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So that is House. The Psych thought as a cripple entered the room.
“I suppose آپ know who I am already so I’ll do a fast test-“
“Guess what I am thinking now.” The Psych said.
Why don’t they believe her? Is it so weird to have supernatural powers? Ok , yes it is.
“That was predictable.” House said. People are always predictable The Psych had to agree with him. He was indeed predictable. A palm درخت how original!
“Palm tree. Gosh why do people always think in palm trees?”
“Were آپ thinking about a palm tree?” Cameron giggled. Why should House think in a palm tree? That’s so not House.
“No. I was thinking about Wilson in a thong.” He had to say that یا else Cameron will be all دن long at he’s jock. Wilson was a good excuse, making them think he is gay. Even Cuddy had her doubts about Wilson.
“Who’s Cuddy?”
That didn’t sound like a name it must be her surname.
“She’s Satan. Watch out she has evil law suits.”House replied.
The Psych smiled House was quite a character.
“She’s Dean of Medicine.” Cameron said.
And a hot one. the Psych suppressed a smile. House thought her boss was hot?
Cameron was holding The Psych’s file in her right hand she gave it to House. He didn’t took it, he stepped closer the girl was smiling.
“Really? آپ like her?” The Psych کہا staring at House. Cameron was behind him.
Maybe like wasn’t the right word she should have used attracted?
“Cameron I never thought آپ were a lesbian. But آپ know… it’s good news for Thirteen. So what seems to be the problem?” House deflected the سوال in his usual way. It didn’t took long before the Psych realized House was miserable, stubborn, egocentric and a jerk. Though his mind was really different.
The Psych knew that she will turn into his conscience, like his friend Wilson but only that she will know him better. The Psych knew how to play House’s game soif he used sarcasm she will be direct. If he deflected, she will turn back to the point.

“I was talking ‘bout you. And great! آپ haven’t read my file. I fainted while I read somebody’s mind.”
“You fainted?” House hadn’t read the file true but faint is not a weird symptom. He kept thinking about what the Psych had asked.
“Yeah sometimes people block their minds. They start thinking blank. I can totally read yours and No thinking in an egg won’t block your thoughts about Cuddy. I want to meet her. “
“I’m not thinking about Cuddy. Is she high یا something?” He turned back to see Cameron she was smiling. House didn’t find this girl interesting anymore.
“Any other symptoms?” House asked ignoring Cameron’s smile.
“If آپ read my file آپ will know them.”
House opened the file and read head-ache, fever, neck stiffness.
“Go find the team. We have a case of flu! ”
“I don’t have a flu.” After she spilled those words, she puked in herself.
“She has a point.” Cameron pointed out, now looking worried. Like if House didn’t realized she just vomited.
“We got a case.” House کہا leaving the room while Cameron attended the girl.

There's مزید to come. مزید exploring House's mind and I'll develope the psych and House's relationship. It's gonna be fun. I promise. Criticism is accepted.
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House's way to communicate. Made سے طرف کی lovestanlaurel on YouTube.
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I've thought about it a thousand times,
and it still doesn't make sense,
only because all my life,
I've been building me a fence.
A دیوار to keep away fear,
to keep away the grief and pain,
to divert the hurt I knew could come,
that in my دل would it sustain.

I stagger the halls in shame,
for acting the way I do and how I treat you,
And I know that I shouldn't,
but its the only thing I know how to do.
I force myself to push آپ away,
accompanied with fret,
cause I know that's not what I want
and it becomes another regret.

When the thought of آپ comes to mind,
the pain begins to seep,
the grief begins to...
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Okay I just have to sit down and write this it shouldn’t be this hard right, wrong; I’m terrible at making gifts!!! But Christmas Eve is 2mrw and I’d feel really bad if I didn’t get it finished so I just have to do it. I know regarding House آپ like Wilson and Huddy, so here is a oneshot fanfic written off the سب, سب سے اوپر of my head that (hopefully) includes those 2 elements (inclusion not guaranteed to be balanced XD) Merry Christmas newmixgirl, I hope آپ enjoy this :D

House’s POV
Well here I am again, all alone on Christmas Eve and I’ll be alone tomorrow as well *sigh* (A/ N Don’t ask...
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Huddy Scenes in Brave دل Uploaded سے طرف کی Dutchgirl06
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