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My پسندیدہ song at the moment is The con سے طرف کی Tegan and Sara.
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the con
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Wilber <3 it's my vid :) gippelsgirl on yt^^
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He kinda.... ruined the song xDDD Well, at least he entertained me for 4 mins xD
black eyed peas
i gotta feeling
chinese guy singing
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Ok, so lets face it. This have gone out of control.
We have so many nicknames that we confuse all new شائقین that come on here!! :DDDDDDD
How many times have آپ scratched your head when آپ came up on unknown nickname? When I was a newbie here, I got that all the time! So lets make it all easier for our new شائقین and put all the nicknames here. (Well not all, that's not possible xDDD). SO I'm gonna start with writing the ones I know and آپ feel free to add مزید in تبصرے and I'll include them too :)))

Ali- x5mp1xp1nx22x
AP- ApplePie
B- blaukat
B- could also refer to Biathine,
BB- babybell, often...
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