the afterlife. He said, “I’m sorry.” She said, “I know.” They began to talk again.

18. As a kid, Tonks used to have dreams of a werewolf come and rescue her.

19. Dudley wrote to Harry the دن Harry’s first son was born.

20. If there is one thing آپ should know about گہرے نیلے رنگ, پیتونیا Dursley; it is that she never hated Harry Potter. She never hated him, not one bit. She actually cared about him a lot. But sometimes fear of the unknown can drive آپ to do remarkably out of character things.

21. Fred II and James Sirius were best دوستوں and master pranksters, eventually winning the record for most detentions in a school year.

22. Rose Weasley was sort of named after her father. Not only do both names start with R, but the name Rose was supposed to represent how though Ron was a bit thorny at times, deep inside there was always beauty.

23. Remus was actually an excellent Quidditch player. But he never tried out, because being in the spotlight means مزید attention and مزید questions. Remus didn’t like questions.

24. Snape almost killed Harry the night Lily died because of remorse. But then he saw Harry’s eyes were like Lily’s.

25. Many years after after Harry left school, he revisited the Mirror of Erised and saw himself exactly as he was.

26. If Draco were to look in the Mirror of Erised, he would see himself as Harry Potter: the famous boy with all the دوستوں who was the poster child for the fight against Voldemort and who always did the right thing.

27. Harry started keeping his سونا at ہوم after the war. The goblins at Gringotts weren't too keen on him after he broke into Bellatrix Lestrange's vault.

28. George patently refused to have a best man at his wedding.

29. After the war Neville went and visited his parents, he told them everything. His mother and father cried when Neville told them that Bellatrix was dead despite them never being able to understand what had happened to them.

30. George Weasley still visits Hogwarts sometimes to تشہیر Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and to encourage the اگلے generation of trouble makers.

31. After Hermione entered the ministry, those who opposed house-elf rights developed a funny habit of dissappearing to Australia.

32. Kreacher was entirely devoted to the Potter children and tried to spol them nearly as much as Molly. It was only her propensity for making James Sirius cry that convinced Kreacher to allow Harry to encase Mrs. Black's portrait in stone to prevent her from waking the baby

33. Although Ron and Hermione rarely fought. But they would occasionally poke at one another just for a reaction like they used to do back at Hogwarts.

34. Both Lavender and Krum were invited to Ron and Hermione's wedding.

35. Peeves attended Fred Weasley's funeral and was perfectly well behaved. (Although he did set off some dung bombs at the reception.)

36. The Triwizard Champions each kept their dragon models. Cho Chang has the Swedish Short-Snout, she is still in love with Cedric.

37. After the battle, when narcissa malfoy was informed that that nymphadora had died, she went over to her niece's body and wept. she had realized how important family was too late, and apologized to her late niece for everything.

38. After the Battle for Hogwarts, the Malfoy family vacated Malfoy Manor and moved into a large house on the outskirts of London.

39. Every سال on the دن the Weasley twins left Hogwarts, Peeves sets off crates full of fireworks.

40. Albus Severus and Scorpius Malfoy became the best of دوستوں because they were both placed in Slytherin house, آپ would never see one without the other.

41. Dominique Weasley was the first weasley to not be sorted in gryffindor. she was sorted into ravenclaw.

42. Though they lived in Grimmauld Place, the Potters' made a trip to the Burrow at least twice, if not three یا four times, a week.

43. George sometimes called him self Forge when he was alone in the flat that he and Fred shared over the shop.

44. Before he became a Death Eater, Draco Malfoy's boggart was his mother and father disowning him and refusing to admit that they knew him.

45. George Weasley lived to an exceptional old age.

46. Harry taught Teddy how to conjure a patronus.

47. Narcissa made peace with Andromeda the دن after the war.

48. George never made any of his family pay for goods at Weasley Wizard Wheezes after the war as a small way of saying the he loves them and is thankful for them still being alive.

49. When Harry asked Hagrid to be a Godfather to his children Hagrid broke 2 of Harry's ribs from hugging him so hard.

50. Mrs and Mr Granger became Arthur's close friend.

51. Peeves speaks very highly of Fred and George.

52. Harry drinked Felix Felicis once again when he asked Mr.Weasleys permition to marry his daughter

53. A plaque was put in the entrance hall of Hogwarts to commemorate all those who had lost their lives on the war.

54. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione would wake up in the middle of the night screaming at least several times a week, having had flashbacks and nightmares of being tortured سے طرف کی Bellatrix. Ron was the only person that could calm her down and get her back to sleep.

55. Ron liked to hold Hermione's hands.
He didn’t care that his hand got covered in ink, یا that Harry would do that annoying smile, یا that Ginny rolled her eyes. He loved knowing she was there, right اگلے to him.

56. George writes letters to Fred whenever he misses him the most.

57. George never wanted to die in Fred's place, because he didn't want Fred to suffer that much.

58. Just as the sound of Ron's voice kept Hermione conscious at Malfoy Manor,

59. Lily, Hugo and Louis were best friends.

60. Draco and Ron became friends, because of their kids.

61. The only thing George feared مزید than losing Fred was losing him without saying, “Goodbye Freddie. I love you.” Both happened on May 2nd, 1998. After a سال of greif, George sat on Fred’s bed, holding his wand, wearing the last Weasley sweater Molly made for him, and said, “Fred, I am so sorry I let آپ go without a proper goodbye. Please know I love آپ and I care about you. I know this is sappy, but you’re gone now. آپ really are.” That night when he was going to بستر he felt as if the hole in his دل had mended. He knew then that Fred got the message.

62. When Ron proposed to Hermione he said, “Might I be able to swish and flick an engagment ring onto your hand, Hermione?” She smiled with the sunlight in her eyes and said, “It’s LeviOsa, not LevioSARR.” He knew it was yes, and proceeded to use Wingardium leviosa to put the ring on her finger.

63. Professor Trewlany always کہا people were in grave danger because she foresaw the Battle of Hogwarts and the people who died. She کہا it the most to Harry because she always saw the flash of green light and Harry “dead".

64. George would never be able to produce a Patronus Charm after Fred's death.

65. Three days after the battle Molly accidentally called George, Fred. They both got an eye teared.

66. Teddy's patronus is a wolf.

67. Rose patronus is a snake, because her best friend (Albus) and her boyfriend (Scorpius) are Slytherins.

68. Lily learned how to conjure a patronus on her own.

69. Because there were so many students who fought in the Battle for Hogwarts and saw death, it became common knowledge that Thestrals pulled the school carriages.

70. Scorpius Malfoy plays the position of Seeker on his house Quidditch team, just like his father.

71. When Scorpius asked Draco who was his first love he کہا "A filthy mudblood, Hermione Granger".

72. When Victorie and Teddy got married, Lily Potter was the bridesmaid.

73. Lily felt in love with Lorcan Scamander.

74. Luna was Lily's godmother.

75. Hermione was Albus godmother.

76. Molly was James godmother.

77. Neville never had a kid.

78. Lorcan Scamander was a Gryffindor and his brother was a Ravenclaw.

79. Teddy and Victorie had two girls, when of them was named Nymphadora and the other was named Gabrielle.

80. Narcissa was a mother figure to Teddy.
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