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posted by XhuddyobsessedX
I'm up. I've been up can't sleep so I thought i would write this.

Ok so i was watching lucky thirteen (the end of it at least) when cuddy told house that she was adopting a baby and that she got approved. i saw the emotion on his face it looked hurt/mad/sad look. which led me to look at other epis like that. so i remeber whos your daddy when house's is like talking about who the father of cuddy's baby should be. and hes like it should be someone آپ trust. and cuddy's like someone like you? and he's like someone آپ like. So, it seems like he wants what's best for her. Then, i looked back at...
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posted by othobsessed92
Lisa Edelstein, who plays the Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator Dr. Lisa Cuddy opposite Hugh Laurie on the hit medical drama House, insists that while the enigmatic doctor may be attracted to her character, he is just not capable of falling in love the way most people are. In a حالیہ interview, however, Edelstein, 42, کہا she does think that House is attracted to her smarts.

“I'm not sure House is capable of love the way other people are. I think he's so disconnected to himself in that way that it would be impossible for him to truly be able to connect to somebody else.”

The Boston,...
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hi guys..

this is not really an article.. i´m posting this almost everywhere i can.. ;P

i´m a member of the lj 'I Watch For Cuddy' and one of the members (silentsorrows24) made a petition for an extended version of the 7x01 opening scene an asked us to شامل میں in and share it with our دوستوں and House/Huddy fans..

soo.. i´m here to ask آپ to participate so we can get a few مزید منٹ of the opening act of Huddy

here´s the link:

posted by huddygirl2
Shipping is fun thing to but and something that I could help but fall to but of cause when there come's shipping there comes hatting other ships making wars and making enemy's so if آپ don't want to make a ship so listen to me with this مضمون I will play a part in making peace between shipping

keep آپ mouth shut
I see lots of تبصرے saying hameron sucks touse weird hilson is all wrong guys ship picks is to آپ to say that آپ ship huddy foreten chameron not to say the other ships stinks thats only going to hurt the shippers and may even make آپ hated سے طرف کی them save it for when people make...
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Episode 3: Occam’s Razor
Rating: T

“Go find Cuddy and kiss her ass.” That’s what Wilson had told him. That was why he was standing at her office door right now. And that was why he was doing something he hadn’t done since his first دن working there. He knocked.

“Come in.” She was working diligently on paperwork. When she heard the thump of his cane, she was sure that she had to be mistaken. She looked up slowly. “House? Are آپ okay?”

He set several files on her desk. “My paperwork”

She flipped through the papers in complete disbelief. “You actually did paperwork? And not...
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Rating: T (to be safe)
Summary: Continuation of “Paternity”

House didn’t know how long he’d been standing on that lacrosse field. But the sun had gone down hours پہلے and the sky was now pitch black and his breath was visible. He shook his head and downed two Vicodin before finally heading back to his car. He’d be lying if he کہا that his missed his old life. Looking back, college was the best time of his life. Lacrosse, running, tons of girls falling over themselves to get to him, Cuddy…he smiled faintly at those memories. She’d pursued him, but not in that way. She was intrigued...
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Title: Pilot Redux
Rating: T (I guess – for innuendo)
Summary: I’m working on writing a Huddy ending on add-in scene for each episode. This is a continuation of “Pilot”. My first huddy fic so be nice :-)

“5PM…Doctor House checking out…make sure آپ write that down.” House tosses the last chart onto the desk. He smirks and makes his way to Cuddy’s office, bursting through the doors.

A soft groan of exasperation escapes her lips. “Do آپ even know how to knock?”

“Of course I do.”

“What do آپ want, House?”

“I just came سے طرف کی to see if آپ had any other eloquent pearls...
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posted by zubeerfaan
a/n sorry for my spelling i an from iceland soo..

Cuddy and wilson were still halfasleep . as the
were walking people kept looking at
them and giving them funny looks .

House kept giggling and cuddy and Wilson were
getting innoyed

“WHAT!!?? “ cuddy finally snapped

“umm Cuddles آپ have a little something there”
house کہا as she pointed on cuddies face

“HOUSE what did آپ do” Wilson کہا as he started
to wake up and saw the moustache on cuddies face

Cuddy walked as quickly as she could to the

nearest bathroom and started rubbing it off.

House and Wilson went to the bathroom to and
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posted by zubeerfaan
Sorry for the LONG wait but I think this chapter

kinda sucks but please tell me what آپ think;D

at the airport in new jersey

„where the hell is he ?? the clock is 3 : 15“

cuddy کہا in an angry tone

„you know him he is always late ohh there he

comes“ wilson replied

„house آپ were supposed to be here 15 منٹ

ago“ cuddy کہا as she handed house his boarding


„Ohhh i am soooo sorry i just ohh good i can’t

belive it“ house کہا in an dramatic tone as they

started to walk to the security check

„Shut up“ she کہا annoyed    

As they were walking house...
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posted by lizzie22xo
     It, had happened. They had slept together. Though, she doesn’t regret it, surprisingly. It was all a big blur, really. One small kiss, led to a intense make out, then the make out led to clothes flying off, slamming each other into walls, and finally into his bedroom. And, here she is, at this very moment, quietly putting on her underwear and clothes back on, while he slept soundly. His eyes closed tightly shut, mouth ajar, his breathing loud, but steady. She doesn’t know if she should feel guilty for leaving him یا not, it’s not like he wanted her to stay. Plus,...
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A story focusing on the soon to be Huddy sex for "Under My Skin". Basically, what's going down in his bedroom. *Wink* *Wink*.

Warning: If آپ do not like smut, then don't read this.

"I always want to kiss you." Kept ringing through her head, as her back was pressed against his solid white closet door. She breathed heavily, lingering away from his face, a few inches, as their lips had stopped battling. His pale blue eyes, stared into her's, with mischief, at every inch. At that moment, she felt the rough palm of his right hand, sprawled across her right...
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Wilson: "Do آپ have a thing for her? The only people who can get to you-" (...) "Do me a favor. Take one of these, wait five منٹ for it to kick in, and find Cuddy, and kiss her ass." [Occam's Razor]

Foreman: "So how did آپ know about her key? آپ been doing a little handyman work for Cuddy yourself?" [Humpty Dumpty]

Chase: "You two are just too nasty to each other not to have been…nasty." [Humpty Dumpty]

Stacy: "You know her." (...) "I’m just saying take it easy on her. آپ owe her that." [Humpty Dumpty]

Cameron: "Maybe between your incredibly witty remarks about anal sex and Cuddy's...
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posted by XhuddyobsessedX
enjoy it's short but shorta funny..

House:We have a case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*wilson, walks in*

WIlson: House um.. do آپ have any idea why I'm missing my 2 mastercards and my coffee machine?!!


Well, im glad آپ figured out that آپ shouldnt trust me after the last 8 years. And dont both looking for your coffe machine. It's broken.


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You're unbelievably annoying,
with every word آپ say,
your unrelenting arrogance,
just pushes me away.
But something drew me near,
in that meeting those many years ago,
I'm not really sure what it is,
but I still can't, and haven't let it go.

You're کڑوا, تلخ and your a pain,
those I can't deny,
but آپ have this special quality,
where to you, I cannot lie.
I think I'm predictable,
but I know that this couldn't be true,
because no one knows my اگلے move,
no one, except you.

You can be an real ass,
that, everyone can certainly see,
but آپ can be kind,
if آپ really wanted to be.
Despite these imperfections,
for you,...
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posted by zubeerfaan
i was bored and wanted to write something and this is the first thing that came to my mind and so i wrote it
hope آپ like it and plz comment!!;D

ohh and i am sorry for my typing english is not my first langue i am from sweden and i am only thriteen so i havent been learning for a long time


House,wilson and cuddy are going on a conference in Amsterdam


PATH hallway
,,HOUSE!! We are going to amsterdam tomorrow آپ can go ہوم and pack,, cuddy کہا to house Monday morning at PPTH
,,wait?? What?...
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I've thought about it a thousand times,
and it still doesn't make sense,
only because all my life,
I've been building me a fence.
A دیوار to keep away fear,
to keep away the grief and pain,
to divert the hurt I knew could come,
that in my دل would it sustain.

I stagger the halls in shame,
for acting the way I do and how I treat you,
And I know that I shouldn't,
but its the only thing I know how to do.
I force myself to push آپ away,
accompanied with fret,
cause I know that's not what I want
and it becomes another regret.

When the thought of آپ comes to mind,
the pain begins to seep,
the grief begins to...
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posted by XhuddyobsessedX
ارے just to tell آپ everything that's going on...
Kutner has a crush on Cuddy
Gabby is Cuddy's sister
Rob is Gabby's Husband
Skyler is Cuddy's niece...
This should be on FF soon =] so im only gonna post the first 2 chappies here then they'll be on FF...and btw should I continue?

Just stop ok!?
I’m sorry it’s just that I hate when you’re mad!
I’m not mad!
You’re yelling aren’t you!?
Yes but that’s not the point.
Well, you’re mad!!
*a tear rolled down her cheek and blurred her vision*
It blurred her vision...
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Okay, this is a poem about my feel on this spot, in an EXSTREMELY DRAMATIC way. I'm sure آپ can figure out what it means:D

Well, here goes nothing...

I'm on enemy's land, in which i see the world

In other's eyes, wihtout a clue of what to do

If other's fire, unknown to what the others percieve

As the world's attire, unsure if even i

Could yeild my weopon, and leave myself vulnerable

To another's mere threat, sure that if it came to it

I would drop a bomb, and leave it to undo a good one's deed

Of making ground for all with good enough heart

Only to serve myself of my own greed

Though I'm not so sure, who owns this land?

Your یا me, them یا us?

I still feel a certain peace, an odd truce

Between those that have been sworn

Eternal enemies.

That, I believe, I shall never know.

(end of poem)

What yall think? Please, AT LEAST rate. تبصرہ if آپ should be so kind.