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CBS ویژن ٹیلی today ordered a full season for "Hawaii Five-0," extending the show's run سے طرف کی nine episodes — what the industry calls "the back nine."

Up to this point, the reinvented crime drama was only scheduled to shoot 13 episodes. The extension means "Five-0" will be filming in the Islands into اگلے spring.

The series is worth millions to the state's economy. Earlier projections سے طرف کی state film officials estimated the show's indirect impact at $60 million.

The دکھائیں has done well since its network premiere Sept. 20, winning its time-slot four out of five weeks. It opened with 14.2 million viewers but has lost some of its audience. Monday's episode drew 10.94 million viewers and was the first time the دکھائیں did not win its time-slot -- finishing سیکنڈ to ABC's "Castle."