Hetalia:RP Alliance RP Rules/Group Rules.

Ilovemusic98 posted on Nov 22, 2011 at 05:02PM
Here are the Rules of the group and the RP.
If you want a certain character or character(s) Message me and we'll discuss it,I won't just let you simply have the character without filling up the sign up form and I've approved of the characters you've asked for.
I /have/ to approve the sign up for after you've filled it out,If I approve,your all set and ready to RP.But,If I deny it,Message me and ask me why I denied it.
I Make the rules,don't listen to anyone but me,I made the group,you follow the rules here,Or get the hell out.
Now,Do any of you know how to RP Lit?
Because the RP you do now,it's childish,it's /script/ not many people use that anymore~ want an example of Lit? Fine here you go.
Example of Lit.
The petite Italian sighs as she walked down the street,not knowing where she was going,but where could she go? Her brother,Italy had completely forgotten about her after he had married Germany's Sister,Monika.She didn't want to Rely on that bastard,Spain,or anyone else,that was when she realized the only person she could rely on was Prussia,one of the only people that could deal with her "Tsundere" Attitude.
^ That is what expected if you want To RP with me In Lit.
You /must/ Use correct punctuations and Capital letters when needed.If you do not reach my expectation you will kindly be asked to leave.Also,You must know Say if your singing up for japan? you must know his human name,which is Kku Honda,You also need to make the age Accurate,if it is not your Form /will/ be denied No If,ands,o buts.
Keep in character Dammit!
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک JapanHetalia said…
I can Rp Script and I will fill out the bio. Here is an Example
"Dammnit" Netherlands Screamed disturbing his younger sister Begium.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Ilovemusic98 said…